‘SMAT That’ Intramural Soccer Team

Some of the faculty from the Sports Medicine and Athletic Training (SMAT) department enjoyed speaking with 4th year athletic training student Kennia Merlos this week about the SMAT That Intramural Soccer Team a group of the students organized. We wanted to share what Kennia said about the team with everyone so check it out here!


“Some of the girls from the class of 2017 decided to create an intramural soccer team to be able to play a sport that we all love, as well as get a break from our hectic schedules. The team was created in our second year fall, so this will be our 4th season playing together.  We enjoy playing together, hanging out, and becoming closer as friends, classmates, and as a department. We open the team to all SMAT students every season as we love to see new faces on the field and expand our SMAT That family. Our goal for this team is to continue for many years to come so that future students have the opportunity to join in a fellowship that creates a sense of belonging within our program. For the 2016 season we were given the title of Independent Women’s Team of the Year. This is based on sportsmanship, and games played/won, and overall rating of our team. We were very excited and honored to get this award and be able to see our team name on the banner inside the REC center.” Kennia Merlos, BSAT Class of 2017.


If any current AT student is interested in joining SMAT That, reach out to Kennia or swing by the department for more information.

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