Students attend national mathematics conference

Cheek HallTwo mathematics students, undergraduate Hayley Hutson and graduate Kelsie Stewart, attended the 19th Annual Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics (NCUWM) Feb. 3-5 in Lincoln, Nebraska.

“I presented my research from my summer REU, or Research Experience for Undergraduates,” said Hutson. “At this REU, I worked with my partner, Savannah Bates of Jacksonville University, and mentor, Dr. Jorge Rebaza of Missouri State University, to study global stability and bifurcations of a model of Zika virus.”

The largest portion of the conference was undergraduate presentations and posters. The conference also had lectures, panels and breakout sessions that covered a wide variety of topics including how to apply to graduate schools, exploring careers outside of academia and dealing with life and sexism surrounding a career in mathematics.

“Conferences like this one give undergraduates a great opportunity to present their research to an interested and non-judgmental audience,” said Hutson. “Also, since this conference was for undergraduate women in mathematics in particular, it was an amazing opportunity to meet and network with some truly inspirational women in a field I’m passionate about.”

Hutson is grateful to the mathematics department at Missouri State for hosting her REU and for providing funding for herself and Stewart to attend NCUWM.

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