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Mercy/Med – Pay Onsite Support

As part of an ongoing effort in improving and enhancing your benefits package at Missouri State University, we are pleased to introduce a new service to all benefit eligible employees participating in the Medical Health insurance provided by the University.
Starting during the month of August through the end of the year 2014, we will have representatives from our preferred participating provider network Mercy Health Plans and, our third party claims administrator Med-Pay on campus to assist you with any questions or issues you have with your medical insurance. These include anything from a better understanding of your benefits to complex claim/billing issues.  The initial Onsite Support Session will be on Thursday, August 21, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in Carrington Hall, Room 110.
Additional information and details will be posted on the “Employee Benefits” section of the Human Resources website. Please see below for a direct link to this page.

Please contact the Office of Human Resources at 417.836.6616 if you have any questions.

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Glass Hall Renovation– Part Two

Welcome back for the Fall 2014 semester! We are thrilled to introduce to you the newly renovated Glass Hall Open-Access Lab. Take a look at these photos of the finished lab, or better yet, stop by and sit at one of the cozy booths:

Photo of new booths in Glass Hall Open-Access Lab

Don’t they look cozy?

Photo of the new Glass Hall Open-Access lab

Already off to a good start!

New lab from outside

Find us on the second floor of Glass Hall.

It even has a 3D printer:

3D printer in Glass Hall Open-Access Lab

Take your printing to a whole new dimension!

And a large format printer:

Large-format printer in Glass Hall Open Access Lab

Because big ideas need big paper.

Having computer issues? Don’t hesitate to talk to one of the Friendly Faces of your Computer Services Help Desk!

Photo of lab assistants at desk

Just look for the Handsome Maroon Vests™!

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Faculty and Staff Free Portrait Days

cameraDates: Monday and Tuesday, August 25–26
Time: 9:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m. (both days)
Location: PSU 312
Who: Faculty, Staff, Administrators
calendar icon

No appointment necessary

Need your photo updated or a new one taken? Photographic Services will be taking portrait pictures of faculty, staff, and administrators free of charge! These photos are perfect for your department’s website and print projects. This is a great opportunity for new faculty and staff members to have their pictures taken. Professional or business casual attire is preferred. Please contact Chuck Busby at 836-6495, if you have any questions.

Find more information about other events in this week’s Provost Communiqué.

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Changes to Wireless Networks at Missouri State University

On August 10th, the names of the wireless networks at Missouri State will change, and you may need to reconnect to the new wireless network name. Our previous names for wireless, Access 30 and Access 40 , will be going away, so if you connected to those in the past, you will now need to connect to the wireless network MSU.

Connecting is easy, just click on the wireless network named MSU and enter your BearPass Login credentials as you have in the past. You can find comprehensive guides for setting up wireless at https://experts.missouristate.edu/display/csvhelpdesk/Wireless+Client+Setup

If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the Computer Services Help Desk at 417-836-5891 or helpdesk@missouristate.edu

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The Life of a Training and Documentation GA

A lot of people don’t know about the Experts site, and it makes me a little sad. Not just because it’s what I spend 80% of my time on, but because I think that a lot of people would find it incredibly helpful if they did know about it. This week I’ve been focused on documentation for the future. With every roll-out of a new version of Blackboard, we have to make new documentation or update the current documentation (depending on if it’s a new feature or a modification of an old one.) For the last service pack, we updated Blackboard at the end of the summer, but we started creating documentation for the new features at the beginning of the summer. I currently don’t know when we will update our service pack, but I’m already writing the documentation for the new features. If we happen to skip SP14 and just wait for SP15—a strategy we’ve used in the past—we will still need to know how to use these features, so it isn’t a wasted effort by any means.

I also spend a lot of time reviewing the formatting of new documentation going into Experts. Because Experts is a wiki, it’s a living document that is constantly being updated and changed as technology is being updated and changed. However, we need to keep things looking clean, professional, and easy for the user of the wiki to read. Consistency is key to this, which takes a good eye for details and a mild obsession with matching. I’ve said before that it makes me sad how much of the Experts Style guide lives in my head, and it’s true, but that’s what makes me the right person to look things over. There are a lot of times when I can’t guarantee the veracity of the information, (so many people in this world are so much smarter than me!) but I can at least make sure the information is formatted correctly. And so I walk a lonely road with perfectly aligned lists and pictures all with a border and less than 500 pixels wide.

–Renée Dunn, Computer Services Training and Documentation GA

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Celebrate commencement with #BearGrads printables

Office decorations

Recognize the students in your area who are graduating by downloading a “Congratulations, graduates!” poster for your office. One poster option provides customizable space for featuring your graduates.

graduation poster        Customizable graduation poster

Photo booth fun

Let your student employees, staff and faculty join in the celebration by hosting a graduation-themed photo booth. Download free printables to celebrate the day:

Photo booth printables

Find more commencement resources

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Glass Hall Renovation– Part One

There is some exciting renovation happening over in Glass Hall’s Computer Lab! Work is by no means complete, but here are some shots “before” and “in progress.”

Glass Preconstruction 4.1

Glass Computer Lab in 2011.

Glass Preconstruction 2.1

The Lab was a large space, but subdivided into four separate rooms.


Glass Preconstruction 5.1

Glass Preconstruction 1.1

And in the center of it all, was a hub for the Help Desk Staff.


But now, all that is changing!

Glass Construction 1

The walls have come down.


Glass Construction 3

And shipped away!

Glass Construction 2

Eventually the dust settled.

Glass Construction 6.1

And now we are prepping for a huge, beautiful, new computer lab!

Someday the lab will look something like this artist’s conceptual renderings (though not exactly!)

Different angle on the same room. (Still a conceptual rendering, though!)


Isn’t it going to look great? We can’t wait until the renovations are finished and you can join us in the new digs! Stay tuned and sometime in the future, we’ll post some more photos of the progress in Part 2 of the Glass Hall Renovations!

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Lot 35, east half, Closed 17 July, 2014

On July 17, 2014 with construction of the Occupational Therapy building, a majority of the eastern half of lot 35 will be turned over to Dewitt Construction. Entrance/Exit into lot 35 will be from Harrison Street only. Additional Parking is available in Bear Park North and lot 37.

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Ancient Greece Leaves Legacy of Drama, Democracy and Argument

minds_eye_research_logoAncient Athens can be credited for so much of the foundation that is today’s society: drama, both tragedy and comedy, and democracy with laws made by the people. Dr. Edwin Carawan, professor of modern and classical languages at Missouri State University, noted that the ancient Athenians also created the art of speech writing and rhetoric, both of which have inspired his publishing projects, which have focused on the intersection of law and rhetoric. Learn more about Dr. Carawan’s research on the Mind’s Eye website.

The purpose of Mind’s Eye is to highlight research and scholarly activities at Missouri State University. This publication is available online and in print. Dr. Carawan’s research, along with many other research projects, can be found on the Mind’s Eye website.

Find more information about other events in this week’s Provost Communiqué.

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