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Upcoming event for Crowder College students transferring to MSU in Neosho to earn a bachelor’s degree


MSU Day @ Crowder College will be held Monday, December 1, 2014 from 10am-2pm in Neosho near the student center.Speak with MSU staff regarding the educational opportunities available right here in Neosho, following the completion of your associate degree from Crowder College.A transfer coordinator and advisors will be on hand to answer your questions and guide you in the right direction.There will also be food, fun and prizes available!

For more information, contact: Larry Nichols, Outreach Coordinator at 417-455-5757 or Laura Schisler at 417-455-5523. 

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Upcoming event for MSU-West Plains students wanting to earn a MSU bachelor’s degree in West Plains


MSU Bears @ West Plains Day will be held Monday, October 20, 2014 from 10am-2pm in Gohn Hall on the West Plains campus.

Speak with MSU staff regarding the educational opportunities available in West Plains, following the completion of your associate degree from Missouri State-West Plains.

A transfer coordinator and advisors will be on hand to answer your questions and guide you in the right direction.

There will also be food, fun and prizes available!

For more information, contact: Deanna Smith, MSU-West Plains • Gohn Hall 101 • 417-255-7777

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MSU Online – Collaboration With Rio Tercero Institute Enhancing University Mission


Last week Dr. Gary Rader concluded his virtual service-learning course PLS 101 American Democracy.  What made this course unique was the collaboration with a counter-part course and professor, Dr. Mariana Gonzalez, at IDES (Institute for Advanced Learning) in Rio Tercero, Argentina.

This collaboration between the two professors and two institutions (MSU and IDES) has been developing since 2012. The MSU course was also part of a pilot program to test out Collaborate from Blackboard which is a new web-conferencing software.

The two sets of students in the two institutions studied the levels of political efficacy and civic engagement among their fellow students.  Synchronous meetings were held between the Rotary Club leaders in Springfield as well as Rio Tercero.

The final session presented the survey data in a synchronous session between the students of both classes and the Mayor of Springfield and the Secretary of Education in Rio Tercero.  So far the reaction among students in both countries, their instructors and the invited guests has been positive.

Further collaboration and expansion of collaboration between the two institutions is in the works.  Dr. Rader has been invited to present the findings of the project to an International Conference on Education in Argentina in 2015.  Dr. Gonzalez and other officials involved in the project in Rio Tercero may visit campus in spring 2015.

These are exciting times in which to teach with technology designed to enhance MSU’s mission to expand cultural competence and community engagement.

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New Faces in Lebanon Promotion

Missouri State Outreach’s Marketing and Promotions office has been working with Lebanon’s new interim site coordinator, Gib Adkins, to promote changes happening on the OTC Lebanon campus.

Missouri State Outreach is expanding it’s student support services to include extended office hours, one-on-one academic advisement, registration and financial aid assistance provided by Jonathan Talley every other Wednesday. Additional seated classes, delivered by educators in the community, have been added. In addition, Gary Iman has brought the communications program to Lebanon this fall.



The 8.5 x 11 double-sided flyer below was developed to be handed out in the community introducing prospective students to the new faculty (teaching seated and/or blended classes) and to the new communications program available. This flyer also outlined the expanded student services available.



Table Tents

Four table tents were developed for the common area at the OTC Lebanon Center. One side features Gib Adkins and the other side features each of the new faculty members. An example is below:

Front side of table tent (below)


Back side of table tent (below)



Monitor Artwork

The following artwork below can be seen on the monitors in the common area at the OTC Lebanon Center as well.

Lebanon New Faces Monitor Artwork


YouTube Video

A YouTube video, shared on the Lebanon site, was developed by Gary Iman announcing the changes.

Also under development / consideration is:

  • Pole banners and outdoor/indoor signage
  • Availability of Bear Wear, bumper stickers for Lebanon students
  • MSU supporters (area business) program
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MOCRA Winners Present at Showcase

The four winners of the Master Online Course Recognition Award presented at the 29th Showcase for Teaching and Learning August 13,  2014. They discussed how the award impacted their awareness of best practices in various teaching disciplines.


The past winners of the Master Online Recognition Award:

Eric Nelson 2010 (far right) – CHPA — History

Caryn Saxon 2013 (next on right) – CHPA — Criminology

Stan Leasure 2012 (next to Caryn) – COB – Finance and General Business

Brett Garland 2011 (far left) – CHPA  — Criminology



Brett Garland speaking to the audience during the panel discussion.

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Missouri State’s First Ever MOOCs Promoted

Working collaboratively with Missouri State Open Course Coordinator, Lacey Geiger, Missouri State Outreach Marketing and Promotions recently created a number of promotional items announcing the University’s first ever MOOCs.


30,000 postcards, printed front and back, measuring 4×6 were produced and will be distributed to the following events:

700 of these postcards will be combined with posters of each event (below) and mailed to senior centers (activity directors) within Missouri.




11×14 posters, representing each MOOC, were given to the Greene County Public Libraries for display. 700 8.5 x 11 flyers will be mailed, with postcards above, to senior centers (for activity directors) within Missouri.



Email Marketing

Email marketing was completed August 21st, with messages going out to recent Missouri State graduates, all majors, for the last three years. Screenshots of the layout/artwork is provided below:







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Social Media Kit for MOOC: Ozarks History

Ozarks History: Examining an American Culture

Key details

  • What: A Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). A short, not-for-credit, online course for free. Open to the public – participants do not have to be a registered Missouri State student.
  • When: Starts September 8, 2014; runs for ten weeks. Participants can enroll in the course at any point during the ten weeks.
  • Where: Available online through the Canvas Network at https://www.canvas.net/courses/ozarks-studies
  • Contact person: Lacey Geiger, Open Course Coordinator, at (417) 836-8803 or LaceyGeiger@MissouriState.edu

Share your story!

We want to hear about your experiences! Did you grow up in the Ozarks or visit for vacation? What do you remember as your favorite things about the Ozarks? Are you a lifelong resident? Join us and share your views on a variety of Ozarks topics, from the first populations of the region to modern concerns! We encourage you to join the online conversation leading up to and during the course by posting on Facebook and Twitter and tagging your posts with the official course hashtag #OzarksHistory

Make your post social media savvy

  • Tag the post with the course hashtag #OzarksHistory
  • Whenever possible tag Missouri State Outreach or @missouristate
  • If applicable, tag the post with the Springfield, Missouri, hashtag: #SGF
  • As you participate in the MOOC, consider sharing a quote about your experience.


  • Brand your Facebook profile with the cover photo below:


  • Use customized Facebook sharing photos provided below:



Sample Facebook post


Images for the new Twitter look

  • For your Twitter account cover photo:


  • To use as sharing photos:



Sample tweets:

If you need anything additional, please contact Lacey Geiger at (417) 836-8803 or Valerie Cummings at (417) 836-6664.

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