The curtain goes up on our new website

Theatre and Dance - Missouri State UniversityThe theatre and dance department is boasting a brand new website, complete with a new color scheme and structure. This post will outline some of the new features of the site and some helpful hints about the new organization.

Production information

From the homepage, you can easily access information about:

The production section includes audition information for productions and a look back at our past productions.

BFA audition information

If you are looking for details about auditioning for one of our BFA programs, program audition information is now included under Program information in the BFA program pages.

Related information

The Related information section provides a centralized home for information that applies to our undergraduate and graduate programs:

Undergraduate and graduate sections

Each program section houses specific information for current and future students, including:

  • Degree plans
  • Career options
  • Admission and program requirements
  • Handbooks
  • Performance opportunities

Alumni and friends

Our new Alumni and Friends section includes information about Missouri State Talent Connection and Showcases.

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