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Hydrogen drives future of energy

In physicist Dr. Robert Mayanovic’s laboratory at Missouri State University, which is one of 12 partner institutions in the United States funded through the Department of Energy’s Energy Frontier Research in Extreme Environments (EFree) center, he and his students are researching materials to extract hydrogen more efficiently to make it a readily available energy source.

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Mayanovic’s research featured in upcoming Mind’s Eye

Microscope in Mayanovic's physics labCongratulations to Dr. Robert Mayanovic! The incredible work in his lab will be featured in the 2014 issue of Mind’s Eye, Missouri State University’s research publication. His story was also featured throughout the month of March on Missouri State’s research website.

Watch him describe the significance of the Energy Frontier Research in Extreme Environments (EFree) center and explain the challenges of extracting hydrogen efficiently.

Read the full story on the Mind’s Eye.

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NASA funding brings student research opportunities

The Baker Observatory is one of the facilities associated with the astronomy program at Missouri State University, and it often hosts public observation nights. Recently, researchers were able to see a Jupiter-like planet passing in front of its star at the Baker Observatory. Dr. Michael Reed, professor in the program, explains this exoplanet phenomenon. Two […]

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New horizons: Research, outreach expands world view

Looking into the sky, you can appreciate a particularly starry night or a full moon (a full moon is scheduled for Feb. 14) while understanding very little about this natural phenomenon. Missouri State is working to expand understanding of natural phenomenon through research and outreach. Expanding our view of the world For the past year, […]

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Maroon Minute highlights National Science Foundation grant

Dr. Steven Younger, applied science and engineering research professor, and Dr. Emmett Redd, physics, astronomy and materials science professor, have received a grant of $140,000 from the National Science Foundation. The funding is for their project on super computing and brain-like intelligence.

In the 1990s, a theoretical model was developed illustrating the possibility of a computer capable of unprecedented dynamic, flexible and interactive behaviors. Younger and Redd’s research consolidates experimental and theoretical research. They hope the result will be a machine that can perform well beyond the capabilities of present-day computers.

Younger and Redd’s research could contribute to the development of an advanced machine with a knack for common sense and the ability to learn well beyond the parameters of its programming.

Maroon Minutes highlight Missouri State University’s points of pride: the accomplishments of our faculty, staff, students and supporters. Each Maroon Minute first airs during a home football or basketball game.

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