A Balancing Act: Freshman in the Honors College

When I first got accepted to MSU, I was ecstatic to be offered a spot in the Honors College. However, I was not sure if I could handle the scheduling requirements. I am a Musical Theatre major at the University; our schedules, to put it kindly, are crazy busy. I knew that as a member of the Honors College, additional classes and community service would be added to my already heavy load. I am not one to turn down a challenge though, so I enrolled in my first semester Honors classes: UHC (Honors Freshman Seminar) and Honors Sociology.

I have to say, I love being in Honors classes. Talking is one of my strong suits, and the smaller class sizes allow for more discussion than even I had originally anticipated. And the homework load is not that bad. I don’t know if this is because of the classes I am taking, but I don’t feel overwhelmed with extra work that a non-honors students might not have. (Does anyone else feel this way?) I also feel very comfortable speaking up and participating in class. Now, I am not a shy person, but I always feel self-conscious about speaking up in class and being judged or not taken seriously. In my Honors classes, I totally feel like I can say anything. It’s great! Because of that, I have a great rapport with my professors and the other students in the class. Hopefully that will continue throughout the semester.

At first, I was nervous about entering the Honors College. But now, I feel at ease and like I can handle what the coming semesters and classes will throw at me.

About Rachel Schmeling

I am a freshman Musical Theatre major in the Honors College. I am excited and nervous for the challenges that this will present, but loving every crazy minute of it. I'm also a native of Wisconsin, and have a lot of state pride :)
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One Response to A Balancing Act: Freshman in the Honors College

  1. Katie Bennett says:

    I agree! I often enjoyed my honors classes the most, and my experience has been that many professors who teach honors classes are more lenient and understanding when it comes to their honors sections. They understand how much work we have to do.