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LOGOS Accepting Student Papers for Publication

LOGOS: A Journal of Undergraduate Research

Now Accepting Submissions from Undergraduate Students in all Academic Disciplines

logoscoverLOGOS is an annual publication developed and edited by students in Missouri State University’s Honors College. Each volume features academic scholarship and artistry produced by undergraduate students and selected in a double-blind, peer reviewed process.

LOGOS is directed by a student Editorial Board that includes a chief editor, a lead associate editor, and associate editors selected from the Honors College. The Editorial Board is led by a managing editor who oversees the administrative production of the journal. The editors are also mentored and supported by a Faculty Advisory Board, which currently includes:

  • Dr. John Chuchiak, Director of the Honors College and Professor of Colonial Latin American History
  • Tracy Dalton, Senior Instructor of English
  • Dr. Joshua Smith, Associate Professor of Biomedical Sciences.

LOGOS was established and first published in 2008. There are now over 2,000 copies in public circulation.

Visit the LOGOS website for more information.

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Upcoming Visit to the Passages Exhibit!

by Jane Terry

Codex Climaci Rescriptus, 6th – 9th century AD. The Codex Climaci Rescriptus is a palimpsest—a manuscript from which  the text has been scraped away or washed off, and the pages used again. Underneath the top layer of writing, which contains a 9th-century monastic text in Syriac, are portions of ancient Biblical manuscripts written in 6th-7th century Greek and  6th-century Christian Palestinian Aramaic. This manuscript, based on an original text which may date from the 4th century,  is the world’s largest corpus of Christian Palestinian Aramaic, the dialect that would have been closest to Jesus’  household language.
Codex Climaci Rescriptus, 6th – 9th century AD.

We are planning another visit to the Passages Exhibit!  All MSU Religious Studies majors, minors, and graduate students are invited to attend on Wednesday, October 1, 2014, 3:30-6:00 p.m., and GET IN FREE!  The department will pay your entrance fee.

Please RSVP to: Jane Terry, 836-5514, if you plan to attend.  Click here for the flyer.


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Danforth Center on Religion and Politics Fall 2014 Schedule!

by Jane Terry


First in the Fall 2014 Film Series at the Danforth Center on Religion and Politics at Washington University, St. Louis, MO
First in the Fall 2014 Film Series at the Danforth Center on Religion and Politics at Washington University, St. Louis, MO

The Fall 2014 schedule of events at the John C. Danforth Center on Religion and Politics is available!

“Divided We Fall: Americans in the Aftermath” begins the series with a film screening and discussion with filmmakers Valarie Kaur and Sharat Raju on 9 September, 2014, 6-8 p.m. in Emerson Auditorium, Washington University in St. Louis.

For the fall schedule, see Danforth Center Fall 2014 Events

For more information or to RSVP for events, contact rap@wustl.edu, 314-935-9345, or see www.rap.wustl.edu

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The Ethical Citizen – Can You Make a Difference?

by Jane Terry

Early notice: “The Ethical Citizen – Can You Make a Difference?” is the theme of this year’s Public Affairs Week at Missouri State University, to be held 15-19 September on campus.  This annual event is developed by and for MSU students; everyone is invited to attend: students, staff, faculty, and the Springfield area community.

Among the many talks and presentations are two special events: a voter registration drive and a hunger banquet.

The full schedule of events can be found here: http://publicaffairs.missouristate.edu/paw/Schedule.htm

Early early notice: we will reprise our hugely successful Stomp Out Hunger Shoe Drive again this year! We’ll begin 1 October, so start gathering shoes now!

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Free Public Lecture September 4

by Jane Terry

Dr. Ethan Kleinberg

Free public lecture, “Not Yet Marrano: Levinas, Derrida and the Ontology of ‘Being Jewish'” on Thursday, September 4, at 4:00 p.m. in Meyer Library 101 with Dr. Ethan Kleinberg, Professor of History and Letters at Wesleyan University.

Professor Kleinberg will examine the ways that French philosophers Emmanuel Levinas and Jacques Derrida each confront the issue of Jewish identity in relation to their own philosophical work and also in relation to their respective historical contexts.  He will also raise issues concerning current notions of identity and identity construction.

Professor Kleinberg’s scholarly work crosses the fields of history, philosophy, comparative literature and religion.  He is the author of Generation Existential: Martin Heidegger’s Philosophy in France, 1927-1961, which was awarded the 2006 Morris D. Forkosch prize for the best book in intellectual history, by the Journal of the History of Ideas.

This talk is brought to you by MSU and the Workshop for Critical Inquiry.

For more information, contact Ralph Shain at RShain@MissouriState.edu



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Summer: going, going…

by Jane Terry


Only a few more days before classes begin! We are excited about the upcoming semester and are looking forward to seeing our students – old and new.

If you still haven’t registered for classes, or you have any questions, please feel free to contact me (JaneTerry@missouristate.edu) and we’ll help.

We have many exciting activities planned for the semester, including our annual Homecoming party on October 18, 5:00-8:00 p.m.  Mark your calendars now!  We’ll post more information later.

And everyone is welcome to stop by the office (Strong 251) anytime to visit with our faculty or just hang out in the student lounge (Strong 256).

See everyone soon!

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Career Center Events for Fall 2014-Spring 2015

by Jane Terry

The Career Center at Missouri State University offers several opportunities throughout the academic year for students to create/improve a resume, meet prospective employers, practice their interview skills, and network, among other career-related activities. The Career Center representative for the College of Humanities and Public Affairs, including the Department of Religious Studies, is Dominiece Hoelyfield. Please take advantage of the expertise and guidance that MSU’s Career Center offers!

 CAREER EVENTS 2014-2015 Students

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New Internship Available for Fall 2014: Brentwood Christian Church

by Jane Terry








The Department of Religious Studies is offering a new internship this fall in collaboration with Brentwood Christian Church!  For more information, see our Brentwood Internship page or contact Dr. Micki Pulleyking, MSU Religious Studies senior instructor and director of student programming at Brentwood Christian Church.

The intern’s primary work would be with the Brentwood Christian Church (BCC), a congregation that partners with community organizations ranging from local universities and businesses to non-profits, including churches and religious organizations. BCC founded the Greater Springfield Center for Diversity and Reconciliation (CDR) in 2011. A mission of both BCC and CDR is to promote economic dignity, race equity, social justice and equal rights for all people in the greater Springfield area.

Religious Studies majors are encouraged to apply (minors will also be considered). The successful applicant will enroll in REL 499-002 for the fall, 2014 semester for three credit hours, under the advisement of Dr. Pulleyking.

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MSU REL Alumnus Unearths Rare Find!

by Jane Terry
We are proud to announce a rare find from Missouri State University Religious Studies M.A. alumnus, Jared Chatfield, who is on a dig in Gezer this summer!  On Friday Jared unearthed a sunken storage vessel, a whole, Iron I vessel with two handles, and with several grinding stones inside.  The contents, some fine and dark soil, were collected to be studied.  The vessel was probably used for storage of grain in antiquity – a rare find!  (Thanks, Jared, for the photos!)
Gezer 1
Gezer 3
Gezer 10
Gezer 11
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