Looking back, Pushing forward

Looking back, and pushing forward has always been a staple for strength for many African American’s throughout the course of time. Recently organizations like Multicultural Programs, ASA, Untamed Tongues, Faith Ministries, His Legacy, ABC, And NPHC teamed together to present the Black History Month Banquet.


Heritage is a very important thing to the students at Missouri State University, particularly students of a Multicultural perspective “Heritage has a close relationship to tradition.” Said Missouri State Student Chevalier Moye when asked about heritage “The heritage that we do have is based off tradition that your past folk have done before you, and it really defines who you are.” Moye continued. Self identity is a major feature towards being a sustainable adult in today’s society, and it dictates the pathway you embark upon in your future. Many can confuse being proud of one’s heritage and wearing clothes and saying things related to the Black power movement and other historically Black influenced movements as confusing and questionable, but it’s important to understand each other, “Us learning other’s heritage helps with us understanding one another, which brings us all together.” says Moye.

Black History Month’s purpose in many ways is to remind people of color, particularly African American people the path that was laid before them by pioneers of the past. “Heritage is important because it reminds you where you’ve come from, and also outlines where you’re going.” said Missouri State Alumni Churena White. As people it’s important not to walk a path blindly White continues explaining saying “You can’t really see where your going, unless you know where you’ve come from.” Simply said, students believe it’s important to know who you are, and where you’ve come from to know where you must go.

Legacy and giving future generations a template to improve upon is very dear to students at Missouri State University. “Just because you’re a minority does not mean that you can not make it to any place you want to make it, you just have to work a little harder than most.” Says Missouri State Student Jounee Rodney. Minorities at large in the workforce have to face much discrimination, and yet that does not stop them from moving forward and building “No matter what you have to persevere and push through, to get what you want because nothing is going to stop unless you keep moving.” Says Moye. Many doors aren’t always readily available to minorities, and yet White says “If people say no you can’t do this, [know] that’s non-existent.” Missouri State students want to leave a legacy of YES YOU CAN  to future students, and inspire them that anything is possible through perseverance and hard work and never forget where you come from, because that makes you who you are.

Looking back, and pushing forward.


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