Fall – Match of the Quarter

Missouri Mentoring Partnership is happy to announce our Match of the Quarter is a Worksite Program match located at McDonald’s! This McDonald’s location is a new business partner this year and we could not be happier to be working with them. We are pleased to recognize our Match of the Quarter, Melissa and her mentee. Melissa is the general manager at this McDonald’s location. Her and her mentee have been matched for over four months and both have great things to say about each other.

In this time the mentee has already received a performance raise and has been trained in multiple areas of the store making him a trusted asset to the team at McDonalds. His hard work and dedication to his job has really caught the eye of his worksite mentor.

Melissa has had this to say about him recently, “He has come a long way since his first day with us and we feel that he is really made a smooth transition to becoming a valued part of the team here at McDonald’s. He gets along really well with everyone and is respectful to staff, his leadership team, and most of all the customers that come in to the store. There is always things that we can work on to help him improve, but overall he is doing a good job so far.”

Our worksite participant had this to say about how having Melissa as his mentor and how having her support has helped him feel more comfortable at his job. “Mel is an awesome person to talk to and helps me when I have a problem at work, she helps me to become the best worker that I can be and pushes me to do my best every day.”

This match’s dedication to the mentoring relationship is the main factor in its success, and their awesome example embodies all of the goals and values of MMP’s Worksite Mentoring Component. We couldn’t be happier with this match. Congratulations to them both!

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