Spring 2013 Faculty Awards

As we bring another academic year to a close, it is important that we acknowledge the many contributions our faculty made to the University and, in particular, to the education of our students. Collectively, your work is what makes Missouri State University such an outstanding institution of higher learning. Permit me to offer my sincere appreciation for all your contributions.

Although it is impossible to recognize the significant work of everyone, I would like to acknowledge many of those who recently have received various individual awards. Some of these faculty were recognized during the All-Faculty Recognition Reception, however, because many were unable to attend that function, I’d like to re-affirm my appreciation for their accomplishments.

Please understand that the following list does NOT include those recognized for their years of service to the University, nor does it include internal or external grants, faculty fellowships, sabbaticals, and research accomplishments. This list also does not include recognitions of dedicated staff members who have made many fine contributions to students and the academic community. Please know that all of these things are important and are valued.

I hope you will join me in congratulating your cohorts for their impressive accomplishments.

I hope everyone has a restful and productive summer.



Missouri State University Foundation Awards for Excellence in Teaching, Research & Service

Missouri State University Foundation Awards for Teaching

Denise Cunningham, Childhood Education and Family Studies
Michael A. Murray, Music

Missouri State University Foundation Awards for Research

S. Berlin Brahnam, Computer Information Systems
Kevin Mickus, Geography, Geology and Planning

Missouri State University Foundation Awards for Service

Carmen Boyd, Biomedical Sciences
Doug Gouzie, Geography, Geology and Planning

Governor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching

Michael A. Murray, Music

The Excellence in Study Away Programming Award

Roger Dowdy, Modern and Classical Languages (cultural immersion)
Letitia White, Communication Sciences and Disorders (community engagement)

The Excellence in Community Service Award

Wafaa Kaf, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Master Online Course Recognition Award

Best Overall in All Categories

Stanley Leasure, Finance and General Business

Best in Category for Interaction & Collaboration

Shannon Wooden, English

Best in Category for Course Technology & Media Value

Lora Hobbs, Religious Studies

Provost Fellow for Professional Education

At the May meeting of the Professional Education Committee (PEC), Dr. Rebecca Woodard received a plaque in recognition of her work as the first Provost Fellow for Professional Education. In this role, Dr. Woodard worked closely with the Head of the Unit, Dr. Craig and others on a variety of projects which included state and national accreditation initiatives and representing the Office of the Provost at various functions that focus on the preparation of teachers and school leaders in Washington D.C. In March of this year, Dr. Woodard assumed the role as Interim Director of Secondary Education and will continue to serve in this position throughout the fall 2013 semester.

Citizenship and Service-Learning (CASL) Faculty Awards

Excellence in Service Learning Award

Helen Reid, College of Health and Human Services

CASL 2012–2013 Faculty Fellows Award

Carmen Boyd, Biomedical Sciences
Brian Calfano, Political Sciences

CASL 2012–2013 Research Stipend Award

Michele Day, School of Social Work
Mary Ann Jennings, School of Social Work
Sockju Kwon, Biomedical Sciences
Adena Young-Jones, Psychology

Component Service-Learning Faculty

College of Arts and Letters

W. D. Blackmon
Lynn Borich
Nathalie Desrayaud
Jerri Lynn Kyle
Luis Lombilla
Tonia Tinsley

College of Business

Melody LaPreze
Philip Rothschild
James Scott

College of Education

Deanne Camp
Linda Robbins

College of Health and Human Services
Carmen Boyd Mary Ann Jennings Mary Turner
Michele Day Sockju Kwon Joseph Williams
Lisa Elsworth Beverly Long Adena Young-Jones
Donald Fischer Malikah Marrus
Wendy Jackson Regina Russell
College of Humanities and Public Affairs
Margaret Buckner James Kaatz Jill Patterson
Brian Calfano Timothy Knapp Paula Rector
Diane Leamy Bernard McCarthy Michael Stout
College of Natural and Applied Sciences
Alice “Jill” Black Kurt Killion Georgianna Saunders
Anne Gordon Jeffrey Parmelee Jamil Saquer
Brian Greene Gay Ragan D. Alexander Wait
Library Sciences

William Edgar
Grace Jackson-Brown
David Richards

Integrate Service-Learning Faculty

College of Arts and Letters
James Baumlin Sam Dyer Luis Lombilla
Ann Marie Daehn Billie Follensbee Steve Willis
Telory Davies
College of Business
Melissa Burnett Kathy Nordyke Carly Robinson
Sherry Cook Marciann Patton Sarah Smith
Michael Hammond Debra A. Price Amy Stokes
Sherry James Julia Ravenscraft Kerri Lynn Tassin
College of Education

Michael Goeringer
Randall Wallace

College of Health and Human Services
Carmen Boyd John Downing Sockju Kwon Kimberly Roam
Patty Cahoj Karen Engler Yating Liang Letitia White
Jeanne Cook Keith Ernce Mary Newman
Carol Daniel Hugh Gibson Melinda Novik
Christina Dempsey Alana Mantie-Kozlowski Lisa Proctor
College of Humanities and Public Affairs

Brian Calfano

College of Natural and Applied Sciences

Jennifer Pursley

Darr School of Agriculture

Lori Padgett
Susan Webb

First Year Programs
Mark Boyer Julie Hall Kathy Nordyke Jon Stubblefield
Molly Bunton Wafaa Kaf Lori Padgett Dane Wallace
Isabel Eisenhauer Diane Leamy Marciann Patton Mike Wood
Michael Frizell Melissa Mace Angela Pinegar
Patrick Grayshaw Paula Moore Melissa Price

Troy Wisdom

Honors College Awards

The Director’s Award for Outstanding Faculty Research

Leslie A. Baynes

The Curtis P. Lawrence Master Teacher Award

Stephen Trobisch

The Marcia Morriset Award for Outstanding Service to Honors Education

Nora Cox

Graduate College Awards

Outstanding Thesis Advisor Award—Brian Greene, Biology
Outstanding Graduate Mentor—Day Ligon, Biology

College of Natural and Applied Sciences Awards

Atwood Research and Teaching Award

Day Ligon, Biology

CNAS Excellence in Teaching Award Winners

Bryan Breyfogle, Chemistry
Debbie Corcoran, Geography, Geology and Planning
John Heywood, Biology
Kathy Hughes, Biology
Diann Thomas, Chemistry

CNAS Excellence in Service Award Winners

Rich Biagioni, Chemistry
Jill Black, Geography, Geology and Planning
Lynda Plymate, Mathematics
Becky Baker,Physics, Astronomy and Materials Science
Michelle Bowe, Biology

CNAS Excellence in Research Award Winners

John Havel, Biology
Bob Pavlowsky, Geography, Geology and Planning
Adam Wanekaya,Chemistry

Faculty Excellence Awards—Student Nominated, Student Selected

Rich Biagioni, Chemistry
Mario Daoust, Geography, Geology and Planning
Alicia Mathis, Biology
Paula Kemp, Mathematics

CNAS Excellence Award—Staff

Angela Plank, Biology
Laura Rios, Physics, Astronomy and Materials Science
Katie Tucker, Hospitality and Restaurant Administration

Faculty Who Published in 2012

Following is a list of faculty who published in 2012 in the following categories: Book, Book Chapter, Journal Article, Broadcast/Film Media, Other Publications, Art Exhibition, Design Exhibition, Dance Performance, Dance Choreography, Music Conducting, Music Performance, Theatre – Design/Technical Work, Theatre Directing and Theatre Performance.

View publications list

Grants Submitted in 2012

Externally sponsored grants assist University faculty members in achieving their goals of education, research and service projects.

View grant list

Academic Advising

2013 Curtis P. Lawrence Excellence in Advising Award (faculty category)

Tracie Burt, Psychology

2013 Outstanding Advising Administrator Award (NACADA)

Tracie Burt, Psychology

The Arkansas Traveler Certificate by the General Assembly of Arkansas

This certificate expresses the state’s regard for individuals whose contributions to the progress, enjoyment or well-being of the State of Arkansas merit special recognition.  Presented by the Board of ARKTESOL at the ARKTESOL 2012 Conference.

Andrea Hellman

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