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Celebrating Character and the Constitution

Wirls const thj

The Political Science department was pleased to welcome Dr. Steve Wirls for a lecture entitled “Character and the Constitution in Thomas Jefferson’s Thought” on Tuesday, September 29th in Meyer Library. Dr. Wirls is an associate professor of political science at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN. Filling the auditorium, we were especially happy to host Joel Slingerland, from Springfield’s Central High School, and forty of his AP Government IB History students.

The lecture, in recognition of Constitution Day, was supported by a generous grant from the Jack Miller Center for Teaching America’s Founding Principles and History that was received by Dr. Sara Henary. For more information about the Center and its programs, see Jack Miller Center.

For some highlights from the lecture, go to the story on KSMU.

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ICMA Delegation Attends KC Conference

A delegation from the MSU chapter of the International City/County Managers Association (ICMA) attended the annual conference of the Missouri Municipal League, September 20-23. Among the many breakout sessions attended was an informative update of the 2015 Missouri Legislative session led by attorney, Kevin O’Keefe titled, “Up Mack’s Creek: SB5 and Other Fun New Legislation.”

Kansas City WWI Museum (9) Kansas City WWI Museum (15)

Additional activities scheduled for attendees included a tour of the National World War I Museum and Memorial. Seen here are Jerry Kendall, an MPA graduate student and President of the ICMA student chapter, and Professor James Kaatz of the Political Science Department. Students who are interested in more information about or joining ICMA should contact Jerry Kendall at Jerrry Kendall.

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Second Annual Alice Bartee Lecture and Dinner a Rousing Success

The Political Science department welcomed Missouri Supreme Court Judge, and former Chief Justice, Laura Denvir Stith, as our featured speaker for the 2015 Alice Bartee Lecture Series on Monday September 21st. Former Missouri Governor and MSU/PLS alum, Bob Holden, introduced Judge Stith.

Justice Stith IMG_1362
Missouri State Supreme Court Judge Laura Denivr Stith. Governor Bob Holden with his brother, MSU/PLS alum Judge Calvin Holden.

The Lecture Series endowment was established to honor the life and legacy of Dr. Alice Bartee and we were privileged to have several members of the Bartee family present; including Alice’s husband, Dr. Wayne Bartee. For more information about the endowment, go the the website here.

IMG_0769 IMG_0765
The Bartee Family with Fleetwood Bartee, Dr. Wayne Bartee, Mrs. Elaine Bartee, Dr. Neale Bartee, Shields Bartee, and Kathryn Bartee and the Three Amigos: Wayne Bartee, Ken McClure, and Neale Bartee.

The 2015 dinner was held in the Crystal Ballroom at Kentwood Hall on the Missouri State campus. It was a pleasure to welcome so many notable alumni; old friends and new

IMG_1358 IMG_1360 IMG_1359
Corey Kilburn with Dr. Kevin Pybas and Drs. Ashley Leinweber and Sara Henary.

Thank you to Wayne Bartee and Crista Hogan, Executive Director of the Springfield Metropolitan Bar Association, for sharing some photos. And thank you to Dr. Anson Elliot for growing grapes!

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Pre-Law Group, Phi Alpha Delta, Conducts Mock Admissions Committee

PAD Rahman
On September 16, 2015, Phi Alpha Delta hosted Michelle Rahman of the University of Richmond School of Law and John Benfield of Widener University Commonwealth Law School who put on a mock admissions committee meeting. Students had the opportunity to review actual law school applications (with names redacted) and observe how admissions professionals evaluate the different components of an application in reaching decisions on which students to admit. Tremendous opportunity for pre-law students from all majors.

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Professor Inspired by MSU Political Science Faculty

Matthew Howell belongs to a pretty select club. As an Assistant Professor in the Department of Government at Eastern Kentucky University, Matthew is one of few Missouri State Political Science majors who went on to earn a PhD.

According to Matthew, his biggest influence, bar none, was Joel Paddock, who told me what being a professor was really like. When I was thinking about my own PhD and working as a professor, he was the one who told me what I could expect in terms of teaching, research, different types of schools, and so on, and encouraged me to go for it. He was like my pre-PhD advisor. In terms of interests and subject matter, Denise Dutton and Mark Rushefsky were big influences. Mark got me interested in policy as a topic of study and Denise remains a big influence on my teaching style, even though I don’t do political philosophy. Also, just how much she clearly enjoyed her job got me thinking I might enjoy doing it myself.

The following bio was lifted from his EKU website – Matthew Howell.

Though Dr. Howell lived in many places during his childhood, he is mostly from the suburbs of Kansas City, Missouri. As an undergraduate at Southwest Missouri State University (now Missouri State University) he had dreams of being a lawyer and running for office one day. In the summer of 2003 he interned in the Capitol Building and discovered very quickly that he did not actually like working there, and lacked the patience and charm to be a good elected official. Around the same time, he discovered he didn’t enjoy the law much either. When he graduated, he traveled to the University of Kentucky to get a Masters of Public Policy, expecting to work for the State Department –but during an internship in the City of Paducah, Kentucky –rediscovered a love of studying local government. Dr. Howell returned to UK and started his PhD in Public Administration, and after graduating he came to work at EKU.

EKU was a near ideal fit because it allowed Professor Howell to do both the teaching and research he was interested in. That it was close to where he had lived for the previous 6 years was a bonus. As part of the MPA faculty, Professor Howell teaches Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation; which deals with understanding policies and programs and then designing experiments to determine if the policy works; and State and Local Politics. He also teaches American Government, Public Policy, and Urban Politics at the undergraduate level. One of his interests is trying different teaching techniques in the classroom, so Professor Howell likes to incorporate class discussions, seminars, simulations, and debates into his classes. In State and Local Politics he runs a semester long simulation of local government. Public Policy involves the creation and presentation of a full policy brief to elected officials to try to influence policy.

Urban politics and state and local government were what originally drew Dr. Howell into public administration and political science. He was interested in how cities formed and worked –and he was curious if the folk wisdom on display in city government was based in reality. To discover the truth about local government, Dr. Howell studies metropolitan government (large central cities with their surrounding suburbs and exurbs) formation. What does it take to form a new city or maintain an old one? He also studies the inter-city relationships that cities develop to determine how metropolitan areas governed despite having many local governments rather than one metro-wide government. He is also fond of novel research techniques, and so likes to tackle interesting or difficult statistical problems. Lately, he has been using social network analysis, which is a way of modeling the relationships of many people in a network.

Professor Howell enjoys traveling, having visited Scotland, Kenya, and Spain, in addition to most of the Upper Midwest and Mountain West and a large part of the South over the last decade. His special affinity is for Spain, which has wonderful history (the Armada incident excepted), excellent food (which has very little in common with Mexican food), three of his favorite painters (Francisco Goya, Diego Velasquez, and El Greco), two of the most beautiful Cathedrals in the world (St. James of Campostella and La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona), and his favorite Monastery (the Escorial outside of Madrid).

He says that school should be a time to try new things, both in taking classes and reading the classic works, but also in getting practical experience through travel and internships. After all, without a pair of internships, Professor Howell never would have found his vocation.

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Political Science and Jefferson City Intern Alumni on The Missouri Times List of People You Should Know

The Missouri Times has compiled its 2015 list of the 100+ people in the Missouri public policy process you need to know. Congratulations to Political Science and MSU alumni, Joe Lakin, Mike Lodewagen, Nick Maddux, Emilee Lakin, and Jay Hahn on their inclusion.

joe Mike Nick
BlankEmilee.Mudd Jay

As noted by the Times, all would be “a good start for someone beginning their career in Missouri politics of the people to get to know.” For Joe and Mike, see Part 6 of the list here. For Jay, see Part 3 of the list here. For Nick, see Part 4 here. For Emilee, see Part 5 here. On Twitter, you can follow Joe @JoeLakin, Mike @mikelodewegen, Nick @nickmaddux, and Emilee @emileemudd.

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Dr. Samantha Mosier Attends National Meeting

Dr. Samantha Mosier presented the paper “Life Cycle of an Innovation – Contemplating the Birth, Life, and Death” for the Public Policy division at the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association (APSA) earlier this month in San Francisco. She also caught up with Barry Epstein, a super lawyer who was instrumental in helping develop the California Organic Foods Act of 1990. Epstein has assisted Dr. Mosier with her research on organic food policy in the United States.

IMG_1300 IMG_1277

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