Undergraduate Admissions Guide 2011-12

The undergraduate admissions guide for the academic year 2011-12 has been printed and will be distributed throughout the year. Following the University’s theme, “Follow your passion. Find your place.” the book is divided into two big sections. The “Follow your passion.” section gives you information about various advantages and opportunities that Missouri State has to offer. Students can pursue their passion by exploring more than 150 majors, participating in the public affairs mission and learning from expert professors. The “Find your place” section tells you all about the college life, campus hot spots, residence halls, etc. Students can join nearly 300 student organizations on campus and find their place. This book also features students and professors, who share their experiences on campus.

To complement the book, the office of web and new media developed a microsite that provides a unique experience for prospective students. One of the purposes of this microsite is to allow us to provide more information online and keep the printed book smaller. We can add or update information on the web more easily and furthermore, the online version includes video interviews with the professors and students. The book essentially becomes tangible teaser at college fairs.

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