Students gather data that may shape Greene County

Aerial view of Springfield with a focus on the Missouri State campus

Students in Didem Koroglu’s communication classes are participating in a service learning project with the potential to have significant impact on our community.

They’re partnering with the Community Foundation of the Ozarks (CFO) to increase public engagement with the 2017 Springfield-Greene County Community Focus Report, which investigates 11 “red flag” and “blue ribbon” areas in the county.

Bringing new voices to the conversation

According to a KY3 story about the project:

CFO has been researching and publishing these detailed community focus reports since 2004. In the past they have collected feedback through committees that are made up of leaders from roughly a dozen agencies. Those agencies share feedback they get from residents, and that information is then broken down into 11 areas of focus for the report.

Koroglu and her students are working to expand and diversify the feedback by providing an online option for residents to contribute.

Residents can now provide feedback about life in Springfield and Greene County via an interactive website dedicated to the Community Focus Report.

The students will then analyze and organize the feedback, creating white papers that will help direct efforts around the 11 focus areas.

Key details

Provide feedback for the Community Focus Report

Follow the students’ work

More information about the project and report

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