September Match of the Month!

MMP is proud to announce that our Match of the Month for September is a Worksite Match located at Mr. Hot Shine’s Car Wash! Within our Worksite program, our youth is given the opportunity to apply for positions with our business partners. Once at these worksites, our MMP participants are provided an onsite mentor to help them navigate their position in order to succeed. Mr. Hot Shine’s Car Wash is one of our current business partners. Brandon, General Manager at Mr. Hot Shine’s, has worked here, and other similar locations, for over 17 years. He and his mentee have been matched for four months and they both had great things to say about their mentoring relationship. Brandon stated that he and his mentee meet for the required thirty minutes a week and they have developed a great friendship. Brandon shared how much he appreciates how his mentee comes into work with a smile on his face, always ready to work.

His mentee feels like having a mentor at Mr. Hot Shine’s Car Wash has helped him a lot while on the job. Brandon has not only been someone that he feels like he can talk to, but he has also become a friend. He shared that he loves his job and that he has fun working each of his shifts. Brandon’s mentee believes that the key to a positive mentoring relationship is to start off by talking with your mentor and actually listen to their advice that they give you in order to learn. After that, he feels like it is important that you give your own suggestions and ask questions when needed.

Brandon enjoys being a mentor with MMP because he can see how their relationship is benefiting his mentee.  He stated that he also can see how our program has opened his eyes, and his staff’s eyes, to the help that people can provide individuals in the community.

MMP is very happy and thankful for the positive influence that Brandon has had on his mentee. It has been great watching this relationship grow as Brandon has helped this MMP participant learn and succeed at his position at Mr. Hot Shine’s. We look forward to witnessing this mentee’s continued dedication, and Brandon’s supportive guidance for many months to come!

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