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Carawan’s research on Ancient Greece to be profiled in Mind’s Eye

Carawan's publicationsHave you ever considered the influence ancient Greece has on our society? Dr. Edwin Carawan, professor of modern and classical languages, studies the civilization and will be profiled in the upcoming issue of Mind’s Eye.

Congratulations on this recognition of your outstanding work!

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Graduate Certificate Programs

GraduateCertificates2014   Ever thought about grad school, but aren’t sure if you’re ready? How about a Graduate Certificate Program? MSU offers 32 Graduate Certificates which have shorter completion times than a degree program, and coursework can often be applied towards a Master’s program.

Additional benefits include:

  • Increasing your knowledge in a particular field
  • Making you more valuable to employers
  • Can be earned concurrently or independently of a graduate degree program


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Graduate College Update – May 2014

Graduation Deadlines:

DUE NOW – - Spring 2014 Applications for Graduation

May 8, 2014 – - Deadline for submission of Comprehensive Exam Result Form to the Graduate College

May 16, 2014 – - Commencement (10:00 a.m., 1:30 p.m., and 5:00 p.m.)

Recruitment Mini-Grants:  The following areas were awarded Spring 2014 Recruitment Mini-Grants: College of Education, Educational Administration, Early Childhood & Family Development, Health Promotion & Wellness Management, Master of Fine Arts, Visual Arts, and Social Work. The deadline for Fall 2014 submission of applications will be October 31.

Program Spotlight: BIOLOGY

  • Graduate student Hyoeun Ahn won the first-place presentation award from cell and molecular biology section at the meeting of the MO chapter of the American Society for Microbiology/MO Valley Microbiology Society. Hyoeun’s advisor is Dr. Kim. There were approximately 15 presentations, many by PhD students.
  • Graduate student Adrienne Gemberling received a Sigma Grant in Aid of Research. Adrienne’s advisor is Dr. Havel.

Graduate Interdisciplinary Forum:  The 21st annual Interdisciplinary Research Forum held on Saturday, May 3, was a huge success. There were 96 poster presentations, 70 oral presentations and 1 performance. Thanks to all faculty who judged and attended the event to support their students.

Annual Graduate College Awards: The annual Graduate College awards were presented at the Interdisciplinary Research Forum on May 3.  This year’s award recipients are listed below.

Outstanding Administrative Graduate Assistant:  Adam Crawford, CLSE
Outstanding Teaching Graduate Assistant:  Jaclyn Brandhorst, Communication
Outstanding Research Graduate Assistant:  Emily Stefano, Psychology
Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award:  Cindy MacGregor, CLSE
Outstanding Thesis Advisor Award:  Daniel Beckman, Biology and Chris Herr, Theatre
Distinguished Thesis Award:  Matthew Hartman, Religious Studies
Distinguished Teaching Assistant Award:  Katelyn Bartlett, Biology

Fall 2014 Orientations:

The New Graduate Student Orientation is Monday, August 11. This orientation not only includes sessions on policies and procedures but also sessions on navigating the graduate school experience. There is another orientation at the beginning of the Spring semester, which will be held in January, 2015.

The Teaching Assistant Orientation is Tuesday, August 12. The orientation sessions are designed to provide students with information relevant to their academic role as well as graduate assistantship responsibilities. As part of this orientation, there will be workshops on legal issues related to teaching and a variety of sessions focusing on effective teaching strategies. Students having assistantship responsibilities that include direct or indirect teaching must participate in this part of the pre-semester orientation. In most cases where Graduate Assistants have instructional responsibilities, the academic department also provides formal orientation and training sessions for the specific teaching assignments.

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New Graduate Program – Masters of Fine Arts, Visual Studies

The Graduate College, in association with the Art + Design Department, are please do announce the arrival of a new masters degree program, the Masters of Fine Arts in Visual Studies.  This program is designed to provide advanced study in Visual Arts and Design and emphasizes the indvidual student’s research.

For more information on this exciting new program visit the Art + Design Department’s program page here or view the information in the Graduate Catalog here.

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2014 Distinguished Thesis, Thesis Advisor, and Teaching Assistant Awards

Each year at the Interdisciplinary Forum awards are given for nominees who have distinguished themselves in the above-mentioned categories.  The student award winners in these categories are selected by members of the Graduate Council to be nominated for a regional scholarship competition through MAGS (the Midwest Association of Graduate Schools) and these awards are presented to the winners by the Graduate College.

The 2014 Award Winners are:

Matthew Hartman – Distinguished Thesis Award Winner

Dr. Daniel Beckman – Distinguished Thesis Advisor Winner

Dr. Christopher Herr – Distinguished Thesis Advisor Winner

Katelyn Bartlett – Distinguished Teaching Assistant Winner


Congratulations to the 2014 winners!

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2014 Outstanding Graduate Faculty Mentor Award

Each year at the annual Interdisciplinary Forum an award is given for a Graduate Faculty Mentor that has demonstrated outstanding performance.  This award is presented by the Graduate College.

The 2014 winner is:

Cindy MacGregor – Counseling, Leadership, and Special Education


Congratulations to Dr. MacGregor for being selected for this award.

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2014 Outstanding Graduate Assistant Awards

Each year at the annual Interdisciplinary Forum awards are given for Graduate Assistants who have demonstrated outstanding performance in their roles.  These individuals are nominated by members of their department and are chosen by the Graduate Student Senate and other volunteers.

Awards are given for the following categories:

Outstanding Research Graduate Assistant

Outstanding Administrative Graduate Assistant

Outstanding Teaching Graduate Assistant

Winners for the 2014 year are:

Emily Stefano – Outstanding Research Graduate Assistant

Adam Crawford – Outstanding Administrative Graduate Assistant

Jacyln Brandhorst – Outstanding Teaching Graduate Assistant


Congratulations to all of the 2014 Award winners for their excellent performance!!!

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Mind’s Eye to highlight research of volcano in Antarctica

Mickus in Antarctica studying volcanoCongratulations to Dr. Kevin Mickus! His tale of tromping through the snow to study a volcano in Antarctica will be featured in the 2014 issue of Mind’s Eye, Missouri State University’s research publication. His story will also be featured throughout the month of April on Missouri State’s research website.

Watch him describe the Antarctic experience.

Read the full story on the Mind’s Eye.

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