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A blog about participants’ anticipations and apprehension before, during and after the program.

scuba diving certificate research

Maldives is one of my dream places. I don’t have any scuba diving experience/knowledge, but this is what I want to do there. Following is the class info I found:

White River Dive Co in Branson

Open water certificate

cost: $395  The class fee includes online academic training classes, 5 times pool, 4 times dives

If you are an undergraduate student, this place can transfer this class as school credit.

I know it is super expensive. So I am still thinking…. Just feel that I want to share this info in our group.



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After First Meeting Mar 20th

“Xin chào”

This is the first longest trip (3 stops, 3 destinations in 3 countries in Asia) ever in my life and I have a lot of worrisome in my head, after class some of my concerns were answered. Especially I am the only guy in the group so I believe there is burden on my shoulder literally :))

Since I was born and raised in Saigon, Vietnam, this is like a home visit to me. I have never got chance to visit Nike or UPS factories in Vietnam so I am very excited to see how they operate in not only Vietnam but Southeast Asia. I plan to buy some premium tea while visiting Sri Lanka as well cause we will visit the tea plantation over there.

I am a guy so I do not care much about packing or carrying tons of stuffs with me (usually I travel with light packing – one backpack for all electric devices and one luggage) ; however, I bought some gifts for my parents and I need to figure out how to carry these gifts.

I pray to all that our trip goes smoothly and safely, counting down 54 days

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3/23/17 – Day Bag

When looking over the checklist, it said to bring a book bag and a day bag. I started looking on Amazon for different day bag options and found a style that I like. It’s called a sling bag. It is kind of like a book bag but much smaller and only goes over one shoulder and across the back. It can be worn in the front, back, or around the waist, which I think is perfect for all the different places we are going. The bag is small enough to keep close to me at all times but big enough to hold a light change of clothes. It is waterproof and has a pocket for your phone on the front strap and a compartment on the side for a water bottle.

For those of you who have been in Asia (or travel frequently), do you think this would be a good investment? If not, what are some other options for day bags?


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backpack checklist sharing

I have been on the international trips a lot. So I would like to share the checklist of mine about what I will bring in my backpack at the airport:

1) electronic bag:

camera; all chargers; headphone

2) cosmetic bag

make up remover sheets, toner, cream, overnight mask, hand cream, lip stick, sun cream

3) others:

gum, pen, sunglasses, travel pillow, hot steam eye mask, rugular silk eye mask, blanket (this is the MUST on my list for international flight), hat, travel slippers


Followings are the products I have been using ( just FYI):

hot steam eye mask: KAO Megurhythm Hot Steam Eye Mask

travel pillow: Muji Well-Fitted Neck Cushion


Hope these will give you some ideas.




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After First Class

I have a lot on my mind about this trip and after class some of my concerns were answered. I have never traveled out of the country before so I’m a little nervous when we received that huge list of flights and all the transitions. However, I am going to go into this trip with an open mind and try to go with the flow.

I have a count down on my phone….only 59 days until we head to Springfield Airport to experience this amazing opportunity with a great group of people. But who’s counting! 🙂

One thing that kinda worries me is the communication barrier. I have been looking at how to communicate with local while we are over there because I want to try and carry on a basic conversation when we go to eat or travel to all the places to show my respect. I have also been thinking about what I am going to bring with me to give out to the people I meet as a gift of respect and thank you for welcoming me to their country. I have several friends that have traveled abroad and they talked about small things that they brought along with them to give to special people that they meet along the way. Some options are small hard candies, gum, chocolate (since our chocolate is much sweeter than what they are use to- even though this doesn’t travel well), small calenders, thank you cards.


After speaking with some students from the prior year I am thinking about the night life that is in Vietnam and about all the fun stuff to do on our free time. So many thoughts going on and on my free time I keep looking up random facts about the places we are going to be traveling to.

Tạm biệt (Good Bye)

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The firs meeting we had was very helpful and full of information I had been dying to know! Most of my questions were answered, but I am still a little confused about a few things on the packing list. I’m not sure exactly what type of shoes to bring to wear for each day and also what specifically the clothing requirements for each place will be as well. I have a few ideas, but was wondering if anyone specifically knows what they are going to bring for hiking in Sri Lanka. Overall I am very excited to get to know everyone and go!

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Post-Meeting Thoughts

Well I must say, overall, I am extremely excited. I feel like our group will get along just fine and that will make the experience even better. I’m looking forward to future meetings and getting to know our group even better.

My only real concern is: What are some good hiking shoes for our destinations? The packing list said “no runners” and that’s really all I have experience hiking in. If anyone has any suggestions of light-weight shoes that they like that would be helpful! I know of the popular brands but popular doesn’t always mean the best for our situation.

I will be looking into this further as I find time but I figured if anyone had a pair that they loved that fit the packing list recommendation this would be a good start.

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To check a bag or to not check a bag…

I would like a general consensus on what everyone is doing regarding luggage. My two options are:

  • Carry a book bag and a small suitcase
  • Carry a book bag and check a bigger suitcase

Ideally, I think I would like to carry a book bag and a small suitcase to reduce the risk of losing luggage on the trip. This would also reduce the amount of baggage that I would have to lug around and be responsible for when flying from state to state and country to country. The only problem is, I am afraid I will not be able to fit everything I need in the small suitcase as well as items I buy there that I want to bring home.

What are you doing regarding luggage? Any advice that would be helpful in making my decision?

Thank you!


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Great seeing you all today!

Our first day went great, albeit being kicked out of the room when another class came in at 5:30 p.m..  I’ll see if I can request another room, and will email you later.

Some of your questions were answered today, and I will get to some at a later time.  As this class progresses, you will find out other things that will be beneficial as well.  Please keep in mind no amount of preparation you do will get you ready for the actual trip.  The best thing to do is just go there with an open mind, and experience it first hand.

Just remember to come to class and we should be in good shape.

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