Academic Integrity Days

The annual Academic Integrity Days is next week, with six events scheduled over three days (Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday). In these events, the focus is on personal integrity, both in and out of academics. Some of these events are geared primarily for teachers (“What do Teachers Really Think?” and “Academic Integrity in the Online Environment”) and some target students in particular (“Real World Consequences for Ethical Lapses” and Trivia Night). Other events are for general audiences and should have wide appeal (“Integrity in Sports” and “Ethics of Political Ads”).

Please consider attending a couple of these events, and please help us ensure that the students in your sphere know about them as well. This could be done by announcing events in class, or posting a flyer. For some classes, extra-credit might even be appropriate. You should be able to tell by the descriptions which events will be most applicable to your students. For example, business students and criminology students might be most interested in the presentation on Real World Consequences, which will include prisoners currently incarcerated in federal prison.

Download event flyer

Find more information about other events in this week’s Provost Communiqué.

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