Patch Burn Grazing Working Group annual field meeting

Join us for field trips and presentations in Gary, SD September 25-26.  Field trips will take us across the border to MN as well as to sites in SD.  Learn about how the fire-grazing interaction is being applied in our northern prairies.

The general theme of this year’s workshop will be patch burn-grazing in fragmented landscapes.    We’ll be focusing on some of our MN and SD projects that have various histories, scales, objectives, and politics (see attached article).  We also are putting together a great list of presenters that will cover everything from the basics of patch-burn grazing concepts to long-term results at various scales from across the Great Plains.   The workshop will include field trips to our projects and interactions with landowners we are currently working with.   At this time, our projected registration expense will be about $75 plus your lodging and travel expenses.  The workshop will be located at the Buffalo Ridge Resort in Gary (http:/ ) , SD with lodging available on site as well as additional lodging nearby (10 minutes) in Canby, MN and Clear Lake, SD.  We are trying to determine a rough participant count at this time to better plan for overall expenses and transportation needs.  We’ll be getting a full flyer and registration announcement out soon.  You may indicate your interest by completing the short form below.

______will attend and have agreed to present ______will attend and am interested in presenting (topic: ____________________________________)

______likely will attend

______likely will not attend

Send the form to:  Pete Bauman

Limited travel stipends will be available.

If you have not attended a PBG Working Group meeting before, I recommend it.  Attendence is small enough to allow for plenty of interaction among experts, practictioners, and others in the field.  People of all interest and experience levels are welcome.  There is generally plenty of positive energy and folks who are doing their best to do the right thing for the land to mingle with.  For some basic information on pyric herbivory and patch burn grazing, see

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