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Day 10

Today is my first office dive. I had 2 dives today. Now I know the reason that I choose to be a certified diver. I saw Broad-stripe fusilier, cowtail stingray, blue-face angelfish, turtles, etc.  The underwater world is something different. Then …

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Day 7

We visited Temple of tooth yesterday, and we visited Dmbulla Cave Temple. In China, many people are Buddhist, so I have a little bit knowledge about Buddha in China. It is so different. For example, we don’t need to take …

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Day 6

Today is our first day in Sri Lanka. I personally prefer the food in Vietnam. I heard many interesting facts about this country from tourist guy: – there are 4 main religions in this country. They are Buddhist, Hindu, Islam, …

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Today, we visited four islands. After the whole day trip, I finally have the feeling that I’m in the vietnam. I enjoy learning more vietnam culture. Mekong Delta is also called nine dragon river. We took a boat on Mekong …

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Day 3

i want to organize some interesting information I heard in recent two days American center: 1) if American build up military in vietnam, over 90% of weapons are from either Russian or China. This may boost a opportunit for new …

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Day 2

University tour is very interesting. I’m surprised about students’ English level. Also, the performance is the most impressive one for me. In China, usually university is a realtive close area, what I mean is that the building is not right by …

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