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Student Organization Spotlight: The Green Room


The Green Room is a student-led, multi-campus, college-age ministry that focuses on building community and fostering disciples of Christ. A Green Room is defined as, “a room in a theater or television studio where performers can relax before they go onstage.” We strive to be a relaxing space where students can ask questions and learn how to be a true follower of God before leaving for the “real world.” (PSA: The room we meet in is not actually green.) We meet for worship, discussion, and fellowship every Wednesday evening at 8:08 PM at The Downtown Church. Apart from our weekly worship, we also have hosted mission trips, hiking adventures, retreats, and other exciting projects. Although we are a United Methodist ministry, we welcome all backgrounds, believers and nonbelievers, to join us as we grow together in ministry.

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Student Organization Spotlight: Sigma Alpha


Sigma Alpha is a professional agricultural sorority that strives for achievement in scholarship, leadership, fellowship, and service. Members focus on professional development, sisterhood activities, and sharpening skills to positively impact the agricultural industry. The last two years the chapter has won the Founder’s Cup, the highest award achievable in the national organization. This award is based on average chapter GPA, national event attendance, and success of chapter events. The Missouri State chapter just celebrated their 16th anniversary in April.

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Student Organization Spotlight: Beta Alpha Psi


Beta Alpha Psi is a professional honor’s organization tailored to help accounting, finance, and CIS majors with networking, and the development of skills that will help students succeed in their professional careers. We meet on Thursdays at 6:30 in Glass 434. At these meetings, different companies from around the area come to speak with us about what their business has to offer. This provides a great opportunity to speak with professionals about the possibility of future employment, or to further expand communication skills with professionals. Recently, our club traveled to Omaha, Nebraska to compete in the “Best Practices” competition. In that competition, all three teams won first place and are going to compete at the national meeting in Baltimore. If you’re ready to grow personally and professionally, expand your network, become a stronger leader, serve your community and make lifelong friends along the way, we would love to welcome you to Beta Alpha Psi.



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Student Organization Spotlight: Missouri State Up Til’ Dawn


Missouri State Up ‘til Dawn is an organization that works year round to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Up ‘til Dawn recruits students to be team captains, who then recruit five friends to help fundraise. Each member of the team sets a fundraising goal of $100. Late fall semester, Up ‘til Dawn puts on a finale event that invites students who reached their fundraising goal to stay up all night and celebrate their success. During the finale event, there is lots of food, games, prizes, and fun to be had! A local St. Jude family will also attend the event to remind the participants why their hard work is so important to the world-renowned hospital.

Missouri State students have been involved with St. Jude Up ‘til Dawn since 2001, and over the years we have raised a whopping $433,359.98! After taking a year off, MSU Up ‘til Dawn came back in full force this year and raised $19,716.00.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital appreciates and relies on programs such as these to be able to do all of the amazing things that they do. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is internationally recognized for its pioneering work in finding cures and saving children with cancer and other catastrophic diseases. Founded by late entertainer Danny Thomas and based in Memphis, Tenn., St. Jude freely shares its discoveries with scientific and medical communities around the world. No family ever pays for treatments not covered by insurance, and families without insurance are never asked to pay. St Jude is financially supported by ALSAC, its fund-raising organization.

To join Up ‘til Dawn and start your fundraising journey with St. Jude, visit: www.utd.stjude.org and register to participate in Missouri State’s Up ‘til Dawn event and get fundraising!

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Student Organization Spotlight: UNO

uno 2

UNO (Uniendo Nuestros Orígenes) is an organization dedicated to improve the college experience of Latino students. We are committed to supporting, empowering, and uniting Latinos on their journey in higher education. By engaging in platicas, or conversations, that draw us closer to one another professionally, socially and personally, we recognize that each Latino has their own story, and embedded in each of their raices is love, struggle, y una familia.

We want members to feel as if they were home when they come to a platica. UNO meets once a month to discuss topics pertaining to the Latino community. Not only do we meet once a month, we also have a private Facebook group where we exchange ideas, job postings, articles, or anything you think is share worthy.

Feel free to contact Brandy Garcia (garcia019@live.missouristate.edu) or Alonzo Perez (perez723@live.missouristate.edu) if you have any further questions about UNO.

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Student Organization Spotlight: Missouri State Improv


Missouri State Improv is MSU’s resident improvisational comedy group. They provide free improv shows every Monday night at 9PM in Carrington Auditorium, as well as free improv workshops. Missouri State Improv has traveled to Ohio State, University of Missouri, Kansas State, and The Comedy Shop in Kansas City to compete and perform alongside over 50 nationally recognized collegiate improv teams. Recently Missouri State Improv has been ranked a top 40 team in the nation. Missouri State Improv is available to put on leadership or teamwork based workshops for your group or organization, and can also be an entertaining addition to any event you may be having. Follow them on Twitter at @beary_funny and like them on Facebook at Missouri State Improv.

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Student Organization Spotlight: Anthropology Club


Anthropology Club is dedicated to learning and spreading knowledge about humans and culture, and we acknowledge and take pride in human diversity. Anthropology itself has four fields: cultural, archaeological, biological and linguistic, and we do our best to keep those in mind with everything we do. Our fundraisers often go to help a local community in Bluefields, Jamaica or to a local refugee-aid organization, Springfield Welcome Home. We hold an education day for the public where kids of any age can come and learn about anthropology. We have speakers from come and talk to us about a wide range of topics and we organize ways for members to attend annual conferences, as well as hosting a local one ourselves. Most of all, we strive to create an environment where differences are not discouraged and where acceptance and cultural competence can thrive.

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Student Organization Spotlight: Students for a Sustainable Future


Students for a Sustainable Future (SSF) is a student-run organization that focuses on promoting sustainability and green living in all aspects of life. We are a group of passionate, caring people who want to protect this Earth for future generations. SSF has had many focuses in the past, and we are always looking for new ways to get students and community members involved in sustainability efforts. We believe that educating others is one of the most important and effective ways of doing this. Along with striving to create a better tomorrow, we also strive to create long-lasting friendships between our members. We host potlucks and also go on hiking and camping trips.

At the end of each spring semester, we host a solar-powered concert called Ecopalooza which is a day to celebrate our beautiful Earth and to promote other organizations on campus and businesses around the community that do their part to help our planet. This semester, Ecopalooza will be in Earth Day, April 22, from 11:00 a.m. -8:00 p.m.

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Student Organization Spotlight: MOSABA (Missouri State Student Organization of Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism)


MOSABA  stands for Missouri State Student Organization of Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism. We were developed to provide Missouri State students a forum to discuss research and policy in the area of Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis. The first Friday of each month MOSABA members, Special Education and Psychology professors meet and discuss the latest research in the field as well as remember the fundamentals of Applied Behavior Analysis. Our organization is composed of students from the ABA program and Special Education programs. We welcome undergraduate students, graduate students, and Missouri State facility members who enjoy sharing their latest research and field experiences. MOSABA members will be provided opportunities to engage in faculty/student discussions, research conferences, and clinical experiences.

Find us on Facebook: Mosaba (education) for our latest meeting information and events.

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Student Organization Spotlight: African Student Association


African Student Association serves as a support network for the general welfare of African students here at MSU. Our goal is to create awareness of the African culture and promote a better perception of Africa and all of it’s entities. Although we are the African Student Association, we welcome all cultures and ethnic groups in membership. The major event this semester was “A taste of Africa”, where we showcase different dishes from different part of Africa. Another event was dancing with ASA in which we showed people how to dance to different music from different areas of Africa.


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