How to Save a Life

The University Communications office at Missouri State University developed a series of “how to…” videos on a variety of areas. In this ‘How to Save a Life’ video, Dr. Kristin Tivener, clinical instructor in the department of sports medicine and athletic training gives tips to empower a bystander to perform Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Tivener explains that the traditional CPR like what you see in this video is taught to all individuals entering into healthcare fields such as athletic training. However, anyone can (and should consider – Tivener notes) taking a CPR course for their own personal interest regardless of their profession. Current CPR courses for the layperson, or someone with no medical training, are taught either in this tradition format such as how Tivener demonstrates or in a hands-only version.

In this video, students from Tivener’s ATC 221 Clinical Skills in Athletic Training course demonstrate proper technique.

Check out the video here and pass on to those that may benefit from this information. Also, as medical professionals, this video can be used to start the conversation with family, friends, and co-workers about the benefits of taking a formal CPR course.

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