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LeaderBear Spotlight: Jordan Wolfe

This week’s LeaderBear LeaderBear_JordanWolfe is teaching young Bears leadership skills.

Jordan Wolfe is a Sophomore at Missouri State University studying Elementary Education.  Throughout her time in college, Jordan has been very actively involved in multiple things.  She first got involved in our Leadership Programs by graduating from the Emerging Leaders program.  This then led her to apply and be selected as one of our Centennial Leader facilitators this fall.  Jordan leads discussions and activities to help Freshman Centennial Leaders grow in their leadership skills.  In her academics, she has already passed the MoGEA and was recently admitted into the School of Education. She is a recipient of the Multi-Cultural Scholarship and was previously able to help interview other potential recipients.  She has also earned the Provost Scholarship and a scholarship from the Olathe Rotary Club for her leadership work.  Jordan is also an active member of Phi Eta Sigma, a scholar program, and this past year, she was accepted in to the National Scholars Collegiate Committee.  She is a member Sigma Kappa, and plans to take on more leadership roles within her chapter.  Jordan currently serves as a representative for FSLSA.  She is involved in StuMo Campus Ministry and participates in the organization’s small groups and was Captain for a co-ed intramural soccer team. Currently, she is serving on the Public Relations Committee and acting as a greeter for their Thursday night sessions.  Jordan is planning to get involved in their Relay for Life Committee and other various clubs available on campus.

When asked how our leadership programs impacted Jordan, she replied:

“I was most impacted within the program during the emerging leaders retreat that we attended in the spring. I was so impacted by the various activities we participated in within the program.  I grew emotional within the activity where we stepped forward and backwards based on our personal life. It showed me that even some of the greatest leaders on campus have weaknesses and characteristics or pasts they overcame. It showed the diversity of the amazing people I was connecting with and truly helped develop a better sense of cultural competence. Another activity I grew from was the activity in which all other individuals were blindfolded and I was there leader. I had to communicate effectively to a large group of people. I learned to guide a large group only using my voice because they were not able to see where they were going or see what I was saying. It was eye opening how easy it became for me to be able to guide all these people through the obstacle course and get them to the finish line. I cannot wait to see what other opportunities impact me as much as this retreat had.”

Jordan’s advice for younger students looking to get involved is:

“The advice I would give to the younger students of Missouri state would be get involved as much as possible. I think students fail to get involved at a younger age and they miss some of the best growth opportunities on this campus.  I would also advice students to check out Campus Link to check out different organization on campus as well as ways to do service in the Springfield area.  I would also advice younger students to really rely on the older member within organizations. Although every student comes into Missouri State with a different leadership background, this campus is able to take an individual and give him or her clubs to grow and become leaders.”

If you are interested in getting involved with Emerging Leaders or Centennial Leaders, check out the website at: http://www.missouristate.edu/studentengagement/leadership/.  Applications to be like Jordan and be in the Emerging Leaders program can be found at:  http://www.missouristate.edu/studentengagement/leadership/CBEL.htm.

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LeaderBear Spotlight: Cody Stout

LeaderBear_Cody StoutThis week’s LeaderBear has been building leaders at Missouri State.

Cody Stout is a senior at Missouri State University planning to graduate this upcoming May with a Bachelor’s in Construction Management.  Cody has played a very active role in numerous organizations and opportunities at Missouri State, including our Commerce Bank Emerging Leaders program.  He was not only a participant and graduated from the program, but he continued to become a former facilitator to help other participants get the same experience he did.  Currently, Cody is the Chief Justice of Inter Fraternity Council and Secretary of Sigma Lambda Chi honors fraternity.  He is a member of Generation Bears, which is put on by the Construction Management program designed to mentor freshman beginning the program.  Cody is a part of the ASC Design-Build Estimating Team for Missouri State, and he and others will be competing against an estimated 20 schools in Nebraska later this semester.  In the Springfield community, Cody will be volunteering at the Bass Pro Outdoor Fitness Festival, which will take place in late October.

When asked how our leadership programs impacted Cody, he replied by saying:

“Emerging Leaders gave me the ability to work with various types of people, towards a specific goal. While working with those individuals, you are able to learn so much about them and in the end each other’s differences no longer matter. It provided me with knowledge and experience that I couldn’t have received anywhere else. The friendships that I was able to form will last a lifetime and provide me with lasting support through my endeavors after college.”

Cody’s advice for younger students looking to get involved is:

“My advice to younger students is regardless if you have found your place or not, keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and keep giving yourself opportunities to thrive. When you are constantly trying to better yourself and take on new opportunities, you allow others to do the same because you are their inspiration. Always be better then what people perceive you as.”

If you are interested in getting involved like Cody, and are a Junior or Senior, applications to be a Commerce Bank Emerging Leaders Facilitator are due TODAY at 4pm in the Office of Student Engagement.  Do not miss out on this great opportunity!  More information can be found at:  http://www.missouristate.edu/studentengagement/leadership/CBEL.htm

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LeaderBear Spotlight: Timothy “Scott” Steelman

This week’s #LeaderBear was one of our many students that participated in the first ever LeaderShape Institute at Missouri State.

LeaderBear_ScottSteelmanTimothy “Scott” Steelman is majoring in Special Education and expects to graduate in 2019.  He has been very involved and one of the biggest involvements Scott is proud of is Advocates for Disabilities (A4D), an organization that started this past semester.  This organizations gives opportunity for anyone to be member, regardless of a disability or not.  Currently, Scott has a petition in process for keeping regular incandescent lightbulbs.  If you would like to learn more about the cause and sign the petition, you can find it at the Facebook page – “Continuance of Incandescent Light Bulbs Petition”.

When asked how our leadership programs, specifically the LeaderShape Institute, impacted Scott, he replied by saying:

“The Leadershape program impacted me the most by teaching me leadership skills that I can carry and use with me forever.”

Scott’s advice for younger students looking to get involved is:

“One bit of advice that I would give younger students is that it is never too late and never too early to become a leader.”

If you are interested in getting involved in any of our leadership programs, be sure to go to our website at: http://www.missouristate.edu/studentengagement/leadership/.

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LeaderBear Spotlight: Dominiece Hoelyfield

This week’s LeaderBear had the opportunity to be one of six facilitators at Missouri State University’s LeaderShape Institute this past summer.

DominiLeaderBear_DominieceHoelyfieldece Hoelyfield was raised in the town ranked #2 for successful singles; Bloomington, Illinois.  She graduated from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale and Illinois State University with a Bachelors of Arts in Radio/TV and a Masters of Science in College Student Personnel Administration.  Dominiece then brought her skills to Missouri State, where she opened the first LBGT Resource Center on campus and is a two time recipient of the Division of Student Affairs Award.  She currently works as the Assistant Director for the Multicultural Center and Programs Coordinator for LGBT Student Services.   Dominiece not only facilitated at our LeaderShape Institute, but she has played a facilitator role in our Distinction in Public Affairs program.  Her strengths are Woo, Command, Ideation, Adaptability, and Futuristic.

When asked how our leadership programs impacted her, she replied by saying:

“Getting to know the students and how fabulous they are in leadership positions.”

Dominiece’s advice for younger students looking to get involved is:

“Teamwork makes the dream work!”

If you are interested in getting involved in Distinction in Public Affairs, applications will be available in October!

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LeaderBear Spotlight: Julie Daoust


This week’s LeaderBear was awarded the Pepsi-Cola Public Affairs Scholarship along with five other students at this year’s New Student Convocation.  Julie Daoust is a Senior at Missouri State majoring in Communication Studies. Julie has been highly involved in our leadership programs.  She has participated in Distinction in Public Affairs and Commerce Bank Emerging Leaders, and this past Spring semester, she had the opportunity to be a facilitator for other Emerging Leader participants. She also attended Missouri State University’s first ever LeaderShape Institute this Summer.  Aside from her involvement with leadership programs, she is a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority, Order of Omega, and Lambda Pi Eta, and has served on the Panhellenic Executive Board for the past two years.  She currently is serving on the board as the Vice President of Academics.   Other notable involvements include being a PlayFair Assistant during Welcome Weekend for the past two years and a Peer Leader this semester.  Outside of campus, Julie is an active volunteer with Big Brothers, Big Sisters of the Ozarks.  She is a Big Sister and this past Summer interned with Big Brothers, Big Sisters of the Ozarks as a Special Events Intern.

After graduating this upcoming May, Julie is planning to apply to be a Leadership Consultant for her sorority, Alpha Sigma Alpha and later continue to her education to get a Masters in Student Affairs.

When asked how our leadership programs impacted her, she replied by saying:

“Going through the leadership programs on campus such as Commerce Bank Emerging Leaders and Distinction in Public Affairs definitely gave me the confidence to seek leadership positions within the Missouri State Community. I was able to discover more about myself and my leadership strengths and learn more about to efficiently use those strengths, especially when I work with others. These programs also allowed me a chance to network early on during my time at Missouri State. I’ve built friendships and connections that I’ve been able to go back to anytime I’ve needed something. Being a part of Distinction in Public Affairs also allowed me to get involved with the Springfield community and learn more about the university and how to implement our three pillars in the Public Affairs Mission. This program taught me more than any class could have taught me, as I was actively engaged in upholding the Public Affairs Mission.”

Julie’s advice for younger students looking to get involved is:

“Advice that I would give to younger students would be to find your place on this campus and don’t be afraid to try something that you never would have considered joining when you were in High school. College is an exciting world and the opportunities we are surrounded with are endless. It is a time to grow and learn, not only with academics as you prepare for your future, but also as an individual. There is at least one organization or student group on this campus that everyone can personally connect with. Find that place and make the most of your college career. The time flies by and before you know it your time will be up. Make sure you leave MSU happy with what you got involved in and not regretting the opportunities you didn’t seek.”

If you are interested in getting involved like Julie, and are a Junior or Senior, applications to be a Commerce Bank Emerging Leaders Facilitator will be out next week.  Do not miss out on this great opportunity!

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LeaderBear Spotlight: Danielle Parker

This week’s LeaderBear has been very active at Missouri State University.  Danielle Parker is a Senior at Missouri State and is majoring in Early Childhood Education. Danielle Parker is an active member of Sigma Kappa and is Vice President of Special Tours for University Ambassadors. She also participated in our Distinction in Public Affairs program.

When asked how our Distinction in Public Affairs program impacted her, Danielle responded:

“It was definitely a challenging and eye-opening experience. We really got to take charge and figure out as a team how we were going to make a change in our community. Having these opportunities continue to help me to develop as a leader, a team player, and public speaker. I thank MSU and Leadership Development for giving me these experiences.”

Danielle’s advice for younger students looking to get involved is:

“Challenge Yourself. Never be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and try something new. Missouri State offers us so many opportunities and it’s our personal choice whether or not we take advantage of them. You only get so many years before you leave college and enter the real world so make the most of them!”



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LeaderBear Spotlight: Dan Altmann

This week’s LeaderBear was last year’s, “Outstanding Male Sophomore of the Year,” at the VIP Banquet during Greek Week. Dan Altmann is a Junior at Missouri State and is majoring in Marketing Management and minoring in German and Economics. Dan completed the Centennial Leaders program, is a graduated member of Phi Sigma Upsilon, and is actively involved in Sigma Phi Epsilon as the Chapter President.  He is also involved in Student Government Association, and serves as a representative on the Student Organization Funding Allocation Council (SOFAC).  Dan has spent and continues to spend a lot of time volunteering.  He has volunteered with the American Cancer Society and American Heart Association.  He previously led over seventy-five of his fraternity brothers to construct seven new greens for Community Partnership of the Ozark’s community education fundraiser.

When asked how our Centennial Leaders program impacted him, Dan responded:

“Being a Centennial Leader has taught me that a leader is measured by his/her ability to build up the community in which he/she functions. The Centennial Leaders Program has taught me that there are a plethora of different leadership styles that individuals possess, and there is not one defined leadership characteristic – but an entire spectrum.

By being involved in other organizations, I realize that fraternities and sororities are not mutually exclusive from all student lead organizations. It is to the benefit of my organization that all organizations registered at Missouri State University are growing and prosperous. Through this lens, I believe I can be on the forefront of a framework of development for the betterment of all Missouri State students; regardless of interests, backgrounds, and perspectives.”

Dan’s advice for younger students looking to get involved is:

“My advice for younger students is to learn from every experience, be it within your fraternity/sorority or in a different organization – seek growth, and do your best to encourage it in those around you. Using this perspective to positively impact the development of yourself and others will show you that personal growth is never ending and can be achieved through a variety of different capacities.

It is to the benefit of Missouri State University that all organizations registered at this University are growing and prosperous. Through this lens, I believe we can be on the forefront of a framework of development for the betterment of all Missouri State students; regardless of interests, backgrounds, and perspectives.”


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LeaderBear Spotlight: Alyssa Cassidy

LeaderBear_AlyssaCassidyThis week’s LeaderBear has been taking her leadership skills across the globe. Alyssa Cassidy is a Senior at Missouri State and will graduate in December 2015.  She is studying Agriculture Communications and getting a minor in Viticulture and Enology.  Alyssa is also a part of the Accelerated Masters program for Plant Science. Some of her biggest accomplishments include being an Agriculture Ambassador in Taiwan, China, and Italy, and interning at Les Bourgeois Vineyard and Winery and VESTA (Viticulture and Enology, Science and Technology Alliance).  Alyssa has also earned a National Science Foundation Award and was a U.S. Agriculture Ambassador in the 2015 Worlds Fair in Milan, Italy.

When asked how our Centennial Leaders program impacted her, Alyssa responded:

“The friendships and connections that I have made with the students in the program as well as others involved have impacted me the most. It is because of these people that I have been able to take advantage of many different opportunities during my college career. The Centennial Leaders program allowed me to access my leadership abilities and encourage them to grow. It was because of this that I was able to become the leader I am today.”

Alyssa’s advice for younger students looking to get involved is:

“Start making connections with others the moment you step on campus. College is all about getting involved and creating new experiences so it is important to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. You never know what you might learn about yourself when you start creating friendships with those you might not have expected.”

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LeaderBear Spotlight: Cindy Umana

This week’s LeaderBear is spending a week this summer at LeaderShape, our brand new leadership program. Cindy Umana is a member of Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law fraternity, which is quite fitting. Especially considering Cindy hopes to attend law school after her time at Missouri State University is finished. She is currently a Political Science major here at MO State. In addition to her involvement with Phi Alpha Delta, Cindy is also involved in Model United Nations. When she isn’t debating the fate of the United Nations, you might also find her debating on the Missouri State University Debate Team. Umana also takes time to be a part of Leading in Education to Approaching Latinos. She completed our Distinction in Public Affairs program and we got some of her thoughts on that:

“Distinction in Public Affairs provided a way for me to apply my knowledge of the Public Affairs mission to a problem area in the community of Springfield. In doing so I earned valuable problem solving skills and learned the value of compromise.”

Student leaders like Cindy truly make our programs incredible. Next year, you can get involved too! The Emerging Leaders program is for freshmen and sophomore students and takes place during the spring semester. Spring is also when Distinction in Public Affairs takes place. We thought Cindy might have some advice for younger students on getting involved:

“This quote from Nelson Mandela gets me through the day, ‘There is no passion to be found playing small-in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.'”

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LeaderBear Spotlight: Chandler Classen

This week’s LeaderBear recently helped plan a demonstration for LGBT rights in downtown Springfield that nearly 1,500 Springfieldians attended. The event, #AllSpringfieldians, attracted attention from every major news source in the area. Chandler has completed both our Emerging Leaders and Distinction in Public Affairs programs as only a freshman on campus. This fall, he will complete our third program, Centennial Leaders, as a facilitator for freshmen scholarship recipients.

“The biggest impact is how close I was able become with other participants. Some of my best friends right now participated in these programs with me.”

Chandler is a Socio-Political Communication major set to graduate in 2018. He recently spent his Spring Break in Denver with his fraternity brothers. He and 8 other members of Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) spent their week hiking and serving the Denver community through Habitat for Humanity. Chandler hopes to continue this passion for helping others by raising $7,500 for Make-A-Wish as FIJI’s Fall Philanthropy chair at their BBQ event with Alpha Chi Omega sorority. When he isn’t serving the community you might find Chandler hanging out with other Multicultural Leadership Scholars on campus. Or, you might see him giving campus tours to prospective students as a member of University Ambassadors. This fall he will also put on one of everybody’s favorite Homecoming Events, Decorate Downtown.

As a new student who has really taken hold of the opportunities Missouri State has to offer, and Fraternity and Sorority Life’s Outstanding Male Freshman, we asked Chandler what advice he has for younger students:

“Don’t think that just because your younger than other people it makes you less qualified to be in a leadership position.”

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