Congratulations to our faculty on their recent publications!

  • Elizabeth Foreman (2014). “An Agent-Centered Account of Rightness: The Importance of a Good Attitude.” Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, 17(5), 941-954.
  • Elizabeth Foreman (2014). “Brain-Damaged Babies and Brain-Damaged Kittens: A Re-Examination of the Argument from Marginal Cases.” Journal of Animal Ethics, 4(1), 58-73.
  • Andrew Johnson and Danielle Hathcock (2014). “Study Abroad and Moral Development.” eJournal of Public Affairs, 3(3), 25.
  • Pamela Sailors (2015). “Personal Foul: An Evaluation of the Moral Status of Football.” Journal of the Philosophy of Sport.
  • P. Sailors and D. Rosenberg (2014). “Racers, Pacers, Gender and Records: On the Meaning of Sport Competition and Competitors.” Sport, Ethics and Philosophy, 8(2), 172-190.
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