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2017 Showcase on Teaching and Learning Call for Proposals

The Showcase on Teaching and Learning is scheduled for Wednesday, August 16, 2017. The FCTL Advisory Council is inviting faculty to submit presentation proposals highlighting teaching practices that would appeal to faculty across disciplines and all levels of experience.

Themes to consider include:

  • High impact learning practices
  • Universal design and accessibility
  • Culturally responsive teaching
  • Incorporating diversity into the classroom
  • Critical thinking and teaching through inquiry
  • Designing or redesigning courses
  • Facilitating difficult conversations in the classroom
  • Student writing in the discipline
  • Teaching with technology
  • Assessing student learning
  • Strategies for providing student feedback

Session Format:

A 60-minute interactive session that includes some combination of presentation, discussion, or other form of interactivity. Participant feedback tells us that audience interaction is an essential component of faculty sessions and your proposal should reflect this component.

Proposal Criteria:

Proposals should include a 150–250 word abstract that clearly states learning goals and outcomes (key takeaways) for the session. Submissions should include a cover page with title and presenter(s) information or bio. Proposals will be peer reviewed by the FCTL Advisory Council and evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Clarity of the proposal abstract including key takeaways and audience interaction component
  • Relevant topic that would appeal to faculty of all experience levels
  • Presents practical methods and techniques that others can use and apply
  • Provides evidence of successful outcomes or lessons learned

Submission Deadline:

The deadline for submissions is Friday, March 24. Proposals should be submitted via email to the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning.

If you have questions or would like to discuss your ideas prior to submitting, please contact Dr. Eric Nelson, FCTL Advisory Council Chair at fctl@missouristate.edu.

MSU Faculty Write Program Retreats–Spring 2017

Thursday, March 23
Tuesday, April 4
Friday, April 28
Monday/Tuesday, May 22–23
Time: 9:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.
Location: Meyer Library, Room 204
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The Faculty Write Program focuses on promoting faculty productivity and camaraderie through writing-based experiences such as interdisciplinary writing retreats held twice a month, workshops, and 15-day writing challenges. Writing retreats include breakfast and a light lunch, opportunities to develop a strong network of peer support and accountability, and voluntary feedback sessions. Sessions are facilitated by Dr. Mandy Benedict-Chambers.

Contact the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning or call 6-3059 to register.

Book Talk

Whistling Vivaldi

Whistling Vivaldi by Claude M. Steele focuses on the health impact of prejudice and discrimination. If you think you handle the stress of being the “other” or you think you interact with everyone “equitably”, this book helps you rethink the long-term impact of inequity on our campus and in our community. Steele speaks to the signs that appear emotionally and physically related to prejudice and discrimination. This book makes each of us more aware and vested in how to create and maintain equitable environments. Pick up a FREE copy of Whistling Vivaldi in the FCTL, Meyer Library Room 204, and join us for an in-depth and lively discussion of this engaging and challenging book. Sign up for any or all book talk dates.

Date and Time: Thursday, April 6, 5:00–6:15 p.m.
Location: Meyer Library, Room 204

For more information contact: Dr. Jamaine Abidogun, Diversity Fellow, (417) 836-5916.

The Book Talk Series is sponsored by the Division for Diversity and Inclusion and the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning.

Inclusive Instruction for Diversity Mini-Workshops

Want to reach all your students? Want to be culturally inclusive, but not certain how? Come try out a few strategies with us. Each mini-workshop will target different inclusion goals and strategies. Practice with us at all or any of the sessions. There is a 35-participant maximum per session.

Facilitator: Dr. Jamaine Abidogun, Diversity Fellow
Audience: All Faculty

We encourage you to register for all of the workshops or as many as you can attend.

Please contact the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning to register for the session(s) of your choice. Light refreshments will be provided.

Mini-Workshop 3: Inclusion of Diverse Perspectives

Date: Thursday, March 23
Time: 4:30–6:00 p.m.
Location: Meyer Library 204, FCTL Conference Room

This mini-workshop provides methods and strategies to encourage diverse perspectives to maintain an inclusive learning climate and discusses ways to incorporate students’ diverse perspectives to improve student learning.

Mini-Workshop 4: Developing Inclusive Content

Date: Tuesday, April 11
Time: 4:30–6:00 p.m.
Location: Meyer Library 204, FCTL Conference Room

This mini-workshop assists instructors in methods to increase substantive diverse representation in their content. Participants will discuss ways to avoid “token diversity” or “diversity at the margins” as they design inclusive content to optimize student participation and learning.

Sponsored by the Division for Diversity and Inclusion and the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning.

Those with disabilities who may not be able to fully participate due to the design of the program may request an accommodation by contacting in advance: Ashley Raines, Division for Diversity and Inclusion at (417) 836-8815 or Jamaine Abidogun, Diversity Fellow at (417) 836-5916.

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