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Clif’s Notes for March 7, 2017

Clif's Notes

Last week Governor Greitens appointed two new members to our Board of Governors. The new members are Craig Frazier, of Springfield, and Carol Silvey, of West Plains. I am very excited to work with Craig and Carol to continue to move Missouri State University forward.

Meet our new board membersCitizen Scholar statue at night

Craig received a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems from Missouri State. Since then he has worked in a variety of positions in health care management and the insurance industry. He is currently a board member of Springfield Innovation Incorporated. Recent positions include chief operations officer for Healthmedx, vice president of commercial operations for Healthtronics and president of Intuitive Medical Software.

Carol received a bachelor’s degree in education from Missouri State University and a master’s degree in education from the University of Missouri. After working as a history instructor and a director of development at Missouri State-West Plains for nearly four decades, Carol became associate director for advancement for Community Foundation of the Ozarks.

Craig will replace Joe Carmichael as the 7th District representative and Carol will replace Peter Hofherr as the 8th District representative. Their terms expired on Jan. 1.

I want to thank Joe and Peter for their great work on the board. Their leadership played a critical role in the university’s success, and they have exemplified the public affairs mission through their service.

Many opportunities lie ahead of us. I am confident that Craig and Carol, along with the other members of our Board of Governors, will lead us on a path to make good decisions and to ensure that the university continues to experience great success.

Thanks for all you do for Missouri State!

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University reaffirms commitment to transgender students

We are all aware of the recent rescission by the departments of Justice and Education of their May 2016 guidance that provided additional protections for transgender students. Because this rescission is concerning to many of our employees and students, I wanted to provide some information for your review.

Missouri State University is committed to creating an academic and work environment free of sexual discrimination and harassment, while valuing the dignity of all students, faculty and staff.

In the last three years we have expanded our Title IX office from part-time commitment to a staff of four people to address all concerns associated with sexual discrimination and harassment.

Additionally, Missouri State has made a concerted effort to be inclusive across campus.

Avenue of international flagsNondiscrimination policy was expanded last year

In February 2016 – before the issuance of the now rescinded protections – we modified our campus nondiscrimination policy to specifically preclude discrimination based on marital status, family status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or any other subcategory of sex discrimination. Recent actions taken by the federal government do not change this or any other university policy.

Missouri State values all forms of diversity represented on our campus. It makes us all consider a variety of perspectives that we may not have been exposed to before joining the Missouri State community. These perspectives ideally create a more culturally compassionate response to changing environments and those who ask for our consideration and respect.

We remain committed to our transgender students and will continue to provide for your safety. Please continue to interact with the LGBTQ Resource Center in the Multicultural Resource Center Annex for information and support.

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Clif’s Notes for Feb. 28, 2017

Clif's Notes

Missouri State and the Springfield community enjoy a strong reputation for safety. Keeping students safe is critically important to me, the Board of Governors and our administrative leadership at Missouri State.  Today I want to focus on two aspects of campus safety: information security and emergency preparedness.

Be vigilant about information securityVeteran student in computer lab

Threats to our information security have become a matter of routine at Missouri State University. We are not alone. Universities and other businesses across the world must now stay perpetually vigilant to fight off attacks to information security.

Our information security office works behind the scenes to keep university data secure, but all of us who use computers are the first line of defense. We must always be vigilant and aware when following links, downloading files and opening attachments.

There are actions you can take to help:

  • Be suspicious of email. Cybercriminals are able to send emails that appear to be from anyone they choose, even your supervisor. If you are instructed to do something like send money or reply with data, verify those instructions by phone or in person.
  • Know where your reply is going. If you do reply to an email, check that the “To” address in your reply is what you expected. One tactic used by cybercriminals is setting a “Reply-to” address that is different than the “From” address.
  • Look out for secrecy and urgency. Cybercriminals will often try to avoid your suspicion by making their request sound secret and urgent. Phrases like “Do this immediately” or “Please do not speak with anyone by phone or email” should be red flags.

If you receive anything suspicious, or if you have any questions or concerns related to information security, you may contact the information security office at 417-836-5226.

Preparing for crisesPublic safety officers on campus

As you know, last month we received a report of an armed individual in a residence hall. The university activated its emergency response protocols, and our team reacted promptly and effectively. Several days after the situation, our team met to debrief and discuss opportunities to enhance our protocols.

Fortunately, this incident was very low risk and no one was injured. However, it demonstrates the importance of emergency preparedness.

We recently announced that former Springfield Fire Chief David Hall joined Missouri State as our first emergency preparedness manager. In this role, David will manage planning, budgeting, training and programming related to emergency preparedness and response.

In the next several months, David will be meeting with a broad array of students, faculty, staff and administrators to learn about the university’s current emergency response protocols and to develop plans to enhance the university’s capabilities in responding to emergencies.

I look forward to working with David on this important endeavor.

Thanks for all you do for Missouri State!

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