Public Affairs Spotlight: Dr. Ashley Leinweber

Dr. Ashley Leinweber

Assistant Professor, Political Science Department

Dr. Ashley Leinweber, Assistant Professor of Political Science, has used the public affairs mission as a guidepost for teaching, research and service on campus, in the Springfield community and beyond.

Stemming from her passion of African studies and international politics, she began serving as a Congo expert in human rights asylum cases in 2013.  Her pro bono work includes reviewing legal documents, conducting research, writing expert affidavits and testifying via phone and in-person about country conditions, human rights abuses and the merits of the particular asylum request.  Ashley says “This work is very time consuming and emotionally difficult, but I am grateful to serve in this capacity. My greatest reward so far was a Congolese university professor being granted asylum on my birthday.”

As a Peace Corps volunteer in Niger, West Africa from 2002-2004, Ashley became actively engaged in reviving the Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV) group here in Springfield.  As a group they meet monthly and volunteer time together within the community.  Ashley coordinates local members and events, and serves as a liaison between other Missouri RPCV groups and the regional recruiter in St. Louis.

Public Affairs is honored to recognize Dr. Ashley Leinweber as October’s Faculty Public Affairs Spotlight!

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