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Student Organization Spotlight: MSU Archery Team


The Missouri State Archery Team is a brand new organization this year here at Missouri State University. Though we may be new in terms of university affiliation, we are however not a new organization all together. We have been around for 2 year, and have competed in multiple shoots. While the primary focus of our organization thus far has been having fun and enjoying the time we spend together with other shooters we are looking to become involved in many more collegiate competitions in the very near future. We are currently registered with United States Collegiate Archery (USCA) and therefore are eligible to compete against other universities all of the United States in many different types of competitions. We compete in just about every type of archery tournament there is, from indoor/outdoor 3d shoots with both known and unknown distances, as well as indoor fixed known distance competitions. We have many different types of archery disciplines on our team as well. We have compound shooters which fall into a multitude of different classes depending on the set up of their bow, recurve bow shooters, bare bow shooters, and everything in between! For anyone who is interested in archery, whether they are a brand new shooter or a seasoned veteran there is a spot for them in our organization.

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Student Organization Spotlight: Phi Sigma Upsilon

Phi Sig

Phi Sigma Upsilon is a Junior Greek Council designed to facilitate relationships between the newest members of Missouri State’s Fraternity and Sorority Life community, while providing a means of leadership development opportunities. Within Phi Sig, members will get hands on experience planning events such as philanthropies, fundraisers, socials, and Hazing Prevention Week. Furthermore, the executive members will gain the necessary skills to further their college careers as executive leaders within the Fraternity and Sorority Life. Aside from gaining leadership experience, members will develop friendships outside of their respected chapter, resulting in strides toward FSL unity. ​

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Student Organization Spotlight: Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship

Chi Alpha
Whatever spiritual background you come from or what denomination you grew up in, if you are looking for a place to reconnect, grow, and develop an authentic relationship with God, THIS is where you need to be. Despite the name, we are not a Christian fraternity. We are a unique community of guys and girls who love God and have a true passion to serve him! We’re more than just a service once a week but a true FAMILY—a perfect place to meet other Christians doing life and taking this Christian journey together. Along with our weekly Monday night gathering, we have over 14 Community Groups that meet on Wednesdays and Thursdays that are led by our student leaders that comprise of smaller groups of students based on grade and gender. “C-Groups”, as we call them, go beyond the Monday night service experience for intentional discipleship, authentic friendships, and absolute fun. Even though our numbers have grown beyond our wildest expectations, these dynamic groups encourage REAL growth, just on a smaller scale! Even more so, we partner weekly with a local service organization, and take impactful mission trips to cities like Chicago, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Memphis during Spring Break, and places like Nicaragua, Kenya, Berlin, and Dominican Republic during the summer. We just have an incredible passion and love for people and it shows internally and externally. Be a part of our XA community!

Our Monday night services begin at 8pm in the 3rd floor ballroom of the PSU. Our Community Groups meet Wednesdays and Thursdays on and off campus. Check out everything at missouristatechialpha.com.

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Student Organization Spotlight: Student Academy of Audiology

SAA Logo

The MSU Student Academy of Audiology (SAA) is a local chapter of the national student organization of the American Academy Audiology. SAA members are audiology doctoral students interested in providing services, education, and advocacy for the profession of audiology and the general public. The organization gives students the opportunity to join together on a local and national scale to advance and support the interests of students as they work toward becoming audiology professionals. On the local level the MSU SAA works to establish relationships with community organizations to create programs that promote and offer services related to hearing and balance health. This includes providing hearing screenings to a variety of groups including the athletes participating in the Missouri Special Olympics, educating the public on hearing issues such as noise-induced hearing loss and how best to protect your hearing, and other initiatives aimed at assisting community partners. SAA fundraising ventures also allow the chapter to provide assistance to programs both locally and internationally, with funds supporting organizations within the local Springfield area and as far as Nicaragua. SAA aims to increase hearing and balance awareness, services, and education while providing audiology students with a platform to support the community and develop lifelong skills important for becoming an active and involved professional.

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Student Organization Spotlight: Society of Human Resource Management


The student chapter of Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) at MSU is an affliate of the national SHRM organization. As aspiring human resources professionals, we host panels of local HR professionals and speakers on a variety of topics. If you’re an HR major, an HR minor, or an Industrial Organizational Psychology major, you can benefit from membership in SHRM.

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Student Organization Spotlight: Delta Sigma Pi


Delta Sigma Pi (DSP) is a professional business fraternity where membership is reserved exclusively for business majors. Our goal is to promote our members’ personal and professional development and to build a Brotherhood that will last a lifetime. There are over 300 collegiate chapters nationwide with nearly 255,000 initiates since inception. Delta Sigma Pi is a great opportunity to meet new people and most importantly, make business connections. Several Fraternity members can credit their job or internship to knowing a Delta Sigma Pi active or alumni member. The Missouri State University chapter, Kappa Omicron, was created on November 21, 1981. We currently have 127 active members and are growing every semester.

Delta Sigma Pi is focused on building a strong group of brothers who are prepared for the career world. We invite professionals and entrepreneurs from various areas of business to speak at our meetings to enrich our experience in DSP. In addition to professional development, community service and public affairs involvement is very important to our chapter. We take part in several philanthropic causes such as Children’s Miracle Network, Relay for Life, and Operation Gratitude. Each semester, our chapter attends regional and provincial leadership conferences with other chapters from across the country. The national Fraternity also recognizes outstanding members with scholarships. For those interested in joining, new member recruitment is at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters.

Website: http://organizations.missouristate.edu/deltasigmapi/

Find us on Facebook: facebook.com/dspko

Follow us on Twitter: @deltasigmapiko

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Student Organization Spotlight: MSU Student Dietetic Association


The MSU Student Dietetic Association (SDA) brings together students upholding interest in dietetics, nutrition, and wellness issues. SDA provides leadership building opportunities, builds partners in the community, and provides support through the educational journey. We offer insight into all different types of Dietetic careers and work hands on in these career paths preparing future health care providers.

SDA has been expanding for the past few years. We have meetings once a month with guest speakers that explain how we can expand our knowledge and involvement into the health world in the Springfield community. We offer community service work and fun member engaging activities every month. This past academic year SDA has served alongside the Healthy Living Alliance, Victory Mission, ConVoy of Hope, Crosslines, Hy-Vee, and several more. We have also held park picnics, running events and Zumba dances. We are fully committed to making the best out of the dietetic journey in academic success, engaging in the community, and having a blast. Join SDA today and for the rest of your future journey at MSU.

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Student Organizatoin Spotlight: Academic Media Production Guild


Academic Media Production Guild (AMPG) is Missouri State University’s principal media production organization. AMPG ‘s aim is to bring together students across academic disciplines and to provide them with both the tools and the support they need to develop their craft in creative leadership.  We provide hands-on opportunities for students; both peer-to-peer and professional to student by coordinating the production of student web series, and other worthy productions.
AMPG is dedicated to promoting media production by coordinating educational resources, networking and mentorship opportunities for aspiring media production students to help bring their ideas into the world and to create dynamic ventures that contribute to their passion in producing.
One of AMPG’s major initiatives is the “AMP guild” e-Magazine which will highlight our student work productions and sponsor of our series. Additionally the organization will run a fundraising event(s) to raise money for the production(s).  Currently we just completed a successful fundraising campaign doing a casino night to raise finds for A Little Help, our current web series to be released in June. 
In the future we would like to raise money to help send students​ to conferences like the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), Broadcast Education Association  (BEA) National Association of Television Programming Executives (NATPE) or Film Festivals to which they have submitted work or won awards.
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Student Organization Spotlight: Student Library Science Association

The Student Library Science Association (SLSA) exists to benefit Missouri State students interested in information; archives; school, public, and academic libraries, as well as ones serving law firms, corporations, hospitals, art museums, and other settings. SLSA, https://www.facebook.com/StudentLibraryScienceAssociation, is open to all MSU students and to MU Library Science students. We offer a variety of activities, including social events like dinners and coffee breaks, Webinars, colloquia, trips to libraries, and volunteer opportunities.  SLSA’s goal is for its MSU students to get to know each other, learn about libraries, and contribute to them. Our members have volunteered at local libraries, including the Springfield Art Museum Library.
SLSA is affiliated with the MSU Library Science Department, http://libraryscience.missouristate.edu/. SLSA’s members’ interests reflect the Departments offerings, which include courses supporting school library media certification, the MU Master of Library Science degree, and an MSU undergraduate library science minor.
SLSA is planning a trip with the MSU Folklore Club to the St. Louis Storytelling Festival on May 1-3. We are also affiliated with 417 Librarians, https://www.facebook.com/StudentLibraryScienceAssociation#!/417Librarians, a regional networking group for library employees, library students, and library lovers from all backgrounds in southwest Missouri. SLSA will be joining 417 Librarians for dinner on March 21 at Springfield’s Café Cusco at 6 pm.
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Student Organization Spotlight: Entertainment Management Association


The Entertainment Management Association (EMA) exists to benefit all students interested in the business of sports, events, music and venues. It’s open to both Entertainment Management (EM) majors, and non-EM majors. We strive to provide students with hands-on experience and professional opportunities within the industry through volunteer work in the community, fundraising events, and educational experiences. With over 80 members, the Entertainment Management Association is the largest student organization in the College of Business and continues to grow each semester.  Every year our members volunteer at the Super Bowl to help with game day events, operations and VIP gatherings, providing invaluable experiences and networking opportunities. Students members also volunteer at the annual Pollstar Music Conference and Award Show held in Los Angeles or Nashville, and meet some of the movers and shakers in the touring industry.  For those students with an interest in events, EMA members attend luncheons and conferences hosted by Meeting Professionals International. EMA members also have the opportunity to earn scholarships to attend the annual conference and trade show of International Association of Venue Managers.  EMA meets about every other week during the semester to host guest speakers, tour sport and entertainment venues, and enjoy each other. For students interested in creating “wow” experiences, EMA is the place to be. Find more at www.theEMlife.com .

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