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Why you should consider grad school!

“Go to college so you can get a good job!” is what we have always been told. While this is true, the meaning has shifted. In recent years, an undergraduate degree has been touted as “the new high school diploma.” This is due to a phenomenon known as degree inflation. So many students now have college educations that the value of a bachelor’s degree has limited potential compared to previous generations.

It may be tempting to take a job fresh out of college, but you may also be limiting your professional growth. Many companies want more and more students to have a master’s degree or higher to be considered for highly sought after positions.

Fortunately, here at Missouri State we want to provide our students with every opportunity to achieve the career of their dreams. With over 100 graduate programs, our students have the chance to focus on the career they deserve, not just a job.

The time is right to “Make Your Missouri Statement,” and I am here to tell you that choosing to further your education is a step in the right direction. – Garrett Nevels

Garrett is a student of the MBA program and a Graduate Assistant for the Graduate College.

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Welcome Home!

Why go anywhere else when you can pursue over 100 graduate programs right here at MSU! It’s alright to stay where you are valued and loved, just like at grandma’s house. So stop by the Graduate College Admission’s Office (CAR 308) on Monday, Oct. 10 (10am-5pm) to help us kick off Homecoming Week with some free milk and cookies and learn more about our offerings. welcome-home-pic

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