Endless Opportunities: LOGOS: A Journal of Undergraduate Research

Roughly four years ago I received a letter in the mail, which offered me membership in the MSU Honors College. Not only was I unsure what an Honors College was, but I questioned whether I should take on such a responsibility as I was first beginning college. Quickly I realized, however, that the Honors College is not there to give students more work, but to offer us opportunities to consider more mature ideas and pursue activities and paths we otherwise could not. Specifically, through my Honors College membership, I have been able to work closely with its publication, LOGOS: A Journal of Undergraduate Research, with which I have been involved in nearly every conceivable way: as a contributor, an associate editor, the creator of the task calendar, the copy editor and designer, and now, the chief editor.

Although I began work with LOGOS for my own personal experience, it soon became something that I truly care about. I have watched as many, including myself, have not only been given the opportunity to be published as an undergraduate, but also experience and come to understand the publishing process inside and out. Upon being submitted to LOGOS, a work is reviewed by the Student Editorial Board multiple times and undergoes a blind, peer-review process, in which at least one Honors student and one faculty member carefully review each submission. If the reviewers consider the submission a candidate for publication, the work is sent back to the author/creator with the reviewers’ suggestions for final revisions. Finally, each piece is reviewed a final time by the Student Editorial Board, and ultimately, the Faculty Board. At that time, the final pieces chosen for publication undergo close copy editing before being sent to the printer.

In addition to witnessing LOGOS significantly benefit numerous students, I have watched as the journal itself has improved drastically. In its four years of existence, the number of submissions received each year has more than doubled. Thus, we have now become much more selective, bringing the percentage of submissions selected for publication from 57% to 33%. Yes—this does mean it is becoming increasingly difficult to be published in the journal; however, it is also becoming increasingly admirable to do so. And as we are all continually reminded, rejection is an unavoidable step toward success, and even the best writers, artists, and researchers get turned down (more often than not).

So, yes, LOGOS helps students, and yes, it is improving each year. Now, however, as the LOGOS team (bigger than ever) turns its focus to Volume 5, the journal is at a vital point and needs your support more than ever. Its presence has become widely know across much of the University, and with continued participation and reinforcement, the next progressions can soon be made in selectivity, prestige, and distribution. LOGOS presents an opportunity for Missouri State University to truly showcase what its students can do—and not just within one discipline, but as a whole. So bottom line—while considering the opportunities LOGOS can provide you, take into account the opportunities available to LOGOS with your continued encouragement and involvement.

About Cynthia Johnson

Hey! I'm Cynthia, a Professional Writing major with English and Philosophy minors, as well as a growing emphasis in Latin. I'm loving my time here at MSU, and I plan to--hopefully--stick around for an MA in Composition/Rhetoric next year. So if you see me around, feel free to say "Hey you!"
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  1. Katie Bennett says:

    I’ve always wanted to submit to LOGOS. Thanks for the insider opinion!