Understanding the problem with junipers in the Great Plains recordings

Watch presentations by Sam Fuhlendorf, John Briggs, Dirac Twidwell, and Larry Sanders recorded at the Society for Range Management Meeting in Orlando Florida in February 2014.  The Workshop centered on the topic of juniper encroachment was capped off with a discussion on how to apply the science to policy.


Sam Fuhlendorf: Ecology and Management of Juniper in the Great Plains

John Briggs: What Do We Know about the Consequences of Expansion of Juniperus (virginiana) into Grasslands?

Dirac Twidwell: Ecological Intervention in Juniperus Encroached Rangelands      

Larry Sanders:   Invaded, Infested, or Invested? Juniper/Eastern Redcedar Policy Options/Consequences

A glade burn at Wilson's Creek National Battlefield. Flames from a prescribed fire engulf trees.
A glade burn at Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield.


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