My finals are now finished and the paperwork done, I now have to say goodbye to Botswana.When I first came to Botswana and UB, I had my own thoughts on what I would find and experience, I thought that I would come learn about the wildlife there, hopefully see a leopard and get to learn about the culture.

But What I instead found was that other than the wildlife, was that I had the chance to experience and become part of the culture, I learned about the dances and the life people led outside the city about the cattle posts and about how close people are to their family.

China, me, and Moabe

I made friends from all around the world from other parts of my country, from parts of Africa, and from places as far as Germany and Sweden. It was a gratifying experience, one that made me expand my view of the world.

Some of the things I learned was how close they hold family to them in Botswana, it is seen in how they manage to care for their families while they are in college, how older siblings will provide money so their younger ones can go to school. It was seen in how my local friends were always their for their siblings to provide support if needed. The respect people in Botswana show for their family, parents and elders is a much humbling experience and is one that I believe could be expanded in my own country.

I have also learned more about myself here, about making new friends, excepting different ideas that do not always go with how you were taught or believe. About adapting to differences and making them part of you.

For all the advice that I can give on what to bring and my experiences here what I can say is that you will learn more from being here from seeing what it is like to live in a culture so unique and different from your own than what I could ever teach you.


MY friends at the Kgotla, whitney, elissa, binta, ida, and beckyChina, me, and Moabe

Go siame everyone, and fair travels ^^

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One Response to Farewell

  1. Marie says:

    Hello! Your blog is amazing and I am very glad I have come across it. I will be studying abroad in Botswana this upcoming Fall (2012) and reading about some of your experiences are definitely making me more excited for my trip, since the nervousness is increasing as the day for my departure comes closer. I would love to get in contact with you since I haven’t been able to talk to many people who have studied abroad in Botswana. If you have time, please me email me to the email address I have provided here! And congrats on completing your semester abroad!