New iTunes U courses available

With the fall semester quickly approaching, we’ve been busy uploading two new complete courses to Missouri State on iTunes U:

College Algebra

MTH 135 – College Algebra

Presented by Patti Blanton, produced by the Digital Media Production Center

This course includes the study of linear and quadratic equations; inequalities and their applications; polynomial, rational, exponential and logarithmic functions; and systems of equations.

The course will contain a total of 31 lectures along with an introduction and various review lectures.

American Democracy and Citizenship

PLS 101 – American Democracy and Citizenship

Presented by Dr. Patrick Scott, produced by the Digital Media Production Center

This course is actually not new, but rather an updated version of this course for 2010. It provides introductions to the institutions and constitutional frameworks of both the state of Missouri and the United States.

An introduction and ten lectures have been uploaded at present, with more to follow in the coming days.

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One Response to New iTunes U courses available

  1. Miros says:

    This is unfriendly site to use it always has problems accessing the course that i need it keeps taking me to the itunes store.