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Registration Now Open for the BIA-MO

Brain Injury Association of Missouri (BIA-MO)
Sports Concussions: Facts, Fallacies and New Frontiers

Quickly Approaching – February 25, 2016 in Springfield

FREE Concussion Education for Coaches and Team Personnel of Community, Recreational, Traveling and School Leagues.

Register Now at www.BIAMO.org

Sports Personnel to Attend: Coaches (paid or volunteer) of all competitive level of all sports, Athletic Directors, Sports League Coordinators, Licensed Athletic Trainers and Game Officials

School Personnel to Attend: PE Teachers, School Nurses, Administrators, School Board Members and Superintendents

FREE continuing education for team and school personnel involved with concussion prevention, care and procedures. Keynote Session is Team Approach to Implementing Concussion Protocols. Lunch is provided.
Thursday, February 25, 2016 from 7:45 am – 2:00 pm.  Pre-Registration is required at www.biamo.orgSpace is limited.
Northside Christian Church, 4902 N. State Hwy H, Springfield, MO 65803.
To reduce the risk of long-term effects on health, learning and life for elementary, middle and high school age students and athletes who may sustain a concussion, which is a brain injury.
Register yourself and others within your team and/or school. This additional education about identifying a potential concussion, managing a potential concussion and understanding concussion procedures will help reduce risks for youth.

Share this email with Coaches (paid or volunteer) of all sports at all competitive levels, Athletic Directors, Licensed Athletic Trainers as well as School Nurses, PE Teachers, School Board Members and Administrators.

The BIA-MO Sports Concussions: Facts, Fallacies and New Frontiers seminar is also being offered in Columbia (Feb 17), Cape Girardeau (Feb 18), St. Louis (Feb 22) and Kansas City (Feb 26).

To register, please visit our website at www.biamo.org. For more information, contact the Brain Injury Association of Missouri at 800-444-6443, 314-426-4024 or Concussions@biamo.org.

Hope to see you at the Seminar,

Maureen Cunningham
Executive Director
Brain Injury Association of Missouri

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Registration Open for 2016 Bears Athletic Training Camp

Attention all high school students interested in learning more about athletic training…Registration is now open for the 2016 Bears Athletic Training Camp.


This three day camp is designed for high school students who are interested in gaining basic athletic training knowledge and skills. Camp participants will have the opportunity to work alongside nationally certified and Missouri licensed athletic trainers, and to meet current MSU athletic training students and athletes. The camp will include one-on-one instruction in taping and wrapping techniques, behind the scenes tours of athletic facilities on and off campus. Additional topics to be covered include wound care, injury prevention, common injuries, concussions, heat illnesses, environmental concerns, nutrition, performance enhancement, and much more! At the conclusion of the camp, students will test their skills in head to head competition during the Athletic Training Olympics.

This year we are offering two levels of athletic training camp that will run concurrently.  Level one will be for students that have not yet attended athletic training camp.  Level two will be for students who have attended camp and are returning to advance their skills even further.

For more information and to register, please visit http://sportsmed.missouristate.edu/athletic-training-camp.htm

Want a chance to attend the camp for free?  Then apply for the following scholarship!

Nominations for the Bertrand & Blanche Letendre Summer Athletic Training Camp Scholarship is open now through April 1, 2016.  This scholarship provides funds for students interested in careers in the sports medicine field of athletic training to attend a summer camp.  For more information and to apply http://www.nhmi.net/scholarship.html.

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Registration open!

Attention athletic training students and certified ATs, this Friday 1/15/16 is the deadline to register for the Missouri Athletic Trainers’ Association 4th Annual Educator’s and Student Leadership Conference. The conference will be on Friday, 2/6/16 at Central Methodist University in Fayette, Missouri. Presentations include a variety of topics from mental health, neurocognitive and psychosocial aspects of concussion, and the SMAT department’s own Dr. Tona Hetzler and Kristin Tivener have been invited to present on the topic of Utilization of Simulation in Auscultation Training in AT Education.


The day will commence with the athletic training student state Quiz Bowl association. The top two teams will progress to the district competition in March. All students, first through fourth year, are welcome and encouraged to attend this conference. Transportation will be provided by the department.

More information and conference registration may be found at http://www.moata.net/registration-4th-annual-moata-student-and-educators-conference/


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Ozark Food Harvest

FoodHarvest2Last week a group of undergraduate athletic training students from Missouri State University volunteered their time at Ozark Food Harvest. This athletic training group helped to sort and package over 10,000 pounds of dry goods for distribution to agencies.



FoodHarvest3 FoodHarvest1



Nice work students!


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Interprofessional Work From Dr. Hudson

HudsonNPClassFamily nurse practitioner students learn how to conduct a musculoskeletal injury assessment from Dr. Michael Hudson with assistance from MSAT graduate students Kenna Daugherty and Killian Flynn in a 6-hour section of their Advanced Physical Assessment and Clinical Reasoning course. These future nurse practitioners are developing their orthopedic assessment techniques and learning how to apply these procedures to the diagnosis and initial management of certain low back, upper extremity, and lower extremity injuries. Many of these students will be in rural practice settings, so the experiences they gain from this course will bring sports medicine care to patients who do not always have access to licensed athletic trainers.

Sharing expertise in our respective professions with groups in other professions is a great example of interprofessional education. Through this, professions learn from and with each other and as a result, respect for each group can grow.

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Athletic Training or Arts & Crafts Class?

art1No, this is not art class.

Today in ATC 329, Upper Body Assessment, third year AT students learned to identify nerves of the hand and wrist. As a method of reinforcing understanding of the neurovascular system, students were instructed to color the specific areas for each nerve on their partner’s hand in markers.




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3rd Year AT Students Prepare for Simulations

In Practicum ATC 340 today, 3rd year athletic training students stocked their own kit to prepare for simulations which begin next week. The third year students were told to prepare for an event coverage and in doing so, would have to organize any tools and materials they would need to respond to emergency situations on the field.


Beginning next week, students will start high-fidelity simulations in the O’Reilly Clinical Health Center. The mannequins used for this realistic simulations are life-size, life-weight capable of physiological responses including pulses, heart rate, breathing, and heart, lung, and bowl sounds. Additionally, the mannequins can respond to the students verbally or make sounds to indicate distress. These simulations and subsequent instructor-led debriefings provide students with the experience of responding to high risk and low incidence events that may occur in the clinical setting.

These have been shown to be a great supplement to the regular clinical experiences AT students participate in.


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The Supination Pronation Test

Working with an orthopedic surgeon, Kristin Tivener of the SMAT department developed the Supination Pronation test as a clinical assessment to diagnose distal bicep tendon ruptures. The initial study was published in the American Journal of Orthopedics in October, 2015. Tivener plans on continuing her research to include additional studies necessary to fully evaluate integration of this new diagnostic test into the clincial examination.

Kristin Tivener performing the Supination Pronation test on Allan Liggett of the SMAT department

At this point, the researchers suggested the Supination Pronation test to be integrated into the clinical assessment of distal bicep tendon ruptures along with other special tests in order to evaluate for this acute injury. Athletic Trainers and Athletic Training Students should understand how to perform this test and the indications for use to apply to their clinical practice.

The full article and test description may be reviewed here http://www.amjorthopedics.com/view-pdf.html?file=uploads%2Fmedia%2Fajo04410e361

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Breathing Lab

The first and second year Master of Science in Athletic Training (MSAT) students participated in a breathing lab this week. Yes, a lab all on breathing. And yes, they are actually working on skills in the pictures below.


One point of distinctiveness of the MSAT program is rehabilitation. From this lab, students are learning the importance of breathing techniques and how this effects different treatment outcomes during rehabilitation.


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Athletic Training Student Leads L.E.A.L. Student Organization

Separate from her classroom and clinical experience responsibilities, 3rd year athletic training student Kennia Merlos is proud to be president of Missouri State University Student Organizational L.E.A.L.

Kennia Merlos displaying recent article in The Standard (center) with SMAT faculty Gary Ward (left) and Dr. Allan Liggett (right).

Leading in Education to Approach Latinos (L.E.A.L.) is an organization that promotes diversity and education in Latino culture. Kennia says ” we basically want individuals to embrace their culture as well as learn about other cultures, whatever they may be”. L.E.A.L. serves the community by assisting at Meals-A-Million and Convey-of-Hope. To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, L.E.A.L. just hosted a Latino Dance Party in the Plaster Student Union Ballroom. More information about this event can be found here http://www.the-standard.org/life/learning-latino-culture-through-dance-lessons/article_86b7d3ae-6642-11e5-9c91-13f11f837042.html.

The SMAT department at Missouri State University is proud to have students such as Kennia who maximize the opportunities they are presented with during their undergraduate education. Please join us in congratulating Kennia for a successful Latino Dance Party event.

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