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Safe Kids Springfield

safekidsspringfield(Blog contribution by AT student, Jon Price)

Several student from the Sports Medicine and Athletic Training (SMAT) department volunteered their time a few weeks ago at Safe Kids Springfield.  Safe Kids Springfield is a program designed to prevent accidental injuries to children through education, research, advocacy, environmental programs, safety device distribution and public awareness programs. The SMAT students collaborated with Daphne Greenlee, a coordinator from Mercy hospital’s – Mercy Injury Prevention Center to participate in this program. Each AT student had a separate station and the kids would come through in groups, so they had about 15 minutes to tell them about their specific demonstration. The goal of all of this was to teach the kids a basic understanding of common injuries and methods of injury prevention. Things covered included everything from proper hydration, demonstrating CPR, to head injuries. Student Jon Price states “the kids all seemed interested and had a lot of fun interacting with the demonstrations too”.  For more information on the Safe Kids Springfield program, visit www.safekidsspringfield.org.

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Under the Helmet: MSU Athletic Training

Sports Reporter and Producer of the Under the Helmet series on KOLR TV, Daniel Shedd aired a story on the program yesterday shedding light on the responsibilities athletic training students have with the Missouri State University football team.  The story focused on the misconception that athletic trainers are on the sidelines to only give the players water and went on to educate viewers on the education and expertise that this profession offers.  Great job to all of our students involved in the filming of this video!

Under the Helmet: MSU Athletic Training video may be viewed from the following link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9B7APmleyc

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New Tradition for Athletic Training Alumni at MSU

(Written by Dr. David Carr)

We are starting a new tradition this year to celebrate the rich history of the athletic training program.  Alumni coins will be issued to new graduates at the end of the year banquet.  Existing alumni are encouraged to attend and participate in the coining ceremony during the banquet – only chance to get a free coin :)  More information on the coining ceremony will be provided as we get closer to the banquet in May.

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Third Year Athletic Training Students Prepare for Simulations

Third year athletic training students at MSU are beginning their simulation unit as part of their ATC 340 Clinical Practicum III course.  In the simulation unit, students work through clinical scenarios with the high-fidelity mannequins in the simulation center on campus.  High-fidelity simulation aims to imitate real patients or clinical tasks as they are capable of simulating human physiological responses.  Some of the responses the mannequins simulate are realistic heart sounds, breathing patterns, lung sounds, bowel sounds, and also have palpable pulses and voice speakers so that the mannequins can respond during simulations.  Lead by SMAT faculty member, Kristin Tivener, this will be the 3rd year athletic training students at MSU have participated in simulations.



In order to prepare for the simulation, students in ATC 340 stocked their own kit today in class.  Students were required to gather any equipment they may anticipate using for coverage of an athletic event.



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First Year Athletic Training Students Begin Taping

First year athletic training students in ATC 220, Introduction to Athletic Training, began the unit on taping today.  Students learned general taping principles including when to tape as well as when NOT to tape.  Additionally, students learned the importance of understanding underlying anatomical structures as well as functional goals of the tape/wrap in order to be most effective with the procedure.  To conclude today’s class, all first year athletic training students competed against each other in a tape tearing contest.  The competition was fierce and got down to a final 4 tape-off which concluded in an overall winner.



Following this class, students will learn different taping procedures for different parts of the body beginning this Thursday with the foot and ankle.  This is an exciting time for everyone in the class as learning to tape is often seen as a symbolic first step towards the journey in becoming a certified athletic trainer.  Great work today students!

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StrongFirst Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor Certification Course

(Written by Dr. Allan Liggett)  

StrongFirst Group


Mercy Sports Medicine sponsored a StrongFirst Level 1 kettlebell instructor certification course. SMAT Department faculty Tona Hetlzer and Allan Liggett attended the course as well as graduate assistant Alex Jauregui-Dusseau. Several clinical preceptors of the Missouri State University AT Program attended the conference. Clinical preceptor Gary Herman was an assistant instructor of the course and Brandon Hetzler coordinated the course and provided instruction as well. The certification course provides participants the knowledge and skills to properly teach the kettlebell double swing, get-up, double clean, double press, double front squat, and overhead snatch. Successful completion of the course requires participants to properly demonstrate the ability to perform the above skills and to teach proper progression of the skills for use in performance programs, general fitness programs, or rehabilitation.

For more information on StrongFirst, visit www.strongfirst.com .

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Medical Coverage for Special Olympics



Under the supervision of certified athletic trainers, several athletic training students from the MSU Department of Sports Medicine and Athletic Training (SMAT) provided medical coverage for the Special Olympics Bowling tournament last weekend.  Certified Athletic Trainers Amy Smith (second year graduate student in the MSAT program) and Kristin Tivener (SMAT faculty) organized and supervised medical coverage and services for this event.  Special Olympics is the world’s largest sports organization with nearly 4 million athletes in more than 170 countries.  The initiative of Special Olympics is to activate youth, engage kids with intellectual disabilities, build communities, and improve the health of participating athletes.  Special Olympics Missouri (SOMO) has nearly 17,000 athletes and organizes a variety of events all over the State of Missouri throughout the year.  For more information on SOMO, visit www.somo.org.

The SMAT department plans on continuing their involvement in SOMO by providing medical coverage to a winter basketball tournament and the summer games.  If you would like to get involved as part of the medical team for these upcoming events, contact Kristin Tivener at KTivener@MissouriState.edu.

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2014 Homecoming 5K Run



This morning Missouri State University Homecoming Weekend events kicked off with the annual Bear Tracks 5K run on campus.  As part of her 4th year leadership project, athletic training student, Jessi Stewart organized a group of athletic training students and faculty to participate in the event.  This is the third year that athletic training students and faculty have participated in the Bear Tracks 5K in an effort to promote health and wellness among athletic training.  This year, Jessi also focused on raising support for the Breast Cancer Foundation as October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  With a fundraising campaign of athletic training 5K shirt sales, over $100 was raised and will be donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation on behalf of MSU athletic training.

Great job to everyone who participated in the fundraising as well as those who ran in this mornings’ 5K!  Happy #MSUHomecoming2014 everyone.

homecoming2 homecoming3

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AT Students Volunteer at Rally for Allie



Athletic training students volunteered today at a bone marrow drive on the Missouri State University campus called Rally For Allie.  Allie A. is a sophomore and softball player at MSU and was diagnosed with AML (acute myeloid leukemia) in September, 2014.  Since then she has begun aggressive chemo treatments and doctors told her that she will need a bone marrow transplant.  Unfortunately, transplant matches are very difficult to find.  As a result, the MSU softball team organized a campus-wide bone marrow drive trying to find a match for Allie or any of the thousands of others in the country in need of bone marrow donations.


The athletic training students volunteered services to assist in registration, preparation, and swabbing to gather donor samples.  Once the mouth swabs are collected, the sample gets sent off to the Delete Blood Cancer Organization.  Once processed, the donor’s information gets put into the system and if there is a match with someone in need of a transfusion, the donor is contacted.  For more information on registration to become a bone marrow donor, please visit wwwAllieStrong6.deletebloodcancer.org.


The Sports Medicine and Athletic Training department is proud to have so many caring and compassionate students who volunteer for good causes such as this one throughout the year.

AllieStrong2 AllieStrong3

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