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Congratulations Caryn Cook

Congratulations to Caryn Cook, administrative assistant for the Sports Medicine and Athletic Training department who is the award recipient for the 2015 Athletic Training Student Appreciation Award.


The Student Appreciation Award is one of the awards that the students of the athletic training program nominate candidates and then collectively agree on the recipient. This year students agreed that Caryn really deserved this award because of her hard work, assistance with their needs, and friendly welcoming demeanor towards everyone in the department. Typically this award is given out at the annual banquet, but this year, the athletic training students decided they wanted to have a celebration today in the department specifically for Caryn that included cards and treats.

Congratulations Caryn!

The annual Sports Medicine and Athletic Training banquet will be this Saturday, May 9th. At the banquet, the reminder of the departmental awards and scholarships will be awarded.

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USA Paralympic Track and Field Coverage at London Marathon

Dr. Tona Hetzler of the MSU Sports Medicine and Athletic Training department has returned from London, England where she was working with the USA Paralympic Track and Field team during the London Marathon. The London Marathon is a Paralympic World Championship event. Nine athletes represented the USA and participated in this event; 8 wheelchair athletes and 1 vision impaired athlete. The US brought home 4 medals from the event; three gold and one bronze.

Tona Hetzler and athletes of the USA Paralympic Track and Field Team in London.
Tona Hetzler and athletes of the USA Paralympic Track and Field Team in London.

One of the athletes who took home a gold medal was Tatayna McFadden who competes in the wheelchair division. Tona has worked with Tatayna in various events since her first competition in 2007. Since 2012, Tatayna has taken first place in every marathon she has competed in. Recently, she won the wheelchair division of the 2015 Boston marathon and then, less than a week later, she took home the win for the USA in the London Marathon world championships. For more information on this incredible athlete, visit her webpage at http://tatyanamcfadden.com/


Tona explains that since her first encounter with Paralympic athletes in 2007, she has really enjoyed the opportunity to work with this amazing group of athletes.  She states “Not only has it given me a chance to improve my clinical skills, but also provides the opportunities to expose students in the MSU AT program to this setting. Also, having the opportunity to provide medical coverage for these athletes is extremely rewarding.”

For more information on USA Paralympic Track and Field please visit http://www.teamusa.org/US-Paralympics/Sports/Track-and-Field

Tona’s next event with USA Track and Field Paralympics is May 13th-17th in Phoenix, Arizona for the Desert Challenge. http://www.desertchallengegames.com/

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Special Olympics of Missouri Call for Medical Volunteers

The Special Olympics of Missouri (SOMO) is hosting the annual Summer Games in Springfield, Missouri this year. Kristin Tivener of the Sports Medicine and Athletic Training department is working with SOMO to coordinate volunteer medical coverage for the Games.


The Games run from Friday, May 29th – Sunday, May 31st across the campuses of Missouri State University and Drury University and SOMO is anticipating approximately 2,200 athletes from across the State to participate this year.

Events that require medical coverage include the opening ceremonies, volleyball, soccer, track and field, powerlifting, aquatics, and dance.

Any certified athletic trainers or athletic training students who are interested in participating as part of the volunteer medical staff should contact Kristin at KTivener@MissouriState.edu or may stop by her office (sign up sheet on the door – PROF 160B).

If you are interested in participating as a non-medical volunteer or would like more information about the SOMO Summer Games, visit http://somo.org/summergames.



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MAATA Student Leadership Council Spotlight on Nate Allgaier

The Mid-America Athletic Trainers’ Association (MAATA) just posted a spotlight on members of the Student Leadership Council (SLC). 4th year MSU AT Program student, Nate Allgaier was highlighted for his involvement in the MAATA SLC as the 2014-2015 Executive Director. Nate will be ending his term as Executive Director at the end of this academic year as he prepares for graduation from the AT program.


Take a look at Nate’s spotlight here where you can learn about why he was interested in this position, what he found valuable about this experience, and where he will be going next year for his masters. http://www.maatad5.org/student-leadership-council-spotlight/

Great work Nate!

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2015 CHHS Student Research Symposium

Congratulations to all of our fourth year undergraduate athletic training students for their participation in the 19th annual College of Health and Human Services Student Research Symposium.

The event took place yesterday, April 23, 2015 at Plaster Student Union on campus. As part of their research courses taught by Dr. Michael Hudson of the SMAT department, students participated in a year-long research project. Groups of students worked with faculty advisors in the department to design, conduct, analyze, and present research on a topic of their choice.

Their posters will be on display during the 2015-2016 academic year in the Professional Building Room #160 lab. Well done student researchers!

ResearchGroup1_2015 ResearchGroup2_2015 ResearchGroup3_2015 ResearchGroup4_2015 ResearchGroup5_2015 ResearchGroup6_2015 ResearchGroup7_2015

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Attention SMAT Alumni…Come to the Coining Ceremony

This year we will start a new tradition to celebrate not only our soon-to-be graduates but the 35th year of our program by having an alumni coining ceremony for all alumni and soon-to-be graduates.  The idea is borrowed from the military where challenge coins are given to unit members in recognition of special achievements.  The challenge aspect is for unit morale and usually involves the loser of the challenge buying drinks.  While we will carry on this challenge aspect, our intent is to recognize the distinguished alumni of this program.  All alumni that attend this ceremony each year will be given an alumni coin, others may purchase one for a nominal cost at meetings or when in the office for a long-over-due visit.


The coining ceremony will take place at the annual banquet this year. The banquet will be held on Saturday, May 9th at 5:30 pm at 319 Downtown in Springfield, MO and is organized this year by third year students Brittany Kiefer and Katie Renkowski.

We encourage all program alumni who have not yet purchased a ticket to the banquet, to do so this year for this special ceremony. If you are interested, please contact Brittany Kiefer126@Missouristate.edu or Caryn Cook CarynCook@Missouristate.edu . Tickets are $15 for the banquet which include a meal. The deadline is next Friday, April 24th.

We hope to see you all there!

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SMAT AT Students Present the FMS to the KC Chiefs AT Staff

(Written by Dr. David Carr)

4th year athletic training students Dan Almkinder, Whitney Bixler, and Krystal Stump gathered at the KC Chiefs training facility to make a presentation for their senior project. The students presented the FMS system to the Athletic Training staff.


Following their brief formal presentation they demonstrated the system on a few staff members and fielded questions from the Chiefs staff. The students were accompanied by Dr. W. David Carr and Brandon Hetzler as they made the presentation and dinned at LCs Bar B Que.


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