Summer and Fall 2017 Off-Campus Programs Facebook Ads

Missouri State Outreach Marketing and Promotions recently completed a Facebook campaign for Off-Campus Programs. This campaign ran from May 10-16, 2017.

Marketing objectives:

  • Drive traffic to the Outreach website
  • Increase awareness of programs available at the satellite campuses and subsequently increase enrollments

Campaign specifics:

  • 23 ads ran from May 10-May 16 within the following areas: Cassville + 25 mile radius, Neosho + 25 mile radius, Joplin + 40 mile radius, Nevada + 35 mile radius, Lebanon (+area specified by zip codes) and West Plains + 35 miles.
  • These ads appeared in the desktop news feed, mobile news feed, desktop right column and audience network.

These Facebook ads (combined) resulted in:

  • 3,442 clicks to the Missouri State Outreach website.
  • A click-through rate of .73%. According to a study done by Wordstream, this is an average click-through rate for the education industry.
  • A reach of 162,171 people (to whom these ads were shown 2.92 times).
  • 3,981 post engagement (number of actions people took involving the ads), 37 post comments, 43 post shares, 126 Facebook page likes (as a direct result of these ads)

Page likes by location:

  • Joplin Region: 1252 start, 1349 end; increase of 97 page likes
  • Lebanon: 542 start, 557 end; increase of 15 page likes
  • West Plains: 505 start, 543 end; increase of 38 page likes

Overall Outreach website traffic:

Comparing May 10-16, 2017 to that same period the previous year, yield the following results:

  • 134.75% increase in non-bounced sessions
  • 67.79% increase in page views


Ads created by location:










West Plains


About Valerie Cummings

Valerie Cummings is the Director of Marketing and Promotions for Missouri State Outreach. Her primary focus is to promote personal and professional development opportunities and to support and present alternative pathways for earning a Missouri State University degree. She is passionate about lifelong learning, marketing, web design and art.
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