October Student Spotlight: A War of Love

War of LoveWar of Love

Anne Buchanan, Heather Ruffin, and Cassie Brockman

Last spring three students took their classroom project to the next level.  Determined to make a lasting difference, Anne, Heather, and Cassie coordinated with HyVee, Price Cutter, and Destiny Church in Republic to “recycle” excess food.

Seven tons of groceries were collected and donated to over 1,000 Republic families.  This effort created a connection between the church and the grocery stores that will continue to benefit local families.

In addition to the fun they had working on A War of Love, the three students also noted that it was far more personally fulfilling than they had imagined.  For their hard work as ethical leaders and their engagement in their community, we recognize Anne Buchanan, Heather Ruffin, and Cassie Brockman in October’s Student Spotlight!

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