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Clif’s Notes for July 26, 2016

Clif's Notes

Over the past year, the Missouri State Master Planning Committee has collaborated with stakeholders throughout campus to develop the newest edition of the university’s Visioning Guide. This guide assists the Board of Governors and administration in determining the best way to support the future facilities growth of the university. You can view the newest edition of the guide on the planning, design and construction webpage.

Aerial photo of Missouri State UniversityGuide outlines current, future construction plans

The guide separates projects into three categories: underway, planned and potential future projects.

Projects underway

This section includes three of the projects I described in last week’s Clif’s Notes along with the work underway in Meyer Library and the Professional Building.

Planned projects

This section includes projects for which plans are in place to identify and secure funding and begin construction. Planned projects include:

  • Hill Hall – Planned renovations will modernize and improve access to the building. Work will include electrical and mechanical systems upgrades and improvements to lab, office and classroom space.
  • New Residence Hall – Missouri State University is evaluating whether to build a new residence hall as a result of robust enrollment growth in the last five years.
  • Greenwood Laboratory School – Provided that secure funding can be identified, the university plans to add a multi-purpose addition to the southeast corner of Greenwood Laboratory School.
  • Plaster Center – The university plans to build out approximately 30,000 square feet of space in the Robert W. Plaster Center for Free Enterprise to accommodate the expansion of the cooperative engineering program.

Potential future projects

These are projects that the university is mindful of and would begin to develop plans to construct as resources allow and funding is identified. Possible future projects include:

  • Alumni Events Center
  • Carrington Hall renovation
  • Cheek Hall renovation
  • Craig Hall (Scene Shop)
  • Electronic Arts Building
  • Indoor Practice Facility
  • Intermodal Transfer Station/third parking garage
  • Jordan Valley Innovation Center expansion
  • Kemper Hall and Kings Street Annex renovations
  • Lot 24 Ramp (under Grand Street)
  • McDonald Hall renovation
  • Multicultural Center
  • Ozarks Science Center
  • Plaster Student Union expansion
  • Temple Hall renovation/expansion
  • Tent Theatre Pavilion
  • Theatre and Dance Building
  • Welcome Center (new bookstore) expansion

Design for Hall-Darr HallChanges for West Plains

While the visioning guide addresses only projects on the Springfield campus, I would be remiss if I did not also mention an important project that will soon be underway on the West Plains campus—Hass-Darr Hall. This project will renovate the building on the West Plains campus currently leased to the United States Postal Service to add academic space, space for student services and a student union for the campus.  Construction is scheduled to begin spring 2017 with targeted completion in spring 2018.

Thanks for all you do for Missouri State!


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Clif’s Notes for July 19, 2016

Clif's Notes

The physical plant of the university provides the environment for our students to learn, our employees to work and the external community to connect to Missouri State. We have taken great strides to improve campus facilities over the past several years. Our work is not done, and we will continue to enhance the campus physical plant this summer and in the future.

Big changes on campus19260-8749-Clifs-Notes-Glass-Hall-700x394

This week I will update you on our current construction projects, and next week I will discuss our plans for future projects at Missouri State.

Glass Hall

As you know, the Glass Hall renovation and addition is in full swing. This project involves the renovation of existing public spaces in Glass Hall as well as constructing a new 40,000 square foot addition to the east side of the existing building.

For the fourth floor renovation portion of the project, the mechanical work is complete, drywall has been installed and contractors are painting. For the first and second floors, door frames are arriving and being installed. As for the addition, the fourth floor is in the process of being poured, shoring and decking has been completed, and site work has started.

This project has a targeted completion in fall 2017, and I am happy to report that the project is on schedule.

Ellis Hall

Another project that we have discussed at length is the renovation of Ellis Hall. This project includes re-roofing, a new mechanical system, a new curtain wall and renovating the steeply raked choral room to accommodate piano recitals. University operations in Ellis Hall have been relocated throughout campus, principally to space the university temporarily leased at Glen Isle Shopping Center on South Glenstone. Asbestos abatement on Ellis Hall is nearly complete and renovation plans have been released for bidding. Renovation work is expected to begin in August with targeted completion for fall 2017. 

Sunvilla Shelter

The Sunvilla Shelter project is also underway. This project constructs a FEMA shelter adjacent to Sunvilla Tower. The shelter will provide a safe place for community members in the event of a storm. Site restoration work has begun and interior finish work is on-going. This project has a targeted completion in spring 2017.

New health and wellness facility

Finally, the new health and wellness facility will be approximately 36,000 square feet, multi-storied and located on the current site of the Taylor Health and Wellness Center. Health and wellness operations will be temporarily relocated to the Monroe Apartments in September so the current building can be demolished. The bookstore will remain operational in its current location throughout the demolition and construction. Demolition of the current facility will begin in fall 2016. Construction of the new facility will begin immediately following demolition with a targeted completion by late fall 2017.

You can find more information about these and other current projects on the planning, design and construction webpage.

Thanks for all you do for Missouri State!


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Clif’s Notes for July 12, 2016

Clif's Notes

This year Staff Senate teamed up with the office of human resources to develop and administer a staff survey.

Staff Senate survey demonstrates overall satisfaction19262-7331-Clifs-Notes-Staff

The survey was designed with multiple goals in mind, including:

  • To provide baseline information about staff perceptions regarding their job satisfaction, commitment to Missouri State University, engagement at work, work-life culture, supervisor’s style of leadership and loyalty to the university as a place to work and as a place for education.
  • To examine attitudes toward current professional development activities and to assess needs of future professional development activities.
  • To survey use of, awareness in and lack of interest in different benefits provided by Missouri State University.
  • To provide an outlet for staff to express what’s exciting about their job, what are blocks and hindrances they experience at work, and what they would change to improve effectiveness and satisfaction at work.

Findings from this survey can be compared to future survey efforts to examine changes over time. Results of this survey may assist human resources and Staff Senate plan for future staff needs.

The final report from the survey can be found on the Staff Senate webpage.


  • Respondents gave supervisors high scores in “individual consideration leadership” which measures the extent to which a supervisor or manager treats each employee as an individual rather than just a member of a group.
  • Respondents demonstrated an emotional attachment to Missouri State, indicating that they identify and feel involved with the university.
  • Respondents indicated a high level of job engagement and satisfaction.
  • Respondents reported high levels in “work-life culture” which measures the extent to which the university supports and values the integration of employees’ work life and non-work life.

Thanks to everyone who responded to the survey. While shedding light on areas where the university can continue to improve, the survey results demonstrate that staff predominantly see Missouri State University as a great place to work.

Thanks for all you do for Missouri State!

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