SGA Supports the B.E.A.R Fee to appear on the Homecoming Ballot

Senate has recently passed a resolution supporting the B.E.A.R. Fee to be placed on the Fall 2013 Homecoming ballot for all students to vote on.

If the fee passes

If the B.E.A.R Fee (Bear Experience And Recreation Fee) passes, students will be charged $50/semester that would go towards building and renovating 4 recreational facilities on campus. Three brand new facilities would be built including a Sand Volleyball Court, Field Hockey Field, and Soccer/Track Field.  Renovations of Plaster Sports Complex would replace the current student section on the east side of the field.  An additional fund of $200,000 would go towards a Student Experience Fund that would help make the game day experience more enjoyable.

If the fee doesn’t pass

If the B.E.A.R Fee does not pass, a few things will still happen. The Field Hockey Field will be constructed no matter what because our team is at a disadvantage for home games because of the inadequate turf. The student section of Plaster Sports Complex would be torn down as it has been deemed unsafe and all fans will sit on the West side.  The track will still be constructed regardless so that the Women’s Track team will remain in compliance with Title IX.

Details about the fee

The date of completion is set for Fall 2014 and all students will not pay into the fee until all facilities are completed.  The time and quality of this project is determined by money raised privately and from the B.E.A.R. Fee. If the fee does not pass, the quality will be different than if it did pass.


For any further information about the B.E.A.R. Fee, please contact Addison Reed, Chief Communications Officer, at

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8 Responses to SGA Supports the B.E.A.R Fee to appear on the Homecoming Ballot

  1. Robert L. Peterson says:

    WOW! All I can say is WOW! $50 a semester for these new additions? I’m ALL in!!! Now – let’s figure out how to put a winner on the football field!! Fancy stadiums don’t draw fans . . . winning does!
    Question: If the current students section at Plaster Sports Complex has been truly “deemed unsafe,” why is it still in use?
    Go Bears!

    • Addison Reed says:

      The bleachers could withstand a few more years but administration has decided they will be demolished after this season no matter the outcome of the vote. In their words it will be deemed unsafe after this season. Sorry for the confusion. Great question though!

    • Allyson Dale says:

      I think it is ridiculous to put more money into recreational equipment directly after the Recreational Center was completed. A statistically significant amount of MSU students will not utilize these improvements, therefore it is ill advised to make all of the students pay into this. Rather, money should be placed into programs in which the most students will benefit from improvements. It seems like the goal of passing the B.E.A.R. fee is couched in entertainment value instead of educational value, and that is not the reason why the majority of students pay for schooling. If these improvements are to be made, they should come from a place other than the student body’s pocket.  

      • Claire Coulter says:

        I COMPLETELY agree with you, Allyson. Other than the new student section, the rest of this proposal is completely pointless. Okay, let’s give our terrible football team new turf to play on. That will definitely make them play better! (rolls eyes) I’m sorry, but a $20 million project is ridiculous. Athletes don’t get grades for playing, so why should the students pay for something they will most likely not continue with after college? But a school is a business…apparently the only way it gets money is through sports and weaseling it out of its students. This school is so corrupt it makes me nauseated.

  2. Teena Moyer says:

    Our tuition has already gone up and now were wanting students to pay more for the sports stuff to be title ix compliant? If have to know more before I felt right about voting yes. I’d like to see money go to more educational initiatives. If it’s going to be done regardless why make students pay for it?

  3. Jake Kempen says:

    What’s the estimated completion date on these projects?

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  5. Nick Reinagel says:

    I am so excited for these additions! This will be a great addition to the university and will play a role in the increase in student enrollment in future years.  Go Bears!