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Multicultural Resource CenterThe Plaster Student Union;  a center point for many things on the Missouri State Campus. Huge and vast the place is itself, and is very easy to get lost in. Attractions such as Papa Johns, Panda Express, Bear Necessities, various offices, and various electronics make it easy for an average student to feel misplaced, and lose their sense of home. This is the experience for a lot of students. However, among the monsoon of obstructions in the way there is a place for students to call home, and that place is called the Multicultural Resource Center, or as students around town like to call it the MRC. This place is not just a space, but a cultural beacon, a lighthouse for students across the campus. It’s a place where you can leave your early morning class dressed in your nice suit for your class presentation, grab a cup of coffee from the Starbucks, grab a campus newspaper, sit down and talk about current events with present friends, while making future connections for whatever career you’ve chosen for yourself. It’s home. “Everyone here is very diverse, and where all a community”, says Missouri State Student Makayla Reynolds when asked about the multicultural resource center. Not only is the MRC a home for students but it’s an avenue of exploration into the events that are going on within the campus. “Without coming to the MRC I wouldn’t know about anything that’s going on around campus.” is what Makayla added when mentioning the benefits of the MRC. The MRC community is a family, and place where students create great relationships with each other. If your looking for a homely environment on campus, look no further because the MRC is the place your meant to be.

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