Hello Everyone!

or as I learned its actually Dumelang. As you can tell my Setswana class is going well, if you happen to meet me I can so far greet you hello, ask how your are doing tell you I am doing well and then bid you goodbye and tell you that it was nice meeting you. One of these times I will post some Setswana for you all, its good to know the basics.


Tip with classes and most of Botswana culture (you will need this skill): Patience

Bring it with you and keep it as a close and good friend, It is now the 3rd week of school and I perhaps will be able to get my student ID card tomorrow and they don’t have many of my books in, but I am feeling good this week so we shall hope for the card. On the other side though the teachers are very understanding and one said he would even let me borrow his in the mean time.

As for classes due to my major being science the teachers as always in that major are on top of things and so I have my syllabi but not all do, many courses will begin in earnest this coming week, here is a list of my classes for those interested.

  • Setswana for beginners
    • if you can take it, so far its fun and elders appreciate you attempting to understand their language
  • Entomology (study of insects)
    • …the things you learn in the class…some may scare you
  • Dynamics of a Savanna Ecosystem
    • All I can say is that I get to do a mini project on termites! :)
  • Environmental Education
    • get back to you on this one, we are still debating on the definition of this in class..

Total Hours: 12

Kgale Hill

Kgale hill is located near Game City one of the nearby malls, you can take two mini buses there or a cab depending on how much pula you got (P6 vs P30 one way). We were hoping to see baboons but no luck. There are some great birding sites here though and the hiking isn’t terribly hard. If you like hiking and outdoors go for it its a cheaper excursion

  One of the pics from Kgale, there are so many beautiful shots you can get here.






This trip proved uneventful in our grand search for baboons, but do not lose hope we plan on another trip to see them, did see birds and cows though and even a stray dog.

Go Siame! (Goodbye)





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