Policy library established

The University has established a central policy library, which is the official repository of all University-wide governing and operating policies. The goal of this library is to provide up-to-date, consistent policy information to the University community. The office of the general counsel oversaw the development of the policy library, which included developing the structure of the library and determining which policies to include.

The policy library is the sole, online source of policy information. You will have two options for including policy information within your web site:

  • You can link to the appropriate policy library page from your web site. This link can stand alone or be accompanied by a brief overview of the policy content.
  • If you’re using Web Press, you can connect the policy content into your web pages.

The policy library was approved by the Board of Governors in June 2010. The rollout of the policy library included having the office of web and new media modify all Web Press pages that contained policy content—they now include content from the central policy library. The policy content is in a standardized format that incorporates the policy number above the policy text. See an example. Web developers are no longer able to directly edit the included policy content.

As approved by Administrative Council, operating policies will be adopted or changed only as follows:

(1)    The proponent of the new policy or policy revision will bring the policy to the appropriate vice president-level administrator for consideration after obtaining input from others with an interest in the policy.

(2)    The administrator will forward the proposal to the president or Administrative Council for review.

(3)    When the proposal is approved by the president, it will be forwarded to the office of general counsel for inclusion into the policy library. The office of general counsel will then work with the office of web and new media to update the policy library.

The only exception to this process is for broken links or obvious formatting errors, like typos; these smaller items can be sent directly to the office of web and new media for correction.

If you have any questions, please contact the office of web and new media at x65271 or web@missouristate.edu

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Brian Heaton is the Content Management Programmer/Analyst for Missouri State University. He is responsible for training and implementation of the University's web content management system in addition to managing the web help desk.
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