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Talkback Sessions

Are you interested in having a conversation about issues such as school shootings, mental health, and bullying with experts in counseling, psychology, and conflict management as well as some of the cast of columbinus? If so, we would love to see you in Craig Hall, room 206 after our 2:30pm performances on both September 21st & 28th.

Two experts will be in attendance at both sessions: Dr. Joseph Hulgus, who has a PhD in Psychology focused in family therapy and mental health, and William Holtmeyer, Jr., who is a certified counselor specializing in mental health and post traumatic stress counseling.

We are confident this discussion will lead to a better understanding of some difficult topics and look forward to bringing the community together to increase knowledge, raise awareness, and encourage communication.

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Debut near for play that offers insight, awareness into tragic events

As theatre and dance prepares to debut its first production of the season, with sets being finalized and practices underway, the community gears up to relive one of the most poignant tragedies of our time, the mass shooting at Columbine High School through the documentary drama, columbinus.


Exploring the events and lingering questions that followed

On Tuesday morning, April 20, 1999, senior classmates Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold arrived at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, a Denver suburb. Armed with guns and home-made bombs, the pair proceeded to kill 12 fellow students and one teacher before killing themselves.

In the days following this massacre that shocked the world, media coverage was full of the “Who, What, Where, When and How” of this horrific event, but the question “Why?” remains.

The play explores this complex question as it weaves together courtroom testimony by survivors and witnesses; police evidence; interviews with students, parents, teachers and community members; and, most chilling of all, excerpts from the personal journals, emails and home videos of the shooters themselves.

Act One features eight fictionalized, archetypal characters — Perfect, Jock, Rebel, Prep, Faith, AP (Advanced Placement), Loner and Freak — whose interactions reveal the often extreme social pressures and angst of American adolescent culture. In Act Two, Loner and Freak become Klebold and Harris, whose alienation, rage and twisted thinking erupt in violence.

Rather than providing a definitive answer to the “Why” of Columbine, the play leaves us to draw our own conclusions — and ponder what we can do to prevent the next such tragedy.

Dates and ticket information

7:30 PM September 18-19, 21-26 & 28
2:30 PM September 21 & 28
Craig Hall Balcony Theatre
Please note: There is no late seating for performances in the Balcony Theatre.
Cost: $14 Adults; $12 Students/Seniors; $8 in advance with MSU ID

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Congratulations to Dana Powell!

Dana Powell

Congratulations to Dana Powell on her contributions to Modern Family! Modern Family was presented an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series at the 66th Primetime Emmy Award ceremony. In the series, she plays Pameron Tucker, the older sister to Eric Stonestreet’s character. Dana Powell graduated from Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Other films include: Bridesmaids, Suburagtory, and Arrested Development.


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Last-minute auditions!

There is excitement in the air here at Theatre & Dance as we prepare for the 2014/15 production season. We are hitting the ground running with last-minute auditions for both the 2014 Fall Dance Concert and Inertia Dance Company. Auditions will be held Wednesday, August 20th at 6:00pm in McDonald 203. You will want to wear close-fitting dancewear, and if you are planning to audition for Inertia, you will also need to bring your tap shoes. We are looking for energetic, creative, passionate dancers; don’t pass up this opportunity to show us what you’ve got!

For more information about the Fall Dance Concert, contact Ruth Barnes: RuthBarnes@missouristate.edu.
For information about Inertia Dance Company, contact Darryl Clark: DarrylClark@missouristate.edu.


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Musical theatre majors find professional settings for summer

On behalf of musical theatre, we are happy to announce that half of the musical theatre majors will be working in a professional theatrical setting this summer.AChorusLine_2


  • Madeline Bowdon: King’s Dominion (VA) (hired by RWS Associates)
  • Allyson Dixon: Hershey Park (PN) (hired by Matt Davenport Productions)
  • Matt Dumke: Crane River Theatre Co (NE), Galt House (KY)
  • Laurel Gawlick: Tent Theatre
  • Gavin Juckette: Idlewild & Soakzone (PA) (hired by RWS Associates)
  • Elizabeth Klemm: Disney College Program (Character) (FL)
  • Tyler Whiteman:Tibbets Opera House (MI)


  • Mitchell Brauer: Tent Theatre
  • Carl Glenn: Great Plains Theatre (KS), Grandstreet Theatre (MT)
  • Kayleigh Greenwood: Tent Theatre
  • Jalen Lee: Clinton Showboat Theatre (IA)
  • Alana St. John: Tent Theatre


  • Alex Baylard: Worlds of Fun
  • Courtney Bollig: Tent Theatre
  • Alec Brown: Tent Theatre
  • Camille Clossum: Great Plains Theatre (KS)
  • Samantha Hayes: Tent Theatre
  • Leah Koclanes: Tent Theatre
  • Paula Landry: Disney College Program (FL)
  • Corey Todd: Tent Theatre


  • Victoria Citro: Worlds of Fun
  • Nichola Driscoll: Tent Theatre
  • Hannah Green: Tent Theatre
  • Taryn Haley: Tent Theatre
  • Emma Rathe: Tent Theatre
  • Jordan Woods: Tent Theatre

Congratulations to everyone on their amazing opportunities and all of the hard work they’ve put in this year.

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Congratulations to Missouri State University Dancers!



Congratulations to Darrell V. Hyche II (BFA Dance and BS Psychology, 2013), who is a new member of MADCO, St. Louis’ premiere modern dance company!
MADCO (Modern American Dance Company) is a premier dance company that provides audiences with entertaining and innovative dance experiences and inspires students of all ages with integrated education programs . The company is known for its versatile and athletic style, presenting dance that is entertaining for audiences to watch and demanding for dancers to perform. MADCO has wowed audiences throughout the United States and Canada. The company is committed to education and uses dance to promote literacy through it’s popular residency program “Books in Motion.” The 11-member repertory ensemble is headed by Executive and Artistic Director, Stacy West. For more information, visit the MADCO website: http://www.madcodance.com/








Congratulations to the 2014 Inertia Dance Scholarship recipients, Sarah Greenbaum and Melissa Huebner!
Established in 2012, the Inertia Dance Scholarship is awarded to graduating BFA Dance majors who have demonstrated advanced level in technique, and who have the potential to work professionally in the field of dance.



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Congratulations to our Seniors!

The 2014 Los Angeles Showcase performers have garnered work
and/or been called for interviews by:

KMR Talent (LA)
CBS Casting (LA)
Bourne Casting (LA)
NBC Casting (LA)
Industry Entertainment (PA)
Bill Holmes Talent (LA)
Hershey Entertainment (PA)
Pantheon Talent Group (LA)
VOX Talent (LA)
Radius Entertainment (LA)
Telsey & Company (NYC)
Howard Talent (LA)
Tent Theatre (Springfield)
Shawnee Summer Theatre (IN)
Disneyworld Theme Park (FL)
Kings Dominion Theme Parks
KMR Talent (LA)
Galt House Hotel/Theatre (KY)
Grove River Theatre (IL)
Idlewild Theme Park (PA)

Congratulations to our Seniors for all their hard work! We wish them luck on their journeys beyond Missouri State University!

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Spring Dance Concert 2014

April 24-27, 2014

Coger Theatre

Choreographers — Ruth Barnes, Sara Brummel, Darryl Kent Clark, Jennifer Stoessner

Guest Choreographer- Kathleen Ridlon

Student Choreographers- Caitlin Shukwit, Dara Vint

Guest Performer- Kate Riegler

Concert Coordinator — Ruth Barnes

Lighting Designer — Shelbi Arndt

Stage Manager — Dallas Leeper


What Falls Away

Choreographer- Darryl Kent Clark

Music- Charles Koechlin, Sonatine no 2, Movements 2, 3, and 4

Dancers- Darryl Kent Clark, Spencer Ernst, Alex Grossman, Caitlyn Price, Caitlin Shukwit, J.T. “Swink” Summers, Dara Vint, Brooke Wheeler


Choreography- Jennifer Stoessner

Music- Ray Lynch, Tiny Geometries

Dancers- Skyla Booth, Julia Curran, Nick Driscoll, Natalie Gorman, Lora Hakanson, Bruce Robinson, J.T. “Swink” Summers, Chelsea Thomas,

Costumes- Cynthia Winstead, Melinda Robinson, Katie McMahon

School for Thought

Choreography- Kathleen Ridlon* in collaboration with the dancers

Rehearsal Director- Sara Brummel

Music- Acoustek Instumental, Moonshaker and Consume (Plastikman)

Costumes- Elizabeth M. Verslues

Dancers- Victoria Billington, Sarah Greenbaum, Aliyah McBride, Mel McCray, Meredith Peterson, Nicole Polston, Caitlin Shukwit, Alyssa Turner

*Guest Choreographer


Choreography- Caitlin Shukwit

Music- Hildur Gudnadottir, Erupting Light

Dancers- Victoria Billington, Spencer Ernst, Melissa Huebner, Elizabeth Mach, Kyle O’Brien, J.T. “Swink” Summers, Dara Vint


Choreography- Dara Vint

Music- Philip Glass, Violin Concerto, 2nd movement

Costumes- Dara Vint

Dancers- Victoria Billington, Sarah Greenbaum, Alex Grossman, Melissa Huebner, Elizabeth Mach, Caitlin Shukwit, Edyn Mae Tarkany, Kaylee Trost, Brooke Wheeler

Icarus Bound

Choreography- Sarah Brummel

Music- Franz Liszt, Transcendental Etude no. 6: Vision

Dancer- Kate Riegler*

*Guest Dancer

To Begin-

Choreography- Ruth Barnes

Music- Johannes Brahms, Variations on a Theme by Schumann, op. 9

Cotumes- Cynthia Winstead

Dancers- Victoria Billington, Spencer Ernst, Sarah Greenbaum, Melissa Huebner, Elizabeth Mach, Edyn Mae Tarkany, Kahrya Vaughn, Brooke Wheeler

Sun Dance

Choreography- Darryl Kent Clark

Music- Paquito d’Rivera, Habana

Costumes- Louise Herman

Dancers- Molly Haslag, Melissa Huebner, Meredith Peterson, Melanie Sikyta, Kaylee Trost





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