Kirby Williams

“I can’t believe I almost missed this opportunity.”

Kirby Williams knows her actors and actresses; in fact, that is how she first learned about Missouri State University. “I’ve always heard about this place. I’m into actors and actresses, so I knew John Goodman and Kathleen Turner—all these people—had gone here,” she said.

But it was a great scholarship opportunity and a little additional research that sealed the deal for Kirby. “Now that I am here, I can’t believe I didn’t try to come here more because it’s just so fantastic. I can’t believe I almost missed this opportunity,” said Kirby.

“It’s gotten to the point where I’ve slipped up and called this place home occasionally.”

The Oklahoma native is looking forward to the challenge of living on her own. “I was most looking forward to being on my own and seeing if I could do that. I thought that would be kind of fun—see if I could actually survive,” Kirby said.

During her first semester at college, Kirby has done more than just survive. “It’s been really great. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve slipped up and called this place home occasionally,” she said. “I can’t emphasize enough the environment of Missouri State, which helps so much. They want you to literally belong here.”

“They make you think.”

Kirby admits that her biggest worry coming in to college was her classes. But once she finished her first week, she realized that she could handle them.

“Over time, you develop habits, and you are able to realize that you can do this and classes aren’t as difficult. They challenge you, but they challenge you in ways that you never knew you could actually accomplish the challenges. They make you think,” Kirby said.

 “Scheduling in sleep is pretty mandatory.”

Kirby, an Honors College student, didn’t waste any time getting involved in campus organizations, such as SGA, Scholar’s House Hall Council, Gamma Pi Alpha and more. Through trial and error, she is tackling the toughest challenge of college so far: time management.

“Probably the best thing anybody can do is get involved because then the time will fly by so fast. You need to be involved but not too involved. I was originally involved in so many organizations I thought I was going to join, and I was taking a full course load. I just realized that I can’t do this. I had to scale back and choose those that were really important to me,” she said. “From there, you have to adjust and get some sleep—scheduling in sleep is pretty mandatory.”

 “You need to savor every experience.”

Kirby is looking forward to diving deeper into her major classes, getting more involved in SGA and trying out some of the campus events that slipped by her during her first semester on campus.

“Everybody describes college as the best years of your life. It’s one of those things that you need to savor every experience, from the stress to the fun to the late nights to the feeling like you’re not going to make it,” she said. “It’s all part of this great experience you are going to have for the next four or five years.”