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Clif’s Notes for Feb. 24, 2015

Clif's Notes

Today I discuss actions recently taken by the Board of Governors.

JRS_6841-Theatre-220x124Board takes action on new programs, safety and football staff

Our board has been hard at work with two executive committee meetings and one regular meeting since the beginning of the year and I wanted to bring you up to date on their work. A few highlights from these meetings include:

  • The Board approved the addition of two new academic programs, a BS in theatre and a BS in dance. These new programs are designed to accommodate transfer students who find it difficult to meet the requirements for the BFA counterparts for these new programs.
  • The Board passed a resolution hiring Cannon Design, Inc. as the architect for the renovation of Meyer Library. Phase one of this work, which includes a new testing center and the relocation of the Trio offices, will be accomplished this summer. The Board also passed a resolution hiring Butler Rosenbury & Partners as the architect for the renovation of the dining center at Blair-Shannon House, which will also occur this summer
  • The Board approved the employment of Coach Dave Steckel and the contracts for his nine assistant coaches. We continue to hear universally positive feedback about the direction of the football program.
  • The Board had a lively discussion earlier this month about safety issues on campus. Don Clark, director of safety and transportation, gave a thorough report on the many proactive measures we take to maintain a safe campus for our students and the board has asked us to evaluate several other measures.
  • The Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education met earlier this month and approved four of our requests for new academic programs: Bachelor of General Studies, MA in teaching and learning, MS in cybersecurity, and EdSp in teacher leadership. I have already received multiple inquiries about the new Bachelor of General Studies program from working adults who have completed some college credit but not yet received a degree. I believe these new programs will continue to move the University and the state of Missouri on a path toward success.

Thanks for all you do for Missouri State!


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Missouri State University: The value option

On Feb. 3, 2015, President Clif Smart testified to the House Select Committee on Budget and Appropriations – Higher Education Committee.

Students on campusReport summary

The value proposition involves two ingredients: quality and affordability. Evaluating Missouri State’s quality and affordability, Missouri State undoubtedly provides an extremely high value to its students and to the state of Missouri.

Missouri State takes pride in being the value option for higher education in the state of Missouri. But our student body has grown significantly and state appropriations have shrunk significantly. To continue providing quality education, the university has found creative ways to increase revenues through other sources, including enrollment growth (which results in increase gross receipts of tuition and fees, but also increased expenses), private support, student fees, and increased international student enrollment.

This situation is not sustainable. Unless public funding for the University changes in the near future, the University will have to make decisions that impact value through a reduction in quality or affordability. The consequences for the state’s workforce will be felt for decades to come. Accordingly, Missouri State respectfully requests that the state implement a strategy to increase operating funding for Missouri State University year-over-year.

Read full report

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Clif’s Notes for Feb. 17, 2015

Clif's Notes

Today I discuss the role staff members play in making Missouri State better.

Taylor_0036-220-Px-Clif's-NotesMy Ideas Program saves University thousands

We have so many talented staff members here at Missouri State. Staff often have a different view of the University’s routine processes than administrators because they work day in and day out in the operational units. Because of their different perspectives, staff are sometimes better positioned to develop process improvements and solutions.

Recognizing this, a few years ago we developed the My Ideas Program. This program allows staff to submit ideas for improvements to our way of doing business at the University. A committee evaluates the ideas and selects ideas for quarterly and annual prizes. The annual grand prize is awarded at our Staff Recognition Banquet and includes $1,000 in supplemental pay.

You might recall that we awarded a grand prize at this year’s Staff Recognition Banquet. The award-winning idea was for the pharmacy at Taylor Health and Wellness to do a quarterly inventory instead of a yearly inventory to increase the amount of refunds received on underutilized items. A truly brilliant idea by one of our talented staff members that we have successfully implemented.

I would encourage all of our staff to look for ways we can improve our processes and operations at Missouri State. If you have an idea, please submit it for consideration as part of the My Ideas Program.

Thanks for all you do for Missouri State!

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