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Celebrate commencement with #BearGrads printables

Office decorations

Recognize the students in your area who are graduating by downloading a “Congratulations, graduates!” poster for your office. One poster option provides customizable space for featuring your graduates.

graduation poster        Customizable graduation poster

Photo booth fun

Let your student employees, staff and faculty join in the celebration by hosting a graduation-themed photo booth. Download free printables to celebrate the day:

Photo booth printables

Find more commencement resources

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Glass Hall Renovation– Part One

There is some exciting renovation happening over in Glass Hall’s Computer Lab! Work is by no means complete, but here are some shots “before” and “in progress.”

Glass Preconstruction 4.1

Glass Computer Lab in 2011.

Glass Preconstruction 2.1

The Lab was a large space, but subdivided into four separate rooms.


Glass Preconstruction 5.1

Glass Preconstruction 1.1

And in the center of it all, was a hub for the Help Desk Staff.


But now, all that is changing!

Glass Construction 1

The walls have come down.


Glass Construction 3

And shipped away!

Glass Construction 2

Eventually the dust settled.

Glass Construction 6.1

And now we are prepping for a huge, beautiful, new computer lab!

Someday the lab will look something like this artist’s conceptual renderings (though not exactly!)

Different angle on the same room. (Still a conceptual rendering, though!)


Isn’t it going to look great? We can’t wait until the renovations are finished and you can join us in the new digs! Stay tuned and sometime in the future, we’ll post some more photos of the progress in Part 2 of the Glass Hall Renovations!

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Ancient Greece Leaves Legacy of Drama, Democracy and Argument

minds_eye_research_logoAncient Athens can be credited for so much of the foundation that is today’s society: drama, both tragedy and comedy, and democracy with laws made by the people. Dr. Edwin Carawan, professor of modern and classical languages at Missouri State University, noted that the ancient Athenians also created the art of speech writing and rhetoric, both of which have inspired his publishing projects, which have focused on the intersection of law and rhetoric. Learn more about Dr. Carawan’s research on the Mind’s Eye website.

The purpose of Mind’s Eye is to highlight research and scholarly activities at Missouri State University. This publication is available online and in print. Dr. Carawan’s research, along with many other research projects, can be found on the Mind’s Eye website.

Find more information about other events in this week’s Provost Communiqué.

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Computer Services Help Desk Website Gets a New Look!

If you’ve been hanging around the Computer Services Help Desk’s website lately (and let’s face it, who hasn’t?) you will have noticed some big changes to its look. According to Matthew Stublefield, the Lab Support Administrator, the previous website was designed in 2008 and then updated in 2010. Obviously, hitting 2014, the website was getting dated, and as Matthew says, “We wanted something that was brighter, more vibrant, and that could handle images and video better, as well as highlight some of the exciting work we do.” There were also needs for a modern site that the previous site couldn’t support, like a way to show updates about the University’s network status apart from the way that blog posts are shown.  With the new website, we can enter important information into a bar that will only show up if there is crucial information to disseminate. (This bar will function in a similar manner to the one that shows up on MSU’s home page if the university is closed due to weather.)

In addition, the new website also has a System Status box on the front page for important but not critical information. That section is fed by Twitter, so even if the University’s internet connection goes down, or the administrators are off-campus and can’t get to a computer they can make a post to Twitter which will be picked up by the front page of the website. (Though you should still follow @msuhelpdesk!)

Final Mockup

One of the final mock-ups created by Elise Haverstick.

We hired student workers to create our new website. There were two web developers, Tarah Marlow and Dustin Christy, who did the main bulk of the programming and one graphic design artist, Elise Haverstick, who was in charge of the color and design, for the most part. Matthew Stublefield was the supervisor of the project and met with the workers to give vision, requirements, direction, and revision as needed. Because all of the workers were part-time (7-10 hours per week) and needed to be taught and trained in working with WordPress and how to create the necessary programming for the website to function properly, the project took around six months. That was a longer time than anticipated, but it was worth it to give the experience and training to the students that they could then take into other projects. According to Elise, “There were equal parts learning and putting what I knew from classes into practice. I used a lot of what I knew, but I learned a lot in the process of translating my mock-ups to the actual product, too. There were three versions of the design and within those three versions there were about ten million mini-fixes on various things.”

New Help Desk Site

The new Help Desk home page.


The new website now has a calendar on the front page so that we can highlight our training classes, a media slider (the set of scrolling images just below the header), and an array of templates and layouts for different pages as they are needed. There is also a place to advertise upcoming events and recent blog posts in the sidebar of most pages, which we are excited about.  Overall, we think our new website is a beaut, and hope you do, too!

–Renée Dunn, Computer Services, Training and Documentation GA

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Faculty and Staff Free Portrait Day

Date: Tuesday, June 24
Time: 8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
Location: Photographic Services, Meyer Alumni Center, Room 504
Who: Faculty, Staff, Administrators
calendar icon

No appointment necessary

Need your photo updated or a new one taken? Photographic Services will be taking portrait pictures of faculty, staff, and administrators free of charge! These photos are perfect for your department’s website and print projects. Professional or business casual attire is preferred. Parking is available on the third floor of the Meyer Alumni Center parking garage. Contact John Wall, Director of Photographic Services, at 836-5498, if you have any questions.

Find more information about other events in this week’s Provost Communiqué.

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Blackboard Mobile Learn App is Now Free For Missouri State!

Interacting with your students is a key component to keeping them engaged, and Blackboard Mobile Learn makes it even easier to check and update Blackboard right from your mobile device. Students and instructors can now download the Blackboard Mobile Learn app for free through the App Store and Google Play. iOS and Android devices on all carriers and networks can use the application. For more information about downloading or using the Blackboard Mobile Learn app, visit the Blackboard Mobile Learn page in Experts, or see a quick overview of the features at Blackboard’s Mobile Learn Site.



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