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Student Organization Spotlight: Missouri State Women’s Club Soccer

Womens Club Soccer

The Womens Club Soccer team is a brand new organization excited to take on its first competitive season next fall! Competing locally right now, the women’s team is always looking for new girls to come out and play. In our first season we will be competing against other club schools like Mizzou, SLU, and Washington University. We are fortunate enough to train and compete in all our home games at Betty and Bobby Allison South field where the Missouri State Soccer teams compete! We will have an informational meeting on April 10th at 3pm, in the PSU, Room 308 A&B; talking about anything you need to know to be apart of the tearm for our first season. Please go follow our twitter @MSUWomensClub Soccer to learn more about us and more details on the upcoming meeting!

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Student Organization Spotlight: MSU Handball Team

Handball Team Picture

The Missouri State Handball Club is a Co-Ed organization. Anyone can be a part of this tradition, simply attend any of our practices that are held Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 5-7 pm of each week and coach will provide you with gloves and the necessary equipment needed. It is not too late to get involved this year and we are always looking for students both male and female to join the team.  As a team we travel to about 10 tournaments per year training for the National Collegiate Tournament, last year placing 2nd in the Nation. The MSU Handball team has 11 National Championships and is working hard to get our 12th. Courts are located underneath the football stadium, East of Temple Hall. The team is hosting a learning clinic for new players on Wednesday, February 10th. If you are interested contact msuhandballteam@gmail.com or show up to practice and we will get you started!

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Student Organization Spotlight: Opal Agency


Opal Agency is an on-campus, student-run advertising agency. We are a service organization that provides free campaigns to local businesses and are dedicated to spreading awareness of global issues. Last year, we created a social marketing campaign for the local restaurant That Lebanese Place. This year, we are excited to launch a social marketing campaign for the local food truck London Calling.

Opal is more like an internship than a club. Every student has their own title and leadership role. Our open positions include Social Media Strategists, Account Planners, Graphic Designers, Copywriters, Copyeditors, Market Research Analysts, Video Editors and Human Resources Generalists. Students will leave Opal with an incredible portfolio, resume, advertising plansbook, and glowing letters of recommendation. This is an excellent opportunity for students to explore a career in advertising, enhance cultural competency, and set themselves apart from their competitors.

To request an application, please email info@opalagency.com.


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Student Organization Spotlight: Lambda Chi Alpha


Lambda Chi Alpha aims to break the negative stereotypes associated with fraternities and truly operate according to high moral values. Since their re-colonization in 2014 at Missouri State, Lambda Chi Alpha has sought out only the best men who exemplify their Seven Core Values of loyalty, duty, respect, service and stewardship, honor, integrity, and personal courage. Some accomplishments of Lambda Chi Alpha since their re-colonization include: Hosting a regional conclave for Lambda Chi Alpha chapters at Missouri State University, achieving the second highest grade point average among fraternities, and completing the requirements in order to obtain a charter and become a fully recognized chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha. Lambda Chi Alpha was also recognized as The Standard’s “Trending Fraternity on Campus.” Come and experience what it means to be a Lambda Chi Alpha.

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Student Organization Spotlight: Asian American Pacific Islanders Organization


This organization’s purpose is to instill and maintain a community among Asians, Pacific Islanders, and Asian Americans at Missouri State University and the surrounding community. AAPIO shall arrive to promote these various cultures and encourage understanding between Asians, Pacific Islanders, and Asian Americans and people of other ethnic origins. Membership is open to any person at MSU and the surrounding community. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, or veteran status in employment or in any program or activity offered or sponsored by the University.

Some of the things we have accomplished in the past years is our Annual Banquet to celebrate Asian American Heritage month in May. Our banquet involves a delicious dinner, fantastic performances, and a fashion show. We also have the winter ball which unite international and domestic diversity. Other smaller events include cultural nights where we showcase one or multiple cultures, bringing over YouTube artists to talk about diversity, and working together in collaboration to support other organizations’ events.

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Student Organization Spotlight: Linked




  1. of, relating to, or between different religions or members of different religions.

“action to encourage interfaith dialogue”

Linked is an interfaith dialogue and service organization on the Missouri State University campus and is  an affiliate of the national Interfaith organization, Interfaith Youth Core. Linked brings together people of all religious and secular traditions to serve the community and discuss issues happening in Springfield and beyond. Their goal is to address a variety of social concerns such as homelessness and public health, increase religious literacy and public knowledge regarding interfaith cooperation, and to serve the Springfield community through volunteerism. Linked has monthly volunteer opportunities for its members with organizations such as Harmony House and the Kitchen Inc. In October during one of their signature events, Trick or Treat Better Together, members collected over 300 household items and supplies for the organization The Kitchen Inc whose mission is to provide emergency housing and combat homelessness in the Springfield area.

Linked has a weekly meeting Thursday’s at  8pm in the Plastor Student Union room 314C. For more information contact Tia Rounsoville by email at, rounsoville0406@live.missouristate.edu and visit https://www.ifyc.org/ for more information about interfaith cooperation.


Also follow them on social media @LinkedMSU

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LinkedMSU

Instagram: https://instagram.com/linkedMSU/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/linkedMSU


Upcoming events:

November 10th – Linked attends Ekklesia’s Modern Mystery Plays in the Balcony Theater @7:30pm

November 12th – Linked Fundraiser at Pickleman’s Downtown Location @5pm-8pm

November 13,14,or 15th – Linked Spends a day at Skepticon

November 14th – Site visit to Baha’i place of worship for Bahá’u’lláh Celebration

December 3rd – End of the Semester Celebration


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Student Organization Spotlight: Phi Sigma Pi

Phi Sigma Pi is a gender-inclusive national honor fraternity focused on the three ideals of scholarship, fellowship, and leadership. We are open to all majors and have minimum GPA of 3.0 with 12 credits. In the Gamma Sigma Chapter at Missouri State, members are able to gain leadership experience and connect with both current and alumni members. Through scholarship, service, philanthropy, fundraising events and more, Phi Sigma Pi is active on the Missouri State campus and in the Springfield community.
This semester, Phi Sigma Pi was active in homecoming activities and placed first in the student organization category for the fourth year in a row. Additionally, members consistently volunteer their time locally at places such as Convoy of Hope, the Springfield-Greene County Botanical Gardens, and the Discovery Center.
Find the Gamma Sigma chapter on social media!
Facebook – Phi Sigma Pi at Missouri State University
Instagram – gammasigma_psp
Twitter – @PSPGammaSigma
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Student Organization Spotlight: Entertainment Management Association


Entertainment Management Association is the largest student organization in the College of Business. We have over 90 members of EMA, and we are open to all majors. While many members are Entertainment Management majors, there are quite a few very active members who are from other disciplines, everything from Fashion Design to Childhood Education, making our group for anyone and everyone interested in entertainment.

We provide our members with opportunities to learn about the different areas of Entertainment Management including; music, sports, events and venues through education, networking opportunities, speakers, tours and trips that EMA provides. During our meetings, we will often have a guest speaker via Skype or in person who is a professional in the entertainment industry that will share tips and answer any questions that students have about the industry. This Wednesday, October 28th, we will have a guest speaker, Gina Keltner, who is the talent manager from the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN to give our students a sneak peek into the music industry.

The highlight of our organization is the student planned trips that we offer to our members. These include: Pollstar – a music and event management trip where students are able to network with some of the biggest names in the music industry, International Entertainment Buyers Association –where students learned about talent buying in the music and venues industry, Super Bowl – where students are able to volunteer at one of the largest sporting events in the country, and March Madness – where students will volunteer at another large sporting event and a Final Four concert.

These are our four big trips in the 2015-2016 school year that we work hard to go to each year, but are always a worthwhile time. The networking you create through EMA is something you won’t find in a classroom but through the fellowship of colleges, alumni, and other business leaders.

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Student Organization Spotlight: African Student Association


African Student Association serves as a support network for the general welfare of African students here at MSU. Our goal is to create awareness of the African culture and promote a better perception of Africa and all of it’s entities. Although we are the African Student Association, we welcome all cultures and ethnic groups in membership. The major event this semester was “Faaji”, which was a event that was held in the patio in the Recreation Center in which we danced to different music from different aspect of Africa as well as teach other how to dance. We also had a Game night with a taste of Africa, both were events open to all students on campus.


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