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Conflict Resolution – Tips and Resources

Throughout life, there will always be times in which we find ourselves amidst conflict and disagreements. Understanding how to navigate those difficult conversations is an important part of growing up, and it is something that everyone struggles with. We’d like to provide some tips and suggestions about dealing with conflict in a helpful and constructive way!

  1. Accept conflict – Understand that conflict happens, and how we react to it is what matters.
  2. Actively listen – Ask questions about what the problem is, what the other party wants/needs, and how to best combine those wants/needs with your own.
  3. Separate the person from the problem – Conflict is personal. It can be hard to separate the person from what is frustrating you, but this is an important step in resolving conflict. We’re fixing problems – not people.
  4. Focus on the future – Don’t spend too much time focusing on what has already happened – focus on what is to come and how to best move forward. Create a concrete plan that will help both parties be comfortable with the situation and the resolution.
  5. Be creative – Don’t get stuck on the first solution that you come to. Spend some time brainstorming by yourself as well as with the other party to come to the best possible solution to the problem.
  6. Be specific – Make sure to hammer out every single detail of the resolution so nothing is left up to chance. It will take more time, but it will be well worth it to ensure that there are no gaps in your plan.
  7. Agree to disagree – You will not always agree with everyone on everything, that is why you’re in a conflict in the first place. Try to come to a mutual place of understanding that you don’t have to agree with the other party, but you both must respect each other.
  8. Work together – Conflict resolution is a team effort! Not one person can successfully resolve a problem by themselves. You need everyone’s input and advice if you’re going to successfully resolve the issue.
  9. Share your interests – Express your wants and needs to the other party and encourage them to do the same. Putting everything out there is important and the only way to ensure everyone’s happiness.
  10. Maintain confidentiality – Keeping what happens in the resolution space is essential. All parties must feel safe to disclose their thoughts and feelings, and ensuring everyone knows that what happens in this space stays in this space will make folks feel comfortable. And most importantly – it doesn’t concern anyone else.

If you’d like more information about how to successfully resolve conflict, check out the Center for Dispute Resolution in Park Central Office Building 212, or give them a call at 417-836-8831. They can provide you more tips, resources, and information on conflict resolution.


Tips retreived from Clarke University Counseling Center at http://www.clarke.edu/page.aspx?id=3568

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Mental Health at Missouri State University

It is no surprise that college can be a stressful time for students, and how we handle that stress will affect our experience in college. More and more students are coming to college already diagnosed with some type of mental illness, and colleges are doing their best to try and meet the need that students have.

Here at Missouri State, we have a wonderful Counseling Center that serves students to ensure that they are getting the help they need. The Counseling Center’s mission is that every student matters; they seek to help students work through the problems they might be having and to help students have the best college experience they can.

Part of the problem that many students face with attending counseling is the stigma surrounding mental health. Mental health is viewed as something very negative and something that folks who are affected by it should be ashamed of. While there is nothing to be ashamed of, the Counseling Center will soon be moving into the new Taylor Health and Wellness building, so students will have more privacy when attending their counseling sessions.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental illness, know that there are options for help right here on campus! The Counseling Center is located in Carrington Hall 311, and their phone number is 417-836-5116.

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How to Stay Safe on Campus

While we are in a safe neighborhood and safe city, it is still important to know how to stay safe and aware on campus – especially at night. Recently, the Office of Student Conduct brought Heather Ryan, former NCIS Agent, spoke to MSU students about how to stay safe on campus and how to keep others safe. The biggest take away from Heather’s talk was actually incredibly simple – be aware of your surroundings. Just simply being aware of what is going on around you can keep you, and those around you, incredibly safe.

MSU’s campus is safe, but taking extra precautions is always a good idea! Try not to walk at night with headphones in or while talking on your phone – that way you can pay attention to everything around you and be prepared to act. In addition to acting preventatively to keep yourself safe, MSU also has resources and folks who are dedicated to keeping you safe. MSU Safety and Transportation is always available to walk with you at night, if you feel uncomfortable walking by yourself through their Safe Walks Program! All you have to do is call and they will walk with you! The Safe Walk Program pertains to: from/to academic buildings, from/to residence halls, and from/to parking lots. Just call the Safety and Transportation Radio and Communications Center (417-836-5509) and they will get an officer to assist you.

MSU Safety and Transportation also partners with the Springfield Police Department in order to keep us all as safe as we can be. If you ever feel uncomfortable or see something suspicious – call Safety and Transportation at 417-836-8870 or the Springfield Police Department at 417-836-5327.

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Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month! The Office of Student Conduct would like to highlight some various programs and resources available to those that are affected or know someone who is affected by domestic violence.

Green Dot is a Bystander Intervention Program that teaches people how to recognize and intervene in situations of power based personal violence, such as domestic violence. Green Dot’s mission is to decrease the incidents of power based personal violence and help people understand how to be effective bystanders in times of distress. This program trains individuals on what steps to take when they witness an act of violence as well as ways to prevent acts of violence before they even begin. If you’re interested in learning more about Green Dot, contact Missouri State’s Green Dot Coordinator Jenay Lamy!

A resource on campus for those affected by domestic violence is the Counseling Center. When going through rough times, it can be incredibly beneficial to talk to a counselor and receive the guidance and support that we need. There are four full time counselors available to faculty, staff, and students who may need them, as well as multiple other members of their team that are available to assist. The Counseling Center is located in Carrington 311 and can be contacted at 417-836-5116.

Other resources that can be utilized for those affected by domestic violence are Public Safety and the Springfield Police Department. The Safety and Transportation Office is located at 636 E. Elm St. and their phone number is 417-836-8870. The Springfield Police Department is located at 321 E. Chestnut Expressway and their phone number is 417-864-1810. showimage-272142816_std-1


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Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month! The Office of Student Conduct will be participating in and sponsoring many events throughout these next few weeks to raise awareness of sexual assault.

On Wednesday, April 15 at 7:30pm, Toshia Shaw will be giving a presentation titled “How to Make a Difference in the Lives of Sex Trafficking Victims.” This event will be sponsored by the Student Government as part of the Public Affairs Conference.

On Tuesday, April 21 at 7pm, the Office of Student Conduct and Plaster Student Union will be have a special showing of “The Hunting Ground.” The documentary focuses on sexual assaults that occur on college campuses and the culture that perpetuates it. Afterwards, there will be a panel discussing Missouri State’s efforts to raise awareness, educate the community, and preventative measures we have in place.

There are several events on Wednesday, April 22 we hope you can make it out and attend! From 2-4pm, there will be a Wellness Wednesday table sponsored by Taylor Health and Wellness. At 7pm, there will be the unique experience of “He Said She Said.” This event will have different actors and actresses portray scenarios from a male and female’s point of view. There will be ongoing discussions with the audience members to encourage a healthy dialogue and critical thinking. At 9pm, “It Happened Here” will be airing in the PSU Theater. This will supplement “He Said She Said” and both of these events are sponsored by the Student Activities Council.

On Thursday, April 23, Taylor Health and Wellness will be putting on a training session of StepUP! Bystander Intervention. This program teaches participants how to intervene and confront difficult situations.

On Monday, April 27 and Tuesday, April 28, Campus Recreation will be having a SHARP (Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention) training. This training is free and participants can sign up on the campus recreation home page.

We hope you can make it out to many of these events!

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