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Alumni Gather in Hong Kong

A group of MIAA/MGS alumni met for a luncheon on the sidelines of the International Studies Association, “The Pacific Century?” at the University of Hong Kong, June 15-17, 2017.

The image shows Dr. Dennis Hickey, MGS Program Director, posing with Dr. Kimberly Wilson, Assistant Professor, University of East Tennessee, Dr. Yitan Li, Associate Professor, University of Seattle, Dr. Baohui Zhang, Professor Lingnan University and Dr. Lilly Kelan Lu, Assistant Professor, University of South Carolina. Drs. Wilson, Li and Lu are graduates of the Master’s in Global Studies program at Missouri State University. Dr. Zhang is a former classmate of Dr. Hickey when he was a doctoral student at the University of Texas.

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Law School Bang For Your Buck

Former Political Science Department Head, Dr. Kant Patel, sent a recent article in Above the Law by Staci Zaretsky. She examines law schools where “new graduates are able to find jobs with salaries that are high enough to allow them to pay down their already low debt obligations.”

To read the full article, see Law School Bang For Your Buck.

Without prejudicing the other nine, Kant said #5 is a pretty good school. Who am I to disagree?

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Dr. Mosier Says “C’mon, It’ll Be Fun!”

Greene County Extension Board member and Political Science assistant professor, Dr. Samantha Mosier, invites you to the first Tomato Fest on July 18 at the Botanical Center.

The evening program will include information on growing tomatoes, cooking with tomatoes, the nutritional value of tomatoes, and a sampling of tomato varieties.

Must Love Lycopene!

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Stephen Rowe – Alien Redactor

2016 Global Studies alumni, Stephen Rowe, is a Government Information Specialist with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. If you ever lay awake at night, wondering what an Information Specialist did, wonder no more.

“My job is to redact protected information from alien files requested under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Every day I see around ten snapshots of what’s going on in the immigration system, or what happened in the past, from the everyday people applying for naturalization to the court proceedings of traffickers and asylum cases. It’s more interesting than it sounds, but still tedious.”

“The selection process was fairly simple. It was a Pathways-Recent Graduates opening, so I was only competing with others who graduated within two years. There was no special test, just twenty questions relating to the job skill set and, eventually, the interview. Somewhere along the way, I lucked out. It wasn’t a job I was specifically looking for, but I’m glad I threw an application at it. It was about eight months from the time I applied to my first day.”

“The coursework at Missouri State University was better preparation than I originally expected. Countless hours spent digging through articles for key information is the most obvious carryover. The ability to make concise notes is another asset. The focus on substance and clarity over length that my professors had is an advantage over several of my coworkers. The most common complaint I hear about is excessively long notes on cases, a problem I don’t share.”

“By far the most useful aspect from my education is having learned to use perspectives I don’t necessarily believe in. Political theories are more interesting than interpretations of FOIA law, but it’s useful to be able to apply multiple viewpoints that I don’t entirely agree with, especially when they become mutually exclusive. Being able to buy-in to others’ perspectives long enough to accomplish a task is invaluable.”

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Clay Webb – Rock Chalk Jayhawk

Dr. Clayton Webb is an assistant professor of political science at the University of Kansas. Clayton received his Ph.D. in Political Science from Texas A&M University in 2015 and his B.S. degree in Political Science from Missouri State University in 2009.

Clay’s broad areas of interest include foreign policy, international political economy, financial markets, and research methods. He is conducting research in economic sanctions, terrorism, time series analysis, and public opinion. He is a co-author of “Treating Time with All Due Seriousness,” an article on time series analyses, which was published in Political Analysis.

Clearly an overachiever, Clay was named a 2008-2009 Missouri State University Citizen Scholar, Clay was an Honors College student with a minor in International Relations. He has served as President of Pi Sigma Alpha and Vice President of the Holt V. Spicer Debate Forum.

In 2008, he and his debate partner placed third at the National Debate tournament and the Cross Examination Debate Association tournament, winning over teams that included Harvard, Northwestern and Berkley. During summers, he worked long hours at Missouri State’s Darr Agricultural Center to earn money for school. Clay has also been on staff at Missouri State’s Public Affairs Academy and Missouri State’s Debate Institute.

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2017-2018 Graduate Scholarships Awarded

The Political Science department is pleased to announce the graduate scholarship awards for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Global Studies student, Jacob Hannah, was awarded the Frank Mazzella Scholarship. Global Studies students Daryl Mullins, Ally Walsh, and Daezia Smith were awarded Strong Family Scholarships.

Congratulations to our scholarship winners and thank you to a very generous group of donors, alumni, and friends of the Political Science department.

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2017-2018 PLS Scholarships Awarded

The Political Science department is pleased to announce the 2017-2018 scholarship winners.

Adriana Roach was awarded the Judge Jack Powell and Alumni Scholarships as well as the Alice Bartee Scholarship. Patricia Busch was awarded the Kant Patel Scholarship along with the Stephen and Andrea Bough Scholarship. Josephine Battles was awarded the Heinlein and Harmon Scholarships, as well as the Robert Anthony Foster Scholarship. Cindy Umana has been awarded the Horace Haseltine Scholarship. The Frank Dinka Scholarship has been awarded to Connor Brady. Trevor Merckling has been awarded the Gregory Curl Scholarship. The Olivia N. Bischler Scholarship has been awarded to Peyton Deavault.

Congratulations to our scholarship winners and thank you to a very generous group of donors, alumni, and friends of the Political Science department.


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