Taking cool to entirely new levels

Ok I’ll admit it. I’m a sucker for cool, and this project takes cool to an entirely new level!  No surprise really (at least to me) that it is coming from Google.  I had the privilege of being a guest at Google’s campus in Silicon Valley a few years ago.  I cannot describe the energy level that comes from every corner of that campus.  It is filled with very bright people working on projects that they feel passionately about.  If this particular project (the self driving car) comes to full fruition, it will have implications beyond what we can even imagine now.  I can just picture the Googlers that are working on this and inching closer and closer to making it a reality.

As a teacher of information security, I am also struck by the rather profound security implications.  It seems as though the stakes are raised nearly every day in the information security world, and this would definitely up the ante once again.  Watch and enjoy!

Shannon McMurtrey
Dr. Shannon McMurtrey


Dr. Shannon McMurtrey is the director of the MS CIS program and teaches CIS 748 – Principles of Information Security. Shannon’s professional background includes over 20 years of IT experience in the field of e-commerce.  Shannon is a COBA research award winner and has published journal articles in the area of artificial intelligence in the United States and Europe.  He is currently a senior instructor at Missouri State University teaching courses in software development, information security, and web application development. Shannon holds a PhD in Information Systems from Nova Southeastern University, an MBA from Missouri State University, and a BS in Marketing from Missouri State University.

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