Student of Religious Studies Publishes in Austrian Journal

Andreas Weiß

by Jane Terry and Andreas Weiß

Andreas Weiß, an international exchange student from Salzburg, Austria where he studied Catholic theology and philosophy and who is currently attending classes at Missouri State University, was recently published in the Austrian journal, Die Furche.  His article, “Gott regiert mit” (“God reigns with him”), draws upon what he studied in our Religious Studies classes and concerns the role of religion in American politics.

According to Mr. Weiß, the central role that religion plays in U.S. politics is seen as unusual from a European perspective: “God and religion still play a major role in American politics, even though the separation of church and state is an official part of the U.S. constitution. This is not only a strategic tool of politicians, but expected by many American citizens – the president seems to be not only a political leader, but also the central person who is responsible for the country and its divine mission. The ‘Nation under God,’ which has affirmed a trust in God on its dollar bills since 1956, obviously cannot ignore God in political issues.”

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The journal, Die Furche, that recently published an article by Missouri State University international exchange student, Andreas Weiß
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