What is MMP?

MMP stands for Missouri Mentoring Partnership. The Missouri Mentoring Partnership prepares youth ages 16-21 for personal success in employment, education, healthy life styles, and self-sufficiency through mentored support. MMP offers two areas of mentored support through the Young Parent program and the Worksite Program. The Young Parent Program provides resources in the hopes to increase parenting skills, increase immunization for the children of our young parents, promote the continuing of education, and to prevent a second unplanned pregnancy. The Worksite Program strives to help youth find a job, provides mentored support in order to maintain a job, and promotes the continuation of education.

Mentored support throughout both of these programs is MMP’s main goal and we find it crucial in providing all of the necessary resources and help when needed by the youth in our program. If you are interested in becoming a mentor within MMP, please visit our website at www.missourimentoringpartnership.org or give us a call at (417) 836-3134.

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