Sunvilla Renovation Project Delays Move-In for Some Students

Progress is being made on the renovation of Sunvilla Tower, and we think students will be very pleased with the final results. However, the renovation has been slower than we hoped, and some floors will not be ready for the beginning of the academic year.

Move-in Schedule

We anticipate that residents of floors 10-19 should be able to move in to these apartments on August 10 as scheduled. Our goal is to have students of floors 3-9 in Sunvilla by mid-September.

Arrangements and Amenities

In an effort to take care of residents and help them start the fall semester, we will make the following arrangements for the students on floors 3-9:

  • Students will be housed on a temporary basis in University Plaza or Holiday Inn Express. The students will enjoy all hotel amenities (breakfast and housekeeping service) at no cost to them.
  • Students who receive financial aid will receive a credit on their account for the days they did not occupy their apartment. They will also receive a credit to any meal plan they voluntarily selected.
  • Bear Line shuttles will be available to pick up and drop off students at the hotels.
  • Students will receive meal plans so they can eat in the campus dining centers while they are living at the hotels. These plans will be of no cost to the students, even if they did not contract for meal plans.
  • A staff member will be living in each hotel to assist students and answer questions.
  • Students will receive $50 in BoomerMeals on their BearPass cards, which can be used to make purchases at any vendor in the Plaster Student Union.
  • Students’ mail will be delivered to Sunvilla, which will be open so students can pick up their mail whenever it is convenient for them. We also can text students if they receive packages. All they need to do is provide their cell phone numbers to staff members at the Sunvilla front desk.
  • Students can use the laundry facilities in Sunvilla when they are completed.

Preparations and Notifications

  • Students should bring only what they need to live in the hotel until they can move into their apartments. Storage space will be available.
  • As soon as apartments become available, students will be notified that they can move in. Staff members in Residence Life will assist with the moving process.
  • Students are asked to check their University email accounts and the Residence Life website for updates.

In summary, students will receive free housing, food, and shuttle service while living temporarily in the two hotels. We apologize for the inconvenience, but are confident that the wait for new, finished apartments will be worthwhile.

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5 Responses to Sunvilla Renovation Project Delays Move-In for Some Students

  1. Christopher Boeh says:

    Will the hotel rooms be shared, or will we have individual rooms? If they are shared, how many people will be in each room?

  2. Christopher Boeh says:

    What day may those living on floors 3-9 move into the hotel rooms? Will it still be August 10th?

  3. smt10 says:


    Some residents will be in a shared room, some will be in an individual room. If residents are in a shared room, there will be a maximum of two people per hotel room.

  4. smt10 says:


    Sunvilla residents can still move in on August 10 and those that are assigned on floors 3-9 will be housed in a hotel room until their Sunvilla apartment is finished.

  5. smt10 says:


    Residents that live on floors 3-9 will move into a hotel space upon their arrival to campus. The earliest Sunvilla residents can arrive is still August 10. If one wishes to arrive at a later date past August 10, they may do so.