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Attention SMAT Alumni…Come to the Coining Ceremony

This year we will start a new tradition to celebrate not only our soon-to-be graduates but the 35th year of our program by having an alumni coining ceremony for all alumni and soon-to-be graduates.  The idea is borrowed from the military where challenge coins are given to unit members in recognition of special achievements.  The challenge aspect is for unit morale and usually involves the loser of the challenge buying drinks.  While we will carry on this challenge aspect, our intent is to recognize the distinguished alumni of this program.  All alumni that attend this ceremony each year will be given an alumni coin, others may purchase one for a nominal cost at meetings or when in the office for a long-over-due visit.


The coining ceremony will take place at the annual banquet this year. The banquet will be held on Saturday, May 9th at 5:30 pm at 319 Downtown in Springfield, MO and is organized this year by third year students Brittany Kiefer and Katie Renkowski.

We encourage all program alumni who have not yet purchased a ticket to the banquet, to do so this year for this special ceremony. If you are interested, please contact Brittany Kiefer126@Missouristate.edu or Caryn Cook CarynCook@Missouristate.edu . Tickets are $15 for the banquet which include a meal. The deadline is next Friday, April 24th.

We hope to see you all there!

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SMAT AT Students Present the FMS to the KC Chiefs AT Staff

(Written by Dr. David Carr)

4th year athletic training students Dan Almkinder, Whitney Bixler, and Krystal Stump gathered at the KC Chiefs training facility to make a presentation for their senior project. The students presented the FMS system to the Athletic Training staff.


Following their brief formal presentation they demonstrated the system on a few staff members and fielded questions from the Chiefs staff. The students were accompanied by Dr. W. David Carr and Brandon Hetzler as they made the presentation and dinned at LCs Bar B Que.


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Dr. Hough Writes about Running Perspectives

Dr. Landon Hough of Mercy Sports Medicine provided an interesting case of a patient he treated with hip pain for the “Running” Perspectives section of the recent Bass Pro Shops Outdoor Fitness Festival newsletter.


In this case, Dr. Hough describes the athlete’s progression back after her injury and how the athletic training staff at Mercy was able to contribute with corrective exercises. This is a great example of how athletic trainers are part of an interdisciplinary team and how when we approach our practice in this way, we can really make a positive impact on our patient outcomes.

The full case may be viewed at the bottom of this link. http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?ca=9bb946f8-cca5-4250-9198-67fd6a2086b1&c=628cbb00-9300-11e3-9501-d4ae527547e4&ch=63a222a0-9300-11e3-9569-d4ae527547e4

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SMAT Students and Preceptor Spreading the Word About AT

Last week, Sports Medicine and Athletic Training Students Colin Wilhite (4th year) and Anne Tabora (2nd year) joined Preceptor Jeremy Tjarks to present to a group of young students about the profession of athletic training. The three participated in career day at Reed Academy and were able to speak to the entire 7th grade class.


Jeremy, Colin, and Anne all enjoyed the experience and thought it was important to spread the word about the profession to those that may some day be interested in the degree or those that may interact in the future with athletic trainers.

Good work Jeremy, Colin, and Anne!

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Dr. Michael Hudson Chairs a NATA ECE WorkGroup

The National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) has a wide-ranging committee called the Executive Committee for Education (ECE) that is charged to inform and assist the profession in setting the direction for athletic training education. One recent initiative of the NATA ECE committee is to investigate how the internship model contribute to the educational development of athletic trainers considering the evolving practice settings.


Dr. Michael Hudson of the SMAT department will chair a workgroup within the NATA ECE to explore this issue. He will work with representatives from various other NATA committees such as the Committee on Professional Advancement, the Ethnic Diversity Committee, the College and University Athletic Trainers’ Committee, and many others. This committee and workgroup are featured in an article in the April 2015 edition of the NATA news (page 17) which can be accessed at www.nata.org.

Best of luck leading this workgroup Dr. Hudson.

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Casting Day 1 in Practicum ATC 241

2nd year athletic training students in group 1 of the ATC 240 Clinical Practicum II course participated in their first day of casting today. Taught by faculty member Kristin Tivener of the Sports Medicine and Athletic Training department, students have the opportunity to apply a short arm cast and then use a cast saw to remove the cast placed on their partner.


Students were able to learn the application technique and gain experience working with casting materials today while also having a great deal of fun. Several students also were pleased to successfully fool family, friends, and other peers wearing their cast and coming up with fake injury stories to share.

Casting5 Casting7










Group 2 will participate in short arm casting next week and later in the term, the unit will continue with an introduction to casting/splinting with other materials including plaster.



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Alexandria Jauregui-Dusseau’s Thesis Defense

Congratulations to Alexandria (Alex) Jauregui-Dusseau for successfully defending her thesis today in front of peers, faculty, and her committee.


Alex’s thesis title was titled ‘Factors Affecting Anterior Knee Pain in Post-ACLR Comparing Patellar Tendon and Hamstring Tendon Autografts’. Her study included a collaboration with Mercy Hospital in order to collect retrospective patient data. Alex’s thesis committee included Sports Medicine and Athletic Training (SMAT) department faculty Dr. Tona Hetzler (thesis chair), Dr. Allan Liggett, Mercy HealthTrack clinic manager, Brandon Hetzler, and MSU psychology department faculty Dr. Erin Buchanan.

Please join the department in congratulating Alex for a job well done!

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2nd Year AT Student Katie Baker Helps Bring Women’s Lacrosse Back to MSU

2nd year athletic training student, Katie Baker teamed up with other Missouri State University students with the goal of bringing women’s lacrosse back to MSU. This year that goal became a reality. In an article by USA Today, Katie and other MSU women’s lacrosse players discuss how the team was formed, what is currently happening, and their goals for the future of the team.

Great job Katie!

Check out her interview here http://college.usatoday.com/2015/04/02/missouri-state-students-bring-back-womens-lacrosse/


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Ambulance Ride-Along Experience from AT Student, Kinsey Cook

Fourth year athletic training student Kinsey Cook did an ambulance ride-along with the Mercy ambulance crew last week as part of her interprofessional experience hours. As part of the clinical practicum courses, all 2nd-4th year AT students are required to obtain a minimum of 16 hours per term in an interprofessional experience. Often these experiences are very valuable as students are able to see how health care professionals work as part of a team and also get to experience things that they may not have as part of their regular clinical rotations. Below is Kinsey’s reflection of the experience which included preforming CPR on an actual victim for the first time.


“I had the opportunity to get some interprofessional experience hours with a Mercy ambulance crew and ended up participating in a code call and performed CPR on a patient on scene. While it was a difficult experience as the patient did not survive, it was also an invaluable one. I performed CPR on a human, which like everyone says, is completely different than practicing on a dummy. I was involved in bagging of the patient as well. After performing CPR for over 45 minutes the decision was made to stop and the time of death was announced. Afterwards the two paramedics and I sat in the ambulance and discussed what happened and I was told they were impressed with how I handled the situation and without having EMT training, I performed better than a lot of current EMTs do in that situation. I was very appreciative for the compliment and think that is a huge testament to the training the AT program provides for us as athletic training students. They comment on how I stepped in without hesitation and continued CPR, which is more than can be said for the majority of the EMT students they train on the ambulance. Training really does take over in those situations and I am thankful for the training the department has provided. The family thanked all of us individually after the patient was pronounced dead and told us how much they appreciated us doing all we could to save their loved one.” – Kinsey Cook

Thank you for sharing your experience, Kinsey.

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