ALDI District Manager Trainee & District Manager Internships

ALDI is visiting MSU on 10/10 & 10/11 to host an informational session & conduct interviews for their District Manager Trainee openings & District Manager Internship opportunities.

They have decided added another interview schedule which allows the ALDI representatives to interview at least 14 more people. Deadline to sign up is TODAY (Monday, October 8).

*Do you have the drive, vision and discipline to take full responsibility and accountability for the operations, management and performance of a multimillion-dollar retail grocery district? Can you lead, mentor and manage an entire district of your own employees along with fostering professional relationships with your fellow colleagues? Are you ready for one year of intense, hands-on training that puts you in the shoes of every position at our retail store so you can completely understand our business in full?  Do you have a GPA of 3.0 or above?

If so, apply by visiting to the Missouri State Website and choose JobTracks thru the Career Center (District Manager TraineeJob ID 19807 & District Manager InternshipJob ID 19809) and reserve a time slot for an interview on-campus Thursday, October 11th.  There is a mandatory information session/dinner on the evening of October 10th.  If you do not attend this session you will not be eligible to interview.

Start training for 75K – finish by running your own district.

The District Manager position is a challenging career. It’s one reason why our investment into your future begins with a $75,000 per year starting salary. Thereafter, we offer regular compensation increases, as well as great advancement opportunities. You could potentially earn a six-figure salary as you go beyond the District Manager role.  As a District Manager, you’ll get a full year of training to prepare you for success. It’s an incredible hands-on learning experience that immerses you in the day-to-day operations of ALDI and exposes you to our entire business – all while you receive your full starting salary of $75K.

ALDI is a multi-billion dollar company with over 1,200 stores in 32 states. As the leading exclusive brand grocer, our highly successful business model is built on creating efficiencies at every level – like stocking only the fastest moving grocery items – with over 95% of our products being our very own high-quality ALDI exclusive brand products.

District Manager Internships also available.   Aldi is an equal opportunity employer.


For more information, contact: Missouri State University Career Center


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