Can’t get enough?

by Jane Terry

Alas, the Gezer Archaeology Excavation is over for this year, but for those of you who still crave the dirt on digs, here are a few sites that might interest you:

Dr. John Strong, Associate Professor of Religious Studies in Old Testament/Hebrew Bible and Archaeology at Missouri State University, is our Gezer expert/team leader.  His website is

You can also listen to some of his course lectures on iTunes U for free: go to the iTunes U store and search for Old Testament/Hebrew Bible.   Ten of Dr. Strong’s lectures are available.

And the Gezer Archaeology Project’s main website is

The Department of Religious Studies participates in the most exciting excavation (IMHO), the Gezer Archaeology Project, but we’re not the only ones on campus who dig rocks.  Dr. Bethany Walker, Professor of Middle Eastern and Islamic Archaeology at Missouri State, offers excavations in Jordan.  Here is the link to this summer’s Jordan dig blog:

If you’d like to find out more, please contact Dr. John Strong ( for Gezer, and Dr. Bethany Walker ( for Jordan.


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