We invite faculty, staff, and students from Missouri member institutions to submit contributions to the MOCC Engaged Missouri Blog. It is our intent to use this space to MOCC and its member constituency to add to the understanding and practice of community engagement across the state. A variety of contributions are welcome including a book review, information on a new tool or resource, reflection from a community engagement conference, a reflective or theoretical piece, and much more.

Below are a few guidelines you might want to keep in mind as you craft your post.

  • Length. About 500 words. This is a suggested amount. Length should be determined based on content and appropriate level of description needed to communicate your message.
  • Include links and other resources. Feel free to include links to resources relevant to your piece that readers may find useful.
  • Write in the first-person. This is not an academic publication. We welcome the use of first-person in your submission.
  • Attach an image or visual aid. We can include one or two photos in your submission. These can be graphs, charts, photos of a project you are writing about, or a photo of yourself.
  • Include a brief bio. Please include one or two sentences about yourself so that readers can get to know our contributors.

To contribute to Engaged Missouri, please email us at You can submit a final draft or talk with us about an idea. We look forward to receiving your blog submissions!

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