Public Affairs Staff Spotlight: A’dja Jones

November Staff SpotlightA’dja Jones

Academic Counselor, Dr. Mary Jo Wynn Academic Achievement Center

“Giving back to others brings fulfillment and meaning to my life” says A’dja Jones.  A’dja first began community volunteer projects in high school, which continued through her MSU college career as a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha.  She says that over time she has come to understand how important even small actions of volunteerism are toward impacting specific local programs or even larger issues within a community.

Helping to strengthen families and prevent child abuse and neglect is a personal passion of A’dja’s.  After researching the Springfield area, she found Isabelle’s House to be a perfect fit.  In June 2016 she committed to volunteering three hours per week.  Whether it’s helping with homework or giving hugs, she is able to help families and children in crisis feel safe, secure and healthy during their stay at Isabelle’s House.

In addition, A’dja has volunteered as a trained Victim Impact Panel facilitator with The Center for Dispute Resolution.  This program benefits young people who have committed nonviolent property or assault offenses by helping them gain valuable insights and empathy for how their crime has impacted the victim, their families and the community.

In 2015, A’dja was presented with the ultimate opportunity to give of herself and help another.  Having listed her bone marrow in the national registry just a year earlier, she was successfully matched to a young boy with leukemia and subsequently provided him a lifesaving bone marrow transplant.  She has now become a strong advocate for bone marrow donor registration, and is called upon by multiple groups and organizations for in-person and radio interviews in support of bone marrow registration drives and becoming listed in the national registry.

For all her contributions and dedication to living the public affairs mission, we are proud to recognize A’dja Jones as the November 2016 Staff Public Affairs Spotlight!

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